Wife Spanked by Her Boss

A few years ago, my wife worked at a solicitor’s office for a partner there. His name was Mr Jeffries. He was a grey haired man in his late 60’s, very well spoken if a little sergeant majorish in his tone and mannerisms.

Mr Jeffries always insisted on my wife black tailored slacks to work, which she was wearing on this day.

My wife’s slacks were quite tight and gave a good impression of her bum, which was chubby but well shaped, a lovely sight when she bent over of course and she did that a lot when filing.

The events I am speaking of here happened one spring after noon a few years ago now and told to me by my wife.

My wife brought Mr Jeffries his afternoon cup of Tea as she did always did around 3 o’clock. He liked his Tea at specific times of day!

Inadvertently my wife tripped and spilt the tea over his case notes. He jumped up and swore very loudly, (something he never ever usually did) pointing and gesturing at my wife. My wife was very apologetic, but he would not be appeased.

Mr Jeffries said - “Sarah, You are clumsy. One thing I cannot abide is a slovenly, clumsy woman!”

My wife told me he was red in the face as he beckoned her over to his desk.

“Listen here Sarah” he said. “You will pay for this. This is a very important case and you have ruined hours and hours of work by your carelessness”.

My wife told me she was beside herself and started to cry.

“Enough of that” said Mr Jeffries and said: “If you are that upset. you can allow me to get some compensation of the situation. You can take a punishment like a little girl seeing as you are acting like one”

My wife said it then went silent and Mr Jeffries then said

“Well Sarah, are you prepared to make up for what you have done?”

My wife said she was quite scared as she is fairly shy and timid in normal life, believe it or not and quite submissive by nature.

“Mr Jeffries” said my wife. “What do you mean?”.

Mr Jeffries said. “When my daughters were young and they misbehaved and also if my wife gets out of line, I give them a jolly good spanking”.

My wife said she was shocked and taken aback and said trembling.

“ Do you mean to give me a spanking?”

“Yes” Said Mr Jeffries “that is indeed what I mean to do”.
My wife gasped and Mr Jeffries came out from behind his desk and round to the side she was standing facing him. He took her roughly by the arm and f***ed her to lay face down on the desk. Her ample bottom encased in the tight slacks was packed as tight as tight can be.

“Stay there” Mr Jeffries barked.

My wife said she could hear him doing something behind her, she couldn’t quite work out what the sound was, but she managed to raise her head off the desk enough to be able to look behind her to see that Mr Jeffries was unthreading a thick leather belt out from around his waist.

“Right Sarah, We will start with 10 whacks with this belt” said Mr Jeffries

My wife said she just froze in terror. It seemed an age until the first blow fell squarely across both cheeks


The belt hit her hard on the thin material stretched taught across her bottom and made her gasp. It didn’t hurt at first as the adrenaline flowed all around her. The f***e of the blow pushed her forward. Mr Jeffries timed his whacks every 4 seconds


My wife said her bottom was very hot and the sound filled the room. Mr Jeffries would take a step back and then apply the belt hard and square across my wife’s chubby bum. One smack on top of the other, with great f***e. Finally after 10, He stopped.

“Stand up” Mr Jeffries barked.

He then ordered my wife to stand with her hands on her head facing the wall. My wife said her bottom was now stinging and had swelled up from the blows, causing the slacks to become even tighter. Her knickers had ridden up her bum, leaving very little protection.

Mr Jeffries grabbed her around the waste with one hand while she stood hands on head. She was powerless to do anything. Suddenly, he started to spank her very had across her bum with his free hand, very hard and very fast.

Sarah could feel his hand linger on her bum as it came to rest for a while on the tight material of her slacks, before starting to spank again. His hand was hard and firm and he appeared to be cupping her cheek as he rested. Finally Sarah said she started to cry, the sobbing got loader and louder but Mr Jeffries didn’t seem to care and carried on for a while until finally he stopped.

Sarah fell to a heap on the floor and carried on sobbing. Mr Jeffries in a very measured tone said. “Ok Sarah, we will say no more of this, goodnight” as he left.

When my wife got how she was behaving a little strangely and eventually I asked her if anything was wrong. She burst into tears and explained what had happened. She then showed me her very red and sore bottom that Mr Jeffries had caused with the spanking and we took some pictures so we would have proof of what had happened. Sarah was very upset and her bottom was really sore. He certainly had done a good job in punishing her.

My wife's sore and red bottom after Mr Jeffries had spanked her taken in evidence and shown to him and the panel

The next day my wife did not go into work and I phoned Mr Jeffries to give him a piece of my mind. He was very apologetic but wanted to avoid the Police and industrial tribunal and got one of his solicitor partners to deal with the issue. My wife had to go before a panel of 3 of them, 1 lady and 2 men. They questioned my wife about what happened. The panel, as well as Mr Jeffries, viewed the pictures we took of her sore red bum as evidence, which really embarrassed her along with lots of personal questions, but it had to be done.

My wife's sore and red bottom after Mr Jeffries had spanked her taken in evidence.
As you can see, he did a good job on her. She was sore for a week after.

My poor wife's sore bottom. She was very embarrassed that people could see these pictures while sitting face to face with them. Especially Mr Jeffries!

The panel decided that with Mr Jeffries testimony, an appropriate compensation package should be awarded to Sarah to everyone’s satisfaction. There is also a clause in the contract that states I may punish his wife in retaliation if necessary, which I may take up!

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7 months ago
Naughty Wifey paid the price for her clumsiness but it should have been six of the beast with a swishy cane on her bare bottom...
11 months ago
if I was her I would have thanked him properly for the spanking