My Wife Spanked By Security

Wife Spanked by security
This is a true story of an event that happened to my wife. This event happeened in the early 1990's.

She was in a department store one day and a little short of cash. She had run her credit card up, so had no credit on it.

She happened to notice a very nice blouse which only had one of her size out on display. My wife is not a theif, but could not resist the temptation to sneak the garment into her bag.

As she made her way out of the shop, a security guard stopped her and asked if she could accompany him to "the office". She said they went up some stairs at the back of the shop where they finally arrived at a small cramped office. The secuity guard asked if she would take a seat.

After sitting down, the security guard, a middle aged man in a blue uniform, began to question her. Eventually, he asked her to empty the contents of her bag onto the desk and of course there was the stolen blouse. My wife was horrified of course and after some discussion, the security guard said he would need to inform the Police. My wife was mortified as she actually worked at a department store and had a good job in the offices there.

My wife asked if there was any way he could overlook the incident and insisted that she never did this sort of thing usually.
After some deliberation, the security guard offered to administer his own punishment after which, he would forget the matter and let her go. My wife asked what his punishment might be, to which he replied "An old fashioned spanking".
My wife said the office was right at the back of the shop and enclosed with no where close to oversee it, so she decided she would accept the punishment instead of getting the Police involved. The security guard asked my wife to bend over the desk, which she did.

He then took off his belt and lectured my wife on what he was about to do and why. She told me she was very nervous and had butterflies in her stomach. Finally, he brought the belt down heavily on my wifes bottom "THWAAACK"...The belt landed hard and square on her tight black skirt. Thwaaack, THWAAACK. 10 or more strokes landed accross her bottom. She said she was so full up with adrenaline, she dod not feel them, just a warm sensation. The security guard now paused and lifted the back of my wifes skirt to reveal her skimpy white knickers and stockings....

What a sight this must have been. He paused again for a few seconds and then my wife said she felt him tug her knickers down below her bottom, exposing her bare and now red behind.

She said she want to say something, but thought better of it. That way the punishment would be over quicker she thought. Thwaaaack again the belt landed hard on her bare flesh. She felt it this time alright, 6 hard whacks accross her bare arse followed. After the 6th stroke, the security guard asked her to stand and dress herself. My wife embarrased, did so and straightened herself out. The security guard told her this would be the end of it and she thanked him and left, without the blouse but with a very sore bottom and red face!...She did not tell me this for 5 years, but I was of course very interested in all the details! We have re enacted this scene on many occasions at home and also she does enjoy exposing herself to the security cameras in a voyeuristic manner when at clothing stores.

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1 year ago
I'm a security guard, I would've done a lot more..
2 years ago
Very good but needs to continue and be longer as to what happens after the spankings.
2 years ago
Super sexy story, I love reading about your deliciously naughty Wifey...
2 years ago
pity he didn't have a cane. 20 good strokes , you try it she will love it
2 years ago
she deserved a good hard spanking for being a thief
2 years ago
id definatley have asked her to suck my cock afterwards
3 years ago
almost makes me want to go out shoplifting ;)
3 years ago
He shoulda fucked her in the arse.
3 years ago
Agreed with oleblueeyes lol
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very good,,the pics just make it better
3 years ago