Wife Spanked For Rudeness

My wife works at a large department store as an assistant manager of the Cosmetics Department and is responsible for the running of the perfume counter. She can be very domineering in relation to how she handles staff and I would like to relate one incident to you.

A young school leaver had started and for some reason or other, my wife did not seem to like her. She was warned privately by her manager, a good friend of mine. About her attitude towards her but persisted. It all came to a head one day when in the stock room, my wife threatened to give her a good spanking. The young girl ended up in tears and reported my wife to the manager. Being a good friend, the manager contacted me and told me that the young girls father was very angry and that this incident could end up in a disciplinary for my wife and maybe even worse!

I asked if I could do anything to help the situation and her manager came back to me explaining that the young girls father would drop the matter if my wife was dealt with in some way. He suggested that as my wife had threatened his daughter with a good spanking, that my wife might in turn get one instead. I am very old fashioned and my wife does on many occasions get spanked for misdemeanours so this would not be too bad in my opinion. I told my wifes manager to agree to the Spanking and that I would send evidence to himself and the girl’s father to prove that she was indeed punished. I asked that her identity be kept secret but to assure the girl’s father that it was indeed my wife.

Once my wife returned from work that day, I gave her a stern talking to and there and then in her work clothes decided to carry out the punishment. I asked my wife to bend over and lift her skirt for a good spanking on her panties. As you can see, they were not that much protection. I then asked her to kneel down on the chair and poke her bottom out for more smacks. By now her bottom was getting quite red. I then asked my wife to stand and remove her panties exposing her bottom and privates.

I then went on to give her a good hard spanking on her bare bottom, which may well follow, but this will give you some idea of what occurred.

My wife was very concerned that other staff would get to see the clip, but I assured her I had the word of her manager and the young girl’s father that they would be the only ones to view the clip. My wife reluctantly agreed to take her punishment instead of facing the disciplinary at work.

All was acceptable to all parties and no more was said about the matter, unfortunately, the young girl concerned decided to leave my wife’s store.

I have added some edited highlights of her punishment here as because her identity is masked, she will not be identified by her staff, unless of course I decide to disclose to them a link to it. This will be another way of keeping my wife in line.

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1 year ago
I would love to see the video that accompanies this story.
2 years ago
What a tasty treat, I want to eat your scrumptious, freshly spanked bottom all up...
2 years ago
Very good
2 years ago