Mistress Mary's bitch, formally her, Part 4

Mistress Mary's bitch, formally her husband, Part 4

This is dedicated to @smdevil75, the little bitch, LOL

Last night Mistress Mary said I better get a good night sl**p because I have a full day ahead of myself. I have no idea what she has planned??

I woke and fixed her breakfast as normal. I was told to give myself an enema. Then she handed me a cock restraint. "Put this on before you insert your pink butt plug." "Because I know that once that plug goes in you'll have an erection and you'll never be able to get it on." I was not to leave the bathroom until she came and got me. As soon as she left the bathroom I heard her crank the music up on some rock & roll station?

I was in there about an hour and a half. When Mistress Mary walked in and first inspected me. I saw she was holding the black hood and ball gag she had used on me when she beat my balls. I became scared. "This goes over your head, don't be afraid." I did as ordered. "First this goes in your mouth." A ball gag. As she placed it there and strapped it around my head. Then the hood went on. "I'm going to guide you."

We went down the hall to the spare room we have. The music was really loud in here. The room is pretty much empty except a few boxes in a corner. She sat me down on something and had me lay back. I have no idea what I was laying on? Then she spreads my legs and attached my leather restraints to my ankles and those to a spreader bar. She secured that to the legs of whatever I was sitting on. Then my wrist cuffs went on. My arms were bent slightly, like I was in the position of bench pressing? Then I felt my arms secured to, I found out later was an old bench press. Then the music stopped. There was dead silence, and then.

Loud cheering and applause from a bunch of women! My cock got painfully hard inside my cock cage. I was nervous as hell but also very excited! Would Mistress Mary let me see these women.

Would she let me lick them all? I'm guessing they are all friends of hers. I heard someone "look how big his balls are!!" "OMG, those will be so fun!" Then Mistress Mary said "Ladies have your fun with him!" The ladies were twisting and pinching both my nipples some soft others extremely hard. My balls were played with from caressing to slapping and squeezing some very painful! My cock was caged but some slapped it back and forth. This went on for several minutes.

My crotch was wiped down with what smelled like rubbing alcohol? Then it felt like they were putting lube on a small part of my balls? Then something else over that? RIP!!! And then there was so much PAIN as it felt like they were ripping my pubic hair out all at once !! "MOTHER FUCKER" I screamed into my gag! I was getting a waxing of my balls in front of all these women! My cock was not hard now! Everyone applauded and cheered and whistled!!

I heard someone say "My turn! My turn!" And the next lady stepped up to the balls and brushed on the glue or whatever they use. RIP!!! And so it went on. One lady after another. RIP!! Until my balls were baby soft but hurt like Hell as I continued to scream into my gag. Then they moved onto the hair aboves my balls, my crotch. I felt the brush being applied to the area around the base of my cock, on the left side. I new that it was going to hurt like nothing else has!!

All the ladies were cheering and doing a count down 1! 2! 3! GO!! RIP!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!
Then they moved to the right side. Goop it on, place whatever on it. 1! 2! 3! RIP!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!! My crotch felt like instant fire!! And then again each lady took their turns. I was drenched in sweat! But I figured I lived thru that! WHEW!! Then I felt them apply some lotion to the area. And start caressing my balls. I started getting painfully hard in my cage.

Then I heard Mistress Mary say "on to his chest and nipples!" I thought OMG!!! Will it never end!! They took there time and while they were at it someone was always caressing my balls or slapping them with a riding crop I think? I was painfully cock caged. Then finally they finished. WHEW!!

Mistress Mary announced "time to flip him over!" I thought OMG!!! Will it ever end!!?? The ladies all got to work and unhooked my tie downs. I was sat up and my hood and gag was removed just long enough for a straw to be shoved in my mouth to drink some water. I looked around and there was only Mistress Mary and Mistress Jackie (the woman who beat my balls a few weeks ago). Then my gag and hood were put back on. I was laid on my stomach. And then I felt all the other ladies hands attaching all the tie down devices. My arms were tied to the front. My legs were pulled forward and my knees were roped toward the front.

My ass cheeks were spread wider and they removed my butt plug. All the ladies laughed that it was pink! Then they gooped on the glue. All the way up and down my entire crack. They lined up the paper onto the glue. Everyone counted loudly 1! 2! 3! GO!!! RIP!!! I thought I was going to pass out from the pain! AAAAAHHHHH!!! Then they applied lotion to the crack. Someone started reaming my asshole with lube!

Then I felt someone kneel behind me and start pushing what I thought was my medium butt plug being pushed in. But I was wrong my ass was being penetrated by a strap-on dildo! They grabbed my hips and slid a very long thick (about the same girth as my medium plug, but longer) all the way into my asshole. I grunted loudly! My cock grew as big as it would within the confines of its cage! It was Mistress Mary, since she wanted to pop my cherry asshole! She gave no mercy as she fucked me hard with long strokes, slapping my ass every so often to the cheers and applause of all the ladies! I think she came while doing it. She stood and said "Everyone gets five minutes each!" "I just popped his cherry and I don't want him useless tomorrow." Everyone moaned in disappointment. Each took their turns fucking my ass, 7 in all! I will still be plenty sore as it is! They then left my medium butt plug in my ass.

Then when they were done with me. They untied me and left the room. My ass felt raw even though they used lube. I knew I was going to have a sore asshole for a while!

"We'll be back in here in a 1/2 hour. "There's a sandwich and water for you on the table over there." "And use the bathroom and take a shower before we return." "You are to be sitting on this bench, with your gag on and hood over your head." "Yes Mistress Mary." My butt hole hurt! My balls and chest still sting! My cock is sore.

I was there as ordered. I was stood up and I heard the bench being shoved to the side. My wrists were attached to rope, I'm guessing. Then I heard more pulleys working as my arms were lifted over my head. And my legs were attached to a spreader bar. Mistress Mary spoke "I hired someone to come in and sink some eye bolts in the wall behind the bed a few weeks ago." "And to the ceiling in here." "You aren't going anywhere." All I could do is frown behind my gag. :-(

Then I felt weighted cloths pins being attached to my naked balls. Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4! "There's four pounds attached to your ball sack slave!" "I'm so proud of you!" I thought, like I had a choice!! Then my cock cage was removed. I thought aaaa what a relief!! and my cock sprang to attention. Then a condom was put on it with a rubber band.

Someone started tapping my nipples with a riding crop. Someone else started cracking my ass with a cane. Not to hard though. But every time it struck it made the weights swing which added to the pain. Two ladies where on my left another two on my left. They where gooping up my arm pits to be waxed! Right before they ripped both pits at the same time. Two ladies started using what I think we're ping pong paddles hard on both cheeks. I was trying keep as still as I could to keep the weights from swinging. Then they ripped the paper from my arm pits. And I screamed in agony!!! I must have moved or jerked because 2 of the weights fell off my ball sack and hit the floor.

They continued to paddle my ass and finish waxing my arm pits baby smooth.

Then they untied my arms and let me lay down. My legs were still attached to the spreader bar. They tied the rope that's attached to the pulley and lifted the bar up slightly. I was told to jerk off. And cum. I was stroking my cock for the longest time and just couldn't cum. Probably from all the pain I had gone thru! Then someone put a vibrator on my butt plug and that got my cum to come forth quite quickly! I grunted out a big load into the condom.

My hood was taken off. And my eyes adjusted and I could see all of Mistress Mary's friends standing in front of me. Applauding! Then my gag was removed and I was handed the condom to drink my cum. They are cheered and whistled and applauded!

Then Mistress Mary thanked everyone for showing up and having a good time. They all left. I was told to go shower. After my shower I was instructed to prepare her a bath with her scented bubble bath. Put her favorite music on. Light a scented candle in the bathroom and dim the lights.

I then went and took a nap a Long nap!!

To be continued...

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6 months ago
his life is to be a toy now...just to be played with and displayed...could be worse
1 year ago
Wonderful story, oh to be in that position!