perverted fantasy

One day I was browsing a fetish website dedicated to cocksucking when something caught my eye. It was a personal add someone had posted, along with a few pics of the guy.

The add read, 'Wanted: long-term dedicated blowjob slave cockpig. Only serious applicants need apply. If you show up, expect to stay indefinitely to worship my cock. You will give me your mouth and throat to use and abuse with my giant cock. I will use you to fluff me for hours a day while I watch porn. You will swallow EVERYTHING my cock gives you. I will drink at least a six-pack of beer a day and your mouth will be my urinal. My cock is 9 inches long cut, with a fat head. My balls are huge and I can cum around 10 to 15 times a day, (big loads). It will be your job to blow me and drain my balls hourly. I will compensate you for these blowjobs in the currency of my fresh cum and piss. Your uniform will be kneepads, and a ring-gag for unrestricted access to your mouth and throat at all times. If I have guests over, you will be put into a custom-built gloryhole I had constructed inside my home. My guests will entertain themselves using your mouth through the gloryhole and you will swallow everything they give you. Swallowing is always mandatory. Again, only serious applicants need apply. You can contact me Master David, at 999-1212.'

Master David included pics of his big cock and of his face. The thing that almost made my heart stop was that I knew this person. He was my best friend growing up and we lived next door as k**s. In fact, he only lived a few block from me right now!

With my pulse pounding in my ears, I dialed his number.
"Hey Dave, it's Bobby."
"Oh hey dude, what's up?"
"Not much. I was on the internet when I saw something interesting."
"Oh ya?"
"Ya. It looked like a wanted add for a personal cocksucker, and it had your picture and telephone number on it."

a long pause

"Ya, I posted that," he finally confessed.
"So should I keep calling you Dave... or would you prefer Master David?"

another long pause

"Only if you want the job..."
"Well then Master David... what now?"
"It looks like I've got a set of kneepads with your name on them."

I hung up the phone and so began my new life with Master David... but that's a story for another time ;)
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2 years ago
If Master Davidever tires of you; call me, slut. I like cumsluts that have been already trained. Yummy!!!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
yeah i cant wait to read more
3 years ago
Wow what a start this could turn into a mini series hope to read more of all the fun thanks