Fun in the sunshine state

Fun in the Sunshine State
My wife(Mary) and me always hear and want to go to Flordia, go to Dayton Beach Bike week beacuse we had heard great time and would be our chance to go to Flordia. So off we went to Dayton Beach to final be in Florida and get to see this bike week. We arrive at our hotel for the week, check in and get luggage to room when Mary say" Let go check this Bad Ass bike week out, see some of the sights." I say "ok"! We start look going through the tent t- shirts for the event, look at them as we do i see Mary go over to lady as we look at tent. She says "for me to come over and meet Joann." I do say "hi". As they talk i see Mary give Joann kiss on lips , Mary ask Joann "who are u with?" Joann say "i here with my girlfreinds which are Kelly, Josey, Kat,Sara,Heather and Hallie". Joann says to Mary "who are u with?" she say " it just me and Keith this time". Mary says "do you'll what to join in see the sight?" Joann say "sure". Joann ask "Do you'll what to go eat to the beach with us and concert tonight?" Mary looks at me " We both say "yes"! As we say that Mary take Joann's hand, look at me say " you don't mind ,baby?" I say "no". Follow behind them, Mary say " if we are going to the beach, i need to go get swimsuit." Joann say " we are going private beach, u don't swimsuit, all you need is you birthday suit." Mary blushes say" did you hear that honey?" I say " yes, i did." Mary slide closer to Joann. Joann slide out Mary 's short ban places her hand on ass, Mary does the same. As I follow Mary and Joann, Kelly and Josey come up and take my hands and slide their hands into shorts under the ban rubbing mycock and ass. Both of them give kisses on the lips. Look toward Mary, i see them go down dark alley, so i go to see what is happening, as I come around corner, with Kelly and Josey, I see that Mary has Joann up against the wall pull her down a bit rubbing her clit and suck on her pussy also Joann is suck and playing with Mary's nipples and pull her up to kiss her on lips. Kelly give kiss on lips and slide down rubbing my ball and cock as Josey goes up to Mary and Joann, as she approachs Joann look at her. Josey slide behind Mary and slide her shorts down rubbing up against Mary's ass, Mary feels this turn around give Josey a kiss on the lips but , return to Joann and kiss her deeply and rubs herself against Joann. As watch this, Joann pull Mary more to her as Josey slide under Mary put her enitre pussy in Josey's mouth. Josey suck on Mary's pussy and grabs her ass as lick her pussy awhile Mary is fingering Joann's pussy deeper and kiss her more passion. Joann is doing the same to Mary and suck on her nipples from time to time. As I look at Joann and Mary, I feel Kelly start suck ball by open one leg of my short and reach down start rubbing her tits. Then as I watch Joann and Mary and Josey start to walk towards the beach, Pull Kelly up and say " We need to follow them". As follow Joann, Mary and Josey , they are arm in arms with Joann's and Josey hand down in Mary's shorts and Mary has one hand Joann's shorts and other is Josey's as they walk toward the beach. As they get to the beach, I see Joann talk to the attendent, as she does see her hand rest on Mary's mound also Mary's rest on her ass and Josey's hand is on Mary' s ass, plus Mary's other hand on Josey 's mound, as we walk up to them. I say" how are you doing,baby"? Mary says " i am enjoying the day with Joann and Josey and you". Mary says "Look Kelly is enjoying you, baby"? Kelly says " Yes, I am thank you for let spend the day with Keith". Kelly has her hand on my cock and i have my hand on her ass and squeezing it. We standing waiting for Joann,she come over tells us," That we have private area , it just us will have for the whole while the concert going on , we just need to follow Julie , she will take us there". We'll follow Julie to our area with Joann and Mary arm in with Josey on left Mary, Kelly hold on to me as we go. When to the part of beach for us, walk to nice wooden structure that like a house, Julie looks at Joann says" your supper will be here around 7:00pm, I and Sharon will be here for anything you need". Joann says "thank you". Julie over to one of dressing room, this where u all can change for the beach, as she show enter and so does Sharon, then Joann, Mary, Josey enter. Where me and Kelly enter another one. Joann says "meet you'll on beach after we change." We says "ok". As I follow Kelly out of dress room , i see the dinning room Mary and Joann, they kissing and suck each other nipples and fingering each other pussy and grab each other ass. We walk over to Mary and Joann says "you'll enjoy the sights?" Mary and Joann say "Yes, we do it feel great have hands on each other." Mary says "baby, you look great, so does Kelly!" We walk to the beach, Mary is between Kelly and Joann with Josey on far end with her arm around Joann, Joann has her hand on Mary's nipples and ass, as Mary has her hand on Joann's nipples and other hand on Kelly's ass rubbing it and Kelly had a hand on Mary's mound and other is rubbing my cock and balls was we go out to beach. Once we are out beach , we'll stay as we where as look around feel sun on skin, then Kelly and Mary go to bed lounger start kissing and fingering each other, while take Joann take Josey over to another bed lounger start doing the same. I just sit on lounger bed watch them go at with each other, when Sharon on the beach hostess come over and start kissing me and stroking my cock and start fingering her pussy and play nipples. Starting look at Mary, i see Julie and Joann on Mary with Joann eating her pussy and fingering her ass , Julie had her pussy Mary's face . Mary was eating her like she had never eating in days, Joann was pull Julie's nipples and Julie pull on Joann's nipples, Kelly and Josey are eting and fingering each other with lady "Shari" ,they had her on her knee fucking her pussy and eat it and she was fingering Kelly pull on Josey and Shari nipples. Julie say "that is about 2 hours supper with be ready." After she says that her and Joann move over to Mary and Kelly are at. Kelly move to suck Mary's nipples and Julie's as Joann start eating Mary's pussy and fingers Kelly's pussy and ass, and Julie suck Kelly's nipples as Mary start eating Julie's pussy and finger her ass. See Mary look over at me give a smile she see Sharon get ride my cock, then go back eat Julie's pussy. Sharon slide my cock , slowly slide in and out of her and harder and faster as I do hear a "popping" sound, she breath hard and pull on nipples and pinch her ass. Look over at Mary, I see Julie eating and fuck her pussy and Joann lick and fingering her ass , Kelly is got Mary's face deep in her pussy and hold her head in place while Josey suck on Mary's nipples and Shari have her pussy in Kelly' face rubbing up and down her so Kelly eat and lick all Josey fingering Shari's ass and Kelly's. A Lady come out tell Julie that dinner is ready, Julie introduces her as "Malana", says " it time for dinner everybody". As we go in I go to wash my hands , when come back, Mary is sitting between Joann and Josey and Shari by Josey, I sit by Kelly and Julie and Sharon on the other side of me. As look over Mary . i see that she slide closer to Joann is kiss her on lips passionate and running her hand up and down her back and rubbing her tits as this going i see Julie take one of Mary's finger im her mouth start sucking it and place in her pussy with Josey is rubbing Mary's ass and kissing her up and down her neck and Joann is squeezing Mary's tits. Start eating and feel Sharon's hand on my balls ,she rubbing them , slide on her inner thigh she push to her pussy, she whisper to me"Do u like the wet, feeling?" I say "yes". I feel another hand it is on my cock was Kelly's. As look up for Mary was really get into with Joann,they kissing and squeezing their nipples. Go back to eating my supper when, her a noise when i look up is see Mary being carried by Julie, Josey,Shari, Malana and Joann out to the beach, Mary is giving passionate kisses to Joann and squezzing Malana's tits and rubbing Julie's ass. As I try go to see what going with Kelly get and start to suck my cock, as Sharon straddles my lap but stand over it , she say" Baby, eat my wet pussy." I start lick and eating her pussy and fingering her ass and pull on nipples as she does to Kelly's nipples. I look over my shoulder an see Mary with big smile on face and she give a wink, as she carried out the doors to beach. Sharon says" let go out to the beach, sounds like there a party going on?" I say "ok"! As Sharon and Kelly and I start walking out to the beach , Sharon call out "to one the other girls say come join us ?" The lady says"ok"! When get on to the beach, I see Mary is eating Julie's pussy and pull on Shari 's nipples and Joann is fucking Mary's pussy with 10 inch strap-on and Malana is fucking from the bottom and Josey is fingering and pinching Mary's ass and nipples. Kelly lean in and kiss me passionationly, Sharon slide on my cock with wet pussy , i start fuck her slowly the harder and faster and Kelly put pussy in Sharon's face eat as i fuck her, the lady came out with name "Keri" start suck on Kelly's nipples as Kelly suck on her pussy and Sharon pull and pinchs Keri's nipples. I look over to Mary, she wink at me and mouths "I Love u!" then she get rolled on her knees with fuck her in pussy from under her by Joann and Julie fuck pussy in back Josey fuck her ass, Malana is suck her nipples and Mary is finger her pussy . I start pounding Sharon's pussy harder and harder , make her scream as i push my balls in her and out fast and smooth, she bitting Kelly's nipples but, as i look up for Mary , I see Joann and Mary ,Julie,Josey, Malana,Shari and Keri all going through the doors, Sharon say in ragged breath " they must cold, they are going in door ". I pounding Sharon harder and harder, she start hear a "poping" sound, she say" More, More baby!!" I give her more then final she says" I need at break, I see what going inside". I say "ok." Kelly slide my cock, start hard and harder, pull on nipples . I look over and see Sharon go through the door. I hear the Concert and Kelly is scream as pounding deeper into her and I hear the"poping" sound as i fucking her pussy. Kelly says" Do you want go inside ? i am get a little cold." I say "sure". We get up heading door, I think we will see Mary and Joann but as we walk in i see nobody. I says to Kelly " Do you go see if they are Concert? or do back to your hotel?" Kelly let go Concert see if we see them , then will head back to the hotel, ok?" I say "ok". So we get head out to the concert to find Mary and Joann, look over place and finally decide to head to Kelly's hotel. So we get to the hotel, Kelly push the button for the elevator as we get she slide over give me passionate kiss and rubs my cock and slide hand on ass and rub it. We walking to the room,Kelly reach up and unzips my jeans as get to the room door Kelly slide her shorts off. Kelly put the key card in the door as she open I see Julie and Malana,Joann ,Josey and Kat have Mary on the bed with Joann below her fuck in pussy , Kat fuck her doggie style in pussy with Malana fuck her in ass , while Josey suck and lick rubbing her clit and Julie has her pussy in Mary's face as she eating and fingering her pussy with Shari fuck Julie is her pussy with Sara eating Shari's from behind and Josey being fuck by Keri with lady name "Lorrie" eatting Keri's pussy from behind, other bed Heather and Hallie where fucking Sharon and she fingering and eating Hallie's pussy. Kelly take me over bed sit and relax i will be back in few minutes, she go and start fuck Heather's pussy from behind fingering Sharon. I sat on bed watch , as I due Mary see me and blow me as kiss as she turn so Julie and Malana can fuck her in pussy and ass as Josey fuck from underbeath Mary with Joann suck Mary's nipples and Mary pull on Joann's and Shari is got her pussy in Mary's face and Mary eating her hard and Kelly is fuck her from behind. The other bed, Heather fucking Hallie with Sharon eating by Hallie with Sara fucking Sharon from behind. Lorrie come over to me start to suck on cock and massage my balls, grab her ass and suck her nipples and finger her pussy. Lorrie slide down on my cock fuck her slowly then harder with each stroke I hear the "popping"sound and pull on hair and nipples and finger her ass, she is scream"More..More..!" I Look up for Mary, an see that Sara and Kelly and Sharon, Joann and Josey and Heather and Hallie and Malana are fuck her and she is eat Hallie's pussy and fingering Joann and Sharon sucking and eat up her tits. As conitue fuck Lorrie , i see Julie ,Sharon and Keri are join with me and Lorrie one eat her pussy and finger her ass other eating and finger Keri's pussy and suck on her nipples. Look over at Mary, she roll on her side and eat and fuck in her pussy and eating Joann's pussy and fingering Josey's pussy and Heather fuck her ass and Hallie fuck pussy from behind and Sara is fuck pussy in front , as this going Sharon sucking and pull her nipples. Pounding Sharon hard and fast that "popping " deafing and then i switch to Heather then Hallie and Josey. After fucking Josey, I say " lay here try get some rest." As I lay back on bed to relax and get some sl**p. Watch ladies walk over to where Mary was, as they get there one slide under Mary slide strap-on dildo in her pussy and another bend over and fuck in back of her pussy with one finger her ass and pussy . Josey go over slide Joann start fuck her and Kelly bend Joann over and fuck in pussy and Malana lay between Mary and Joann sucks on nipples and they pull on hers. Julie eat her pussy with Sharon fuck Julie's pussy in back and Sharon get fuck by Sara and finger Heather and Hallie with Lorrie fuck Hallie. Then as i watch i fall asl**p, when wake up feel someone suck my cock , I look up and see Mary suck on my cock as she fuck be Joann and she pull on Mary's nipples and slapping her ass. Then, fall back asl**p an awake with a kiss, look up it Mary. I say" where everybody esle?" She says "they left , Joann total that she enjoy hanging out with us." I say "that nice." So lay there for awhile then head out to see more sights.
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