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Cindy and I had made arrangements to take a road trip out to San Francisco for Labor Day. The idea was that we were going to take off work on Friday and make it into a four day weekend. Cindy suggested that we pick up our friend David along the way to share the driving as well as getting him out of town for a bit. We gave him a call and everything was all set.

We left really early on Friday and got to David's place around 7am. He was ready and waiting so it was off to San Francisco for us! We picked up some breakfast and headed out I-40 heading west. As the morning turned toward noon, Cindy said she was getting pretty warm in her early morning clothes. She reached into the backend of the SUV and got out a light top and shorts. With nary a thought, she proceeded to take off her heavy shirt and jeans and put the cooler clothes on. We both gave her looks and she just wiggled her chest and asked if we really truly minded so much. It was going to be a good trip.

It is about 12 hours to San Francisco so we got there late in the evening. I didn't see the need to spend the extra money for two rooms so had booked a room with two beds figuring that it wouldn't be any big deal. When Cindy found out, she pouted a bit figuring that she would have to keep things down. David just shrugged his shoulders and said he was fine. We went up to the room to unpack and change for dinner. Cindy said she wanted a quick shower so she jumped in the bathroom while we unloaded the suitcases. After a bit, she came out wrapped in a towel and I went in to clean up.

When I came out, David rushed past me to get his turn. Cindy was already dressed and was putting on her makeup. I guess you can say she was dressed as she was indeed covered but it was pretty obvious that all she was wearing was the thin sundress. She looked terrific and was obviously looking to please. I asked her what David was up to and she just said something came up and he needed to use the bathroom. She smiled and turned back to the mirror.

Soon we left to walk around the wharf and get some food. Cindy was quite attentive to us both and she clearly enjoyed the attention she was getting as well. Often times, she skipped ahead of us to take in the sites or climb up on an outcropping. Of course when she did this, her dress would fly up showing off her wonderful body. David or I each took our turns lifting her down which gained nice kisses of thanks. It was a wonderful evening and we didn't want it to end.

Getting close to midnight, we headed back to the room. We picked up a bottle of wine before going back up to cap off the evening. Once in the room, we shucked off our shoes and cracked open the wine. We toasted to our friendship and relaxed from the day's events while watching some late night talk show. I had driven most of the trip so I was bushed and told them that I needed to hit the pillow. Cindy and David were still a bit wound up so I told them to keep the TV down low and I crashed on the bed farthest away.

I woke up with the daylight the next morning and found that they had decided to leave me alone and had slept together in the other bed. David had his arms wrapped around Cindy with his hand cupping her breast. She looked very peaceful. I got up to use the bathroom but when I got back, Cindy had come back to my bed. As I crawled back under the covers, she said she was sorry but that she had just gotten so relaxed that they pealed off their clothes and had gone to sl**p together. She said nothing had happened but that it was nice to feel his body next to hers. I just kissed her and pulled her tight against my chest. She reached down and pulled my cock toward her and lined it up to enter her. Just a slight twist of the hips and I was feeling her softness as we made gentle love. It was not long that I felt it was time to release and proceeded to fill her up with my cum. We held each other and drifted back for a few more minutes of sl**p.

I woke up with David shaking my shoulder saying he was hungry and if we waited much longer, it would be lunch rather than breakfast. Cindy and I both got up and took our showers. We were all unconcerned about our nudity and got dressed together and went off to seek some much needed coffee.

Around the table, we talked a bit about last night. David was concerned that I would be upset but I quickly stopped him. I told him that I loved Cindy very much but I also was concerned that he did not have someone to share his experiences with like I did. I had seen how he had really relaxed and opened up last night when we went out on the town. The look on his face when he was sl**ping with Cindy was also one of a fulfilled peace. When Cindy came to me this morning and we made love, I knew that I didn't have anything to worry about. David, I said, I want you to enjoy the rest of this weekend fully. Cindy, I would like you to be with David just the way you are with me. I want you to treat him as your lover and comfort him in every way. We have all time together, this weekend is for him and you.

David just kind of stared but Cindy came over to me and held me while she kissed me deeply. As our kiss broke, she whispered thanks and went over to David. She then held him and kissed him as well. She lifted her voice to his ear and said that she felt the same way and that if he wanted her, she was his for now.

The rest of the day became a blur. Nothing had really changed but now Cindy walked more with David than me. She did some clothes shopping but when she went back to try them on, she motioned for David to come with her. When we walked along the pier that evening, it was David's hand she was holding.

When we retired for the evening, Cindy came over to me and kissed me long and deep. She laid me back on the bed and brought my cock to its fullest extent. Cindy then leaned down and kissed me all up and down my shaft. She took me into her mouth and suckled me so gently. I was so turned on that I did not last long and exploded down her throat. She captured every drop and let my softening penis pop out from between her lips. After a brief moment, she moved up beside me and said she will be back but for now, she wanted to be with David.

David had watched the magnificent blow job and welcomed Cindy to his arms. It was my turn to watch as they held each other close and prepared to make love. David reached down and took Cindy's breasts in his hands, moving them only to be replaced by his lips on her nipples. The hardened nubs strained to reach up to him and were relieved as his tongue latched around them. Her legs wrapped his between them so she would feel the pressure on her pussy. Soon, he moved his attention to her center and began to stoke her clit with his hot wet tongue. She arched her back to f***e it harder and had her first climax of the night. David dutifully lapped up her juices and held her until her pulsations relaxed. He then moved back up her body and brought his hardened cock to the entrance of her womanhood. They held each other as he inserted deep within her and filled her with a gentle rocking motion. The same as I had not been able to control myself a few minutes earlier, David was soon to unleash his pent up demand. As he rose to his climax, Cindy felt the onrush and they came powerfully together. The spasms seemed to go on forever but then relaxed into a calm serenity.

I had never seen two people make love this close and so very personal. I did not feel betrayed nor on the outside. This was just two of my closest friends, my wife and my buddy, taking care of unfulfilled needs. It was wonderful and I fell asl**p with a lighted heart
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3 years ago
what a joy to be able to share openly between friends.
3 years ago
I have been in the place of David but with my own 2 friends and still love them both to this day and it has been about 7 years since we were last together
3 years ago
What are weekends for, but fun fun fun,, thanks