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If You Could Be Anyone In Any Porn

I got this idea from an old 90's tv show called Quantum Leap
You have the power to leap into and possess the body of anyone from any time. The only catch is you can only leap into a porn scene. You can be the male or female performer from ANY porn scene ever recorded. You will experience everything they do. You will experience every taste, smell, sound and physical sensation that the person you are possessing feels. After the scene is over, you will return to your own body with no one but you, knowing what just happened. No need to be picky, you can do this as often as you wish.

So the question is: What porno scene would you want to be in, and who would you be in the scene? Would you want to be the male with the giant fat cock pounding someone's tight hole, or maybe the slut on her knees drinking liters of cum from one of those bukkake movies. Maybe the dominatrix punishing her slave and making them worship her, or being the one who was the slave?

If you could be anyone from any porn scene, who would it be?
PLEASE include a link to the scene or movie if you can.

Posted by spermaholic 3 years ago
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1 year ago
Would love to be Teagan in this scene http://xhamster.com/movies/2212239/tegan_oiled_up.html
1 year ago
Nice link Duke. Thanks for that fantasy.
1 year ago
Ok I would love to leap into this guy http://xhamster.com/movies/517077/shemale_dom_a_man.html Have Gia treat me like a bitch after catching me peeping and getting the suprise of my life. And giving me a nice meal to remember her by in the end.
1 year ago
thanks for that Duke
1 year ago
Ok, after much thought and knowing that I can do it as much as I want, I would start slow with my favorite big titter of my youth who still gets me off today, Nilli Willis. I would leap into the Duke Of Knockers http://xhamster.com/movies/370791/nilli_willis_fuckin_and_suckin.html and play the duke. To be able to explore every inch of her beautiful thick soft body would be so incredible. Heavy focus on those huge saggy flesh pillows. Then I would switch it up the next day and be her to experience her perspective. Feel hands that can't wait to squeeze my huge breasts take hold. Play with my wet pussy as his cock is thrust in and out of my mouth and through my cleavage. Slide that hard dick in my cunt as I ride cowboy style. What a dream
2 years ago
thats hot nastylady69, and such a good idea
2 years ago
I want to be Betty or anette scwartz in the 666 ggg or sex box from Germany drinking gallons of cum and piss mmmm if only!!!
3 years ago
oh most difinatly the guy in the cano outfit..
3 years ago
dam! i think i would have to give it all a try