Late Night Eggroll Delivery

I'm feeling pretty good today. An old friend of mine stopped by last night and we slept together. Susan is a gorgeous 38 year old redhead with a luscious body and a pair of really big breasts. When she gets excited, which is pretty much all the time, her nipples swell hugely. I swear that they become an inch long and they're very thick too. I just love to suck on them. Her clitoris swells hugely too and it is heaven to suck it into your mouth.

Susan and I didn't get to bed (sl**p) until pretty early this morning because we were in this 69 for two or three hours last night. I don't know how many orgasms we had but it was probably around 10-12 a piece. I love it when Susan swallows my orgasmic flow every time I cum.

Finally hungry for some food (instead of one another), we had eggrolls delivered at 1:30 AM and Susan met the delivery guy nude at the front door. I stood naked in the middle of the living room, my legs apart and spreading my labia with my fingers and rubbing my swollen and protruding clit. Susan kept fucking around with the poor guy, giving him large bills that he couldn't make change for. I could see the bulge growing in his pants as he fumbled around for change. He'd look at her great big breasts, inches from his face and then he'd look around her at me, masturbating for him with my legs spread wide open. I thought the poor little guy was going to have a heart attack! I think that he pissed himself before he got off the front porch.......
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4 years ago
Best delivery night, ever
4 years ago
Marilyn, you are a wicked, wicked girl. I love that about you.
4 years ago
oooooooohhhhh sounds hot,orgasm heaven!!!
4 years ago
Baby, he was a stuped guy, I would have taken on both you and your sexy girlfriend