Not a virgin anymore...

My first serious experience with my own cunt I made when I was 12. My mom took me to my aunt for weekend and I spend time with her daughter there. My cousin and I had a lot of innocent fun in the garden with the garden hose, it was hot. After dinner we watched tv and talked together. Later we had to go to bed. My cousin and I slept in the same room. We whispered and giggled for a time, then she felt asl**p. At this time a have had still barbies to play and I had my favorite one with me. I couldn't sl**p for a long time because it was summertime and hot. I started to play with my pussy slowly and buried in thought. I just remember that suddenly it felt better and better, my pussy became warm and I played harder, but I knew, I had to be quiet as good as I could. After a while, I had that special feeling called hornyness. I didn't know why, but in a moment I used my barbie to play with my hole. I put the leg of that doll slowly into my cunt. OMG! I couldn't stop and moved faster. The leg stuck deep in me. I pushed it faster and rubbed hard. I bit into my pillow, because I really wanted to breathe noisy. Then I felt a wave of shaking and squeezing in my pussy. It made me afraid and I couldn't stop wondering, what happened. Know I know, that was the time when I wasn't a virgin anymore. I told that after years my boyfriend, he asked me how and with who I had my first experience. I regret that I told him, because he makes still jokes of that.
90% (15/2)
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3 years ago
Mmm... i love it... very nice...
3 years ago
great story :)
3 years ago
Very sweet account of joyful losing your virgininty yourself. Very wise intuition!
No pain. No blood.
Pleasure, discovery of sex drive
... and suddenly satisfaction.

guys often think they can do better with their dicks ... Pain, blood, clumsiness.
Silly guys and their silly jokes :-(

See also my series Giná´s Gyno club.
3 years ago
Very funny. Thanks
3 years ago
very hot and sexy
3 years ago