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Swallowing Cum

I personally believe that unless a man has a contractible disease or is trying to get a woman pregnant, all sperm and semen should be swallowed voluntarily by willing cum sluts. I know if there wasn't a social and religious stigma against being a cum slut, thousands of gallons of sperm would be swallowed every day.

If everyone felt that sperm and semen should be respected and honored, no one would turn down a random guy walking up and jacking himself off in your mouth, followed by you swallowing. No words need pass between the two of you, just as you would nod your head if any stranger made eye-contact with you on the street. It could simply be like holding a door open for a random stranger in public, followed by a simple 'thanks' in return... only in this case it would be because you just swallowed his semen.

I'm sure some company or corporation could turn cum swallowing into a muli-billion dollar industry overnight.
Posted by spermaholic 3 years ago
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2 years ago
slow clap
2 years ago
nice :D!
2 years ago
Well said as a person who loves his cum swallowed.
2 years ago
I always feel special when a man presents me with the gift of his sperm. I cherish the life-giving fluid and swallow it all!
2 years ago
Omg you should rule the world When you do I will be on my knees mouth wide open mmmmmmm. Love cum kissing too!
2 years ago
Sound logic
2 years ago
That's why I always make sure to swallow mine!
2 years ago
Thanking you would be a pleasure..!!
2 years ago
Even the Bible says,
"Let no man cast his seed upon the ground"
2 years ago
3 years ago
if only we all lived in such a perfect world