Your Cock And Me (warning: very perverted)

god damn you have an awesome looking cock. If you were my roommate, you'd never wear clothes around me except for a cockring maybe. The only thing I'd wear, if you wanted, would be valleyball kneepads because I'd spend so much time on them with your cock in my mouth. You could watch porn all day long and never have to worry about tissues to clean it up. The only place your sperm belongs is in my stomach, or on my face if you wanted. You would stop calling me by my birth name and insted make up things like, Cocksucker, Spermslave, Cumdumpster, Spermaholic, Mouthtoy, Semenslut.

If you wanted to, any cum you gave me would be saved and frozen. You could enjoy watching me eat sperm popsicles as the cold and tangy cum desolved in my mouth, or thaw it out and have me eat it like the Cumsoup video I posted. If you found a way to cum easly and quickly without me, we could play a kinky game. I could pretend you were invisble and go about my normal day living with you but you being stranely absent. You could bukkake me anytime and anywere and I wouldn't notice and just let it dry wherever you came. While I prepared any drink of food, you could cum in or all over it and watch me drink and eat it, and watch my face as I enjoyed your personal flavor enhancer. If you wanted, I'd wear a collar for you that would read something like 'Blowjob Slave', or 'Sperm Eater'. We could play another game where I wear a hood with only a mouth opening with a ringgag to keep it open just enough to slide your hard cock in and out. You would then use straps to tie my hooded head down to you lap with your soft cock pushed all the way inside balls deep. You could then watch porn and let you awesome cock get harder, fatter, but more importantly... much longer. As your cock filled with more and more bl**d, it would have no choice but to push slowly deeper and deeper into my mouth until at last I couldn't hold it back anymore. That's when your cockhead and a good portion of your shaft would f***e itself deep into my helpless throat. It would take a moment for the panic to subside and you would command me to breath. Eventually I would figure out how to pull air in through my nose and f***e it pass your thick cockshaft into my burning lungs. (I seen a whore on video shove a double-ended dildo all the way down her throat and still be able to breath.) The air going into my lunges would somehow, imposibly pull you in even deeper, giving you suprised pleasure. As you ignored the mouth and throat of the person you were wearing like a pocket pussy, you would watch porn while feeling my throat mussles massage your cock imbedded deep inside my oral cavity. Finally the situation and whatever porn you were watching would be too much. I would first notice my throat getting slightly tighter and your fat cockhead suddenly expanded before feeling moltant hot liquid poorn right down my throat into my stomach. I would be unable to taste your cum with your cockhead soo deep down my throat so could only feeling the unending torent of human temp semen, thick with your sperm. With you finally spent, your cock would start to deflate and pull out of my throat.

After the action was over, you'd look to your watch and notice the game had just started on tv. You'd get up from your computer and I have no choice but to awkwardly try and follow you to your couch, still with my head and mouth locked to your waist and soft cock. You'd sit down and relax while you found the game. Once found, you'd reach over and pull the cold six-pack of beer to you that you had set a side. One, beer. Two beers, and a loud beltch. third beer gone and the game is getting exciting. Normally it would be at this time that you couldn't hold your bladder, run to the pisser and miss something important from the game. Not this time. Not with the mouth slave you have locked on your cock. You figure that I was already being used as a public sperm dumpster, might as well turn me into a human-shaped urinal as well.

With that dicision made, and the fact it had gone to comercial break, you looked down at me with an evil grin and said, "You better swallow every drop cuz that's all you'll be drinking beside my cum while you're locked on me." With that, you stood up so you were standing directly over me with your cock pointed straight down into my helpless mouth. You told me to clamp my lips as tight as I could around your cock so that NONE escaped my mouth. With that done, you let go of that strange, hidden mussle inside you that keeps you from normally pissing even if you really have to.

It seemed like gallons of steeming hot, acrid and foul tasting urine flooded my mouth. I took to heart what you send to me and started furiously swallowing as fast as I could. Somehow, I was able to keep up. I have no idea how, but I did. Finally the ordeal was finished. I was surprised to find I was wrong. With surprising f***e, a huge beltch emanated from my piss-filled stomach. With my lips still clamped about your cock, the beltch had only one place to exit... my nose. Now I know we've all accidently let a carbonated drip beltch out our noses, but after the first time, we quickly realise, 'That Was NOT Fun', and would forever after, try not to do that again. Now, releasing throught the same process, a beltch containing only the foul oder of rancid human urine is beyond my ability to describe. Apparnetly, you very much enjoyed the face I just made. You expressed this by laughing uncontrollably for a good minute straight. You finally sat back down to watch the game. You also reached over for another beer. "Get used to it bitch cuz I'm having more beers", you said while chuckling, thinking about what just happened. By the time the game and the next was over, you had pissed 3 more time and came once when you switched over to a porno you had in your dvd player. After the second game, you desided to go to bed, taking me with you of course. As you laid in bed, passed out, I had no choice but to go to sl**p with my head between your legs and your cock in my mouth.

When you woke up the next morning, you had morning wood. Still being half asl**p, you didn't notice me start working your cock with the only part of my head I could move, my tongue. As you got totally hard once again deep in my throat, you finally woke up compleatly. "You cum hungry slut, take it all", you said just before feeding me a creamy breakfast of hot sperm. Not finished you said, "Now it's time for your special apple juice straight from my apple tree". Piss was my next meal from you and went down easier then yesterday. You wore me for a few more hourse before letting me go. We agreed we'd have to play this game another time.

Another game was invented because you wanted your friends to have fun but not now about me. You spent a long time and invented not a gloryhole exactly, but a gloryhole box. It was cubed and just big enough for me to get inside on my knees. Five gloryholes were cut out and had black felt covering the outside of the hole, but with a split down the middle lengthwise. The felt was pulled tight enough that no one could look inside, thereby hiding my image. Four of the holes were on each of the sides with the fifth being from the topside. The bottom of the gloryhole box confused me. It looked like an inverted pyramid with a drain hole at the lowest point. While I was noticing all this, you had ushered in four of your friends. I soon found 4 semi and one very hard, (yours) cock surrounding me on five sides. I happly went to work using my mouth and hands on every inch of cock flesh I could. After ten minutes of frantic switching from one cock to the next, one of your friends let out a roar and start spurting huge wads of cum. As soon as I realised which cock it was, I moved like lightning to cover it with my mouth and started sucking down the thick cum. It wasn't long after that that everyone else soon followed. I tried to get it all but I know I missed more then a bit. I was expecting the cock to pull out after that, but they stayed put. I soon realized while when I felt myself being hit by a strong stream of piss. Soon all the cock were pissing on me. It was a heady experience and turned me on so much that I opened my mouth trying to catch the streams and swallowing them down. When they were all down, they pulled out and I could hear you thanking them for coming over and that we could do it again tomorrow. When they left, you undid the pad lock and opened one wall of the box that was hinged. I told you how much fun I had and thanked you. You smile and said it wasn't over just yet. You went around to the other side of the box and pulled open a small door. The door couldn't be seen from inside the box so I didn't know it was there. What you pulled out surprised me once again. I was a five gallon bucket. You asked me if I had noticed the drain in the floor of the box and told me that everything I missed went into this bucket. You held it up to my face and showed me it had about 5 inches of urine in it. I could also see globs of cum mixed in with it. You told me you were going to watch me slowly drink it all over the next few hours and that you'd probibly dump a few loads of both since you brought out a six-pack. And that's exactly what happened.

That's all I can remember for now, but I'll add more later.
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2 months ago
Hot story got me very hard here reading it
5 months ago
That was very hot
6 months ago
Seems like great fun,,not sure why you titled it very perverted
1 year ago
thats alot of piss
1 year ago
fucking hot story, made me thirsty as hell
2 years ago
wow I want golden showers too
2 years ago
fucking nasty - so goddamned hot
2 years ago
You are a hot cock slave! Thanks for your story.
2 years ago
Piss is just golden champagne mixes with cum for best cocktail ever mmmmmmm. Glasses up!!
2 years ago
Wow can we be piss cum sluts together mmmmm can never get enough!!! Love the cock ring never wear panties just cockring and nylons garters and very short skirts , do me now
2 years ago
That's fucking nasty!!!
2 years ago
What a fucking great story -- will you be my roommate?
2 years ago
You are very perverted. You should be ashamed of yourself. You should be punished. Let's see, what should your punishment be? Since you want everyone to know what a cumslut you are, your punishment should be to videotape yourself cumming into a glass and sipping it. Slowly.
2 years ago
Damn...I can't remember the last time I wanted to be someone's roomate..!! :)
2 years ago
Good fantasy, at one time or another I've
tried most all of this and it is all Great.
Many thanks for sharing Your perversion
3 years ago
Except for swallowing urine, that could be me in this story!