After Breaking in the Doctor

Katerina couldn't believe that she had actually fooled her Gynecologist into thinking that she could no longer get pregnant. She figured he of all the men she had slept with, would have known considering that was his profession. Oh well she thought. She loved the feeling of a man cumming inside her more than anything in the world. She didn't care if she got pregnant, it would just be an excuse for her to seduce her husband. Which she always loved a challenge, she would seduce him tonight so that just in case she became pregnant he would never know the difference.
Her doctors cum was oozing out of her the entire way home, she knew she had to get cleaned up, but she loved the feel of it inside her so much it made her sad to have to think about cleaning up. She parked her car in the garage and went inside, she knew her son Grayson was home and James wouldn't be home until late from work. She decided to go ahead and take a shower to get cleaned up. She could hear her sons music blasting throughout the house and decided to tell him to turn it down before she got in the shower.
She started making her way up stairs, she noticed her son's door was cracked open so she could just barely make out him lying on his bed. She peeked in a little more and saw him masturbating. She couldn't believe her little boy was masturbating right in front of her, and about how big his dick was! She gasped in awe of his dick which caught Grayson's attention and he immediately covered himself and started making excuses. Katerina just walked up to him and asked if she could see it again. He hesitated but agreed.
He pulled the sheet back down and she asked if she could touch it, he started to protest but she assured him it would be okay. She started stroking him slowly and gently and making him groan. He told her good it felt, she took his hands and put them on her breasts and told him to squeeze. This time he didn't hesitate. He told her he has fantasized about this since he was 13 years old, she shushed him then put her mouth along his shaft and begin moving up and down slowly make him squirm.
He grabbed her hair and f***efully pushed her all the way down, he told her he had had enough of her teasing and it was time to suck it. Immediately she started sucking his dick viciously and he started face fucking her, like her head going up and down wasn't making it go in deep enough. She loved the way his cock slid up and down her throat. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her to him and kissed and licked the pre-cum from her juicy lips.
He pushed her on the bed and ripped her clothes off of her, and was about to shove his cock in her pussy when he saw someone elses cum leaking out and demanded she tell him whose it was. She sat up and told him everything about her and his father, about all the men she slept with for free fun, and all the men she slept with for money. All he did was smile and pushed her back down.
He spread her legs open wide and said that he always wanted a cum whore and now he had one. He didn't wait to ease his dick inside her he just pushed through with as much f***e as ten men would have to push. She gasped in a silent "o" and eyes bulging wide. He never paused just kept pumping faster and harder and never ceasing to stop.
Katerina couldn't get a big enough breath to do anything but grunt, she couldn't moan he was pumping so fast. She felt her first climax start to build and lifted her ass up to meet his thrusts then fell back to the bed to far lost in ecstasy to move. Grayson didn't notice he was still going as if he wasn't even phased by it. She could feel him starting to expand inside her and begged him to cum in her pussy. He looked at her as if that was stupid of her course he was gonna cum inside her, she was now his cum whore.
They started orgasming at the same time she tightened around his dick, as her second orgasm started coming. Her tightening like that drove him nuts and finally pumped as deep as he could and let his hot seed explode inside of her. They both screamed out in pleasure, and just lie there on the bed with him inside of her for a long time. He finally pulled out and she ran to the shower when she heard her husband pull into the drive. Grayson just smiled and said "Until next time my little cum whore." be continued...

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I like that one!
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