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Best (perverted) Friends Forever !!!

I sure would love to have a guy friend who is as much of a pervert as I am.

In a perfect world, he'd be average height/weight with good hygiene and a fat, cut cock somewhere between 6.5 and 8.5 inches in length, with a huge set of balls hanging low to go with it.

We would have known each other for a while before he somehow finds out that not only am I as big a pervert as he is, but that we both have a fascination with straight blowjob porn, but for different reasons.

The best part would be when he finds out that while we both wish we could be in the hardcore oral scenes we love so much, I actually wish I could be the slut in the scene doing all the licking, sucking, and swallowing.

When my friend realizes this, he admits that he's always wanted someone to regularly and constantly worship his cock and to have his own sperm-hungry, ball-sucking, cum-addicted, personal blowjob slave.

I'd laugh and tell him that it's too bad that I'm straight, before telling him that I'd be willing to make a bet with him that he didn't know what 2+2 equaled. Before he could answer the simple question, I'd tell him that I was so sure he couldn't get the answer correct that I'd be willing to bet ANYthing, even agreeing to become his sperm-hungry, ball-sucking, cum-addicted, personal blowjobs slave and worship his cock for as long as he wanted... that is, if he could answer the question correctly.

If he answered the question incorrectly, I'd know that he wasn't interested... but if he answered correctly... then both our lives would get a whole lot more interesting, and pleasurable... mostly for him, but I was OK with that. After all, I'm more of a 'pleaser' than anything else.

I'm sure that the first thing my friend would do after getting his balls thoroughly drained would be to purchase a set of soft kneepads for his best friend to wear as part of his knew uniform.

I'm also sure that my friend would now enjoy browsing porn on the internet while having a warm mouth keeping him hard as well as a convenient place to deposit his fresh cum without having to worry about cleanup.

My friend might even cut a small hole in his shower curtain right around waist height that would be just big enough to squeeze his cock and balls through. This would allow for him to fully utilize his precious shower space while still enjoying the mouth giving him a private blowjob.
(Check this video out to see what that might look like)

My friend might come up with fun new take on an old game called RoShamBo, or Rock-Paper-Scissors. The new game is called Ro-Sham-Blow and the winner gets a blowjob from the looser. Best 3 out of 5 wins a blowjob. My friend might make one special rule for just me. I have to throw my hand out on the count of 3, and my friend throws his hand out on the count of 6. My friend might get so confident of his potential win that he'd strip nude from the waist down, put a cock ring on, jack himself hard, and have me get on my knees in front of him, all before we even start playing the game. Pretty cocky huh?

I mean come on. How awesome would it be to have a straight, guy friend over that you could say "suck my balls", or "blow me" as an insult, and he would literally do exactly that?

How cool would it to play a game against a friend like this. I mean you could be in the middle of a pingpong match, or a Mortal Kombat video game and never have to worry about loosing. If for whatever reason, you started getting a little behind, all you'd have to do is utter the words, "Blow me", or just "blowjob" and your friend would immediately stop what he's doing and start playing his favorite game of sucking you off and swallowing your cum.

How about relaxing on your couch while your friend is on his knees between your thighs and he's giving you a nice and slow handjob while you watch porn. When you're ready to finally cum, your friend grabs a shot glass and you blast off into it. You then have two options, enjoy watching your friend take a cumshot shooter, or have him save the cum in the freezer so you can add more to it later. Once you have a good amount saved up, play with ideas. Have fun with it. Put a stick in it and watch him eat it like a cum-pop-sickle.
Have him thaw it out and eat it like soup.

That's all I can think of right now.
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Posted by spermaholic 2 years ago
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5 months ago
Yeah, I could use a gamer friend/fap buddy.
1 year ago
Kinkiest thing Iv seen on hamster
2 years ago
Yep, that was good for a solid boner
2 years ago
Damn I would love to be your buddy! I volunteer!
2 years ago
Hot. This got my cock really hard.