Clothing Optional Bar

Her first Fantasy Fest in Key West and she didn't want to miss anything. We had only been married for about six months. I had labored under the assumption that she was somewhat inexperienced and had just recently started to hear her tales that proved that incorrect. I based the misunderstanding on the fact that she had never been married at the age of thirty four and that she had never had a boyfriend for as long as six months.

When we passed the sign with the arrow pointing up the stairs, Garden Of Eden Bar, Clothing Optionalshe immediately suggested that we go up. I had told her about the place but had never been up there myself.

It was early in the day and there wasn't much of a crowd. A few locals mixed with a few tourists, mostly males. Everyone was naked or nearly naked. The pretty young barmaid had on a skimpy bikini. She was friendly and polite. We ordered drinks and rented two towels. As I began to disrobe at the bar a young guy by himself strolled up and started talking to us. He seemed friendly enough and certainly very non-threatening. He began to remove his clothes, too, and started talking about all of the clothing optional places that he had visited. He told us that he worked in a hospital in West Virginia. He mentioned that his date was back at their hotel catching up on her sl**p.

We walked over to an area on the open deck that had some of the only shade available and several wooden lounge chairs. We arranged two of them along the railing and began to sprawl out a bit. At this point I had been naked since we got there and she had removed her shorts and was in panties and a t-shirt. I was pretty pleased with her getup. She had told me that she had never been naked in public. The one time that we had visited a clothing optional establishment before she had mentioned a fear of things showing up on the internet. Right about then a crew with professional cameras had shown up and that had been the end of that.

Just as she was pulling her t-shirt over her head the guy from West Virginia strolled up. He asked if it was okay if he joined us and we said sure. I figured that she was f***ed to be a little aloof since she had already taken off her shirt. I was situated on the chase lounge between them.

After some casual small talk our new friend began to buy us drinks every time he went back up to the bar. I casually mentioned the idea of her taking her bottom off, hopeful but reasonably sure that she would decline. At first she did say that she thought she would keep them on for a while. The new guy drawled, "Why don't you take them off? I'd love to see that booty."

I was sure that this was the end of the adventure. The guy had seemed nice and normally polite and this just didn't seem at all like something that I expected. She immediately stood and removed her panties. She seemed maybe just a little nervous. When he said, "Come over here and turn around," she did. I was amazed.

She and I walked around the perimeter of the bar and looked over the edge at the crowd below on Duval. I didn't say much about the situation. I didn't want to jinx it. She did mention that he seemed nice enough and speculated that maybe he was gay. I mentioned the "date" and his booty comment and she said that she still wasn't sure. I mentioned the size of his dick. It was big. Not enormous but much larger than average. Just the fact that I noticed was something. I guess I had been wondering about her reaction. She claimed not to have noticed.

We went back to our places and our friend and I went to the bar to get us all refills. When I came back the chairs were re-arranged so that she was now between us. Actually, I didn't even notice until she mentioned it to me later. These were the fifth or sixth re-fills by this time.

The crowd grew. It remained predominately male. She was definitely the star of the show and she seemed to enjoy the attention. A new guy showed up and asked if he could pull another lounge chair into our little shady area. Honestly, I don't think that the shade had been much of anyone's priority up on a sun deck except ours. The West Virginia fellow wasn't too excited about the company but she shamed him into welcoming the newcomer. He explained that he was going through a tough divorce and marveled at what a fine woman I had. He also had a really big penis.

After some more drinks and small talk she stood and wrapped herself in the rented towel and announced that she was going down to the second floor to use the restroom. She seemed almost giddy at her boldness. It seemed a little bit mild to me considering that she had been naked with lots of us for a couple of hours by this time.

During the short time that she was gone both of these guys went on and on about how wonderful she was and how lucky I was. I thought so, too, at the time.

Almost as soon as she returned another guy approached us. I had seen him down on one knee sketching on the concrete floor by the entry gate. He walked up to her and explained that he had recently given up all business and work opportunities to pursue his real love of art and beauty, including the female form. He wanted her permission to sketch her.

An obvious local, this guy was probably about forty or so and he was naked, too. She said yes, the fellow kneeled at the foot of her lounge and began to draw in chalk on the floor. Every now and again he would ask her to quit moving around so much.

The WV guy kept moving the conversation to anything racy that he could come up with. He compared all of his nudist experiences and began to compare the personal packages of all the men who walked by. I mentioned that she had never shown much interest in dicks but had shown a fascination with balls. She was shocked that I mentioned such a personal thing. Seemed pretty tame to me, situation considered.

The "artist" finished the portrait. The second pal told him that he should go back to whatever the previous endeavor had been. I thought it was okay. I did realize that he had merely been kneeling at her gaping pussy for an hour or so.

As we gathered our things to leave the WV friend moved us back toward the railing. "Do you want to touch my balls?" he asked. She looked at me and asked, "Is it okay?"

"I don't care," I stammered. She still turned away a bit. "Go ahead," I suggested. "Here, look," I fumbled as I reached up and touched his sac from the bottom. I had no interest in him or his balls except as a prop here in my own fantasy land.First time I ever touched balls other than my own.

She reached up and gave them a little rub. We were away from most of the people but still right out in the open. I know that several people were watching but I was too nervous to take in the whole scene. While there are signs on the property stating that there is no sexual activity allowed and no cameras I believe that anything goes as long as it is calm enough. I certainly saw phones which I knew were on camera mode, especially when we would share the garden hose "shower" to cool off between drinks.

As we dressed to go back down the stairs our pal kept asking if we were coming back tomorrow. We exchanged cell phone numbers and told him that we probably would. I'll post day two if anyone has any interest. She has moved on but I got a few memories for it.
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2 years ago
Part 2 on the way
2 years ago
go on more ;)
2 years ago
Good, love the nudity part and exhibitionism.