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[Story] Andrea knew she was in big trouble!

Andrea left work, thinking it will be nice to get home and take a bubble bath. Brandon, her boyfriend (she's to call him Sir, in private) won't be home for another hour or so. She'll still have time to make dinner after her bath.

But as she made the final turn onto her street. She saw Sir's truck in the driveway, this was odd. But that's all she thought. She parked and walked in the house. Sir was standing in the middle of the living room with his arms folded in front of him. Plus, he looked pissed!

At that instant she knew she was in for it! "Sir, what are you doing home!" Trying to pl... Continue»
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[Story] Because she's been naughty!

I come home to no dinner! Plus you're finger fucking yourself in front of the computer! "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!" You jump up because I scared the shit out of you! "I'm so Sorry Master!" "The time just flew by!" "That is No excuse for this!!" "You know you are not to play with yourself without permission!" "Get your ass in position!" She runs over to the front door and scrambles to all fours with her ass in the air. Throwing her blouse off and unto the couch along with her panties.

I walk to your backside "Ass higher Slut! Back arched more! NOW!!" I take off my belt and begin to whip... Continue»
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[Story] The bitch got the spanking she deserved!

My wife and I went to Vegas a few weeks ago, on a Friday. She was on a business trip. There was a convention there. I went to get a tan and look at the women. I'm not much of a gambler.

We drove up to the valet and then checked in. They gave us a room on the 27th floor at the MGM Hotel. We got to our room when I realized I had forgotten my shades in the car. My wife said she was going to shower and take a nap. Since she was supposed to go to a late cocktail get together that night.

I was walking out the front doors with my valet ticket. There was a really sexy brunette with her hair up. ... Continue»
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[Story] Makapuu Lighthouse lookout, True story

I was recently in Oahu, Hawaii with my wife and a buddy of mine. While my wife stayed at our rental house on the south side of the island. My buddy (Chris) and I hiked up to Makapuu lighthouse lookout.
After we got to the top and took plenty of pictures. We decided to climb further up the mountain to where there were some pill boxes (war bunkers).

As we were walking over there. A young (about age 25) brunette walked past us and to the lookout point. I noticed she had a nice set of tanned tits in a bikini top. Her whole left ear had stud piercing in it. After she walked by, I turned to ch... Continue»
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[Story] Raven's Camping Experience

Raven and I had met and I had spanked her a few times and did some titty torture and finger fucking. But it was time to move up the play.

I was going camping and asked her if she'd like to come for a night. I was going with some buddy's but they would be gone before she arrived. She asked were it would be? The the North rim of the Grand Canyon! She said "OH MY!! It sounds exciting. But how would I get there?"

"You mentioned to me you had a girlfriend who lived in St. George, Utah, right?" "I'm pretty sure you said you really wanted to visit her this year." "What better time?" "You could ... Continue»
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[Story] Mistress Mary's bitch, formally her, Part 4

Mistress Mary's bitch, formally her husband, Part 4

This is dedicated to @smdevil75, the little bitch, LOL

Last night Mistress Mary said I better get a good night sl**p because I have a full day ahead of myself. I have no idea what she has planned??

I woke and fixed her breakfast as normal. I was told to give myself an enema. Then she handed me a cock restraint. "Put this on before you insert your pink butt plug." "Because I know that once that plug goes in you'll have an erection and you'll never be able to get it on." I was not to leave the bathroom until she came and got me. As soo... Continue»
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[Story] Mistress Mary's bitch, formally known as her

Part 3
I came home from work today and Mistress Mary told me to set up the room for a beating. After I take a shower. She seemed pissed?

I didn't question her as to why, since she doesn't need a reason. She had given me my weekly beating just 2 days ago and my ass is still bruised and sore. I was trying to remember if I had done something wrong?

I took my shower and hurried to dry off. I put her favorite music on. I laid out the implements on the dresser. I lit her candle. I got her a fresh bottle of water on her night stand. I secured the restraint rings on the 4 poster corners of the... Continue»
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[Story] Mistress Mary's bitch, formally known as her

This is dedicated to smdevil75 (fetlife) he deserves every bit of it! I started writing this story because smdevil75 was always criticizing my writings. So essentially this story is About him! Comments are welcomed!

"Bitch's bike ride"

I was instructed to give myself an enema. Since I was doing that. I figured Mistress was going to have me use my pink butt plug some time today? After that I was to shower, then she was going to allow me to go on a bike ride. She told me, that first day she dominated me, I'm only allowed to cum with her permission. If I get caught jacking off the... Continue»
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[Story] Sable In The Stable

I'm in the house taking a small break. I happen to go to fetlife and read that Sable, my sub, read and interesting story (about texting while driving and being punished for it) and commented that she speeds a lot and does text while driving! I also see she was texting on fetlife. As we all know the text is much smaller than regular text messages. Thus making it harder to drive correctly! I am NOT pleased.

We live in a beautiful house with many acres of land. I have some farm hands that I've sent to fix some fencing on the outskirts of the land. So I can have some uninterrupted quality time ... Continue»
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[Story] Slave angel's wonderful ass!

Every morning my slave Angel wakes me with a morning blow job. She's a petite blonde, not natural. Oh so spankable ass, small breast but sensitive nipples, lots of fun!

She gets up and makes coffee. She drinks two glasses of water. She needs lots of saliva for my blow job. She climbs under the covers on her hands and knees. She starts by licking my shaved balls. Angel must always have a bald pussy.

(Yes, I shave them to keep them smooth and hairless. Because, Really! Who wants hair in their mouths? I also trim the pubes short).

This alone gets me hard. She starts to stroke my cock now... Continue»
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[Story] I rang her bell at Taco Bell!

I was selling some BDSM items on Craigslist. These items I never use and some items I made. A woman contacted me and wanted to buy them. The items were one heavy duty (more of a decorative) wood sorority type paddle with holes in it. I made it a few years ago. But it was just to thick(1"), unless you are a pain slut and can take it! I had 1 crop, 1 in good shape riding crop. A small flogger which would be good on a woman's cunt or nipples as a tease. And 4, 3 lb. weights. Lets say you could use these to have a sub hold 1 in each hand. And if they let their arms down punish them. Or again could... Continue»
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[Story] Caught Masturbating

I pulled up to the light on my motorcycle, my bikes fairly quite. There is one car already waiting for this extremely long light at this intersection. I stopped and looked over and into the car. There's an attractive woman wearing a blouse and skirt with her shoes off. I also notice her panties are on the passenger seat. She's got her fingers and what looks like a vibe vigorously working on her cunt. She's right in the middle of a pretty big orgasm! When she cums down, she looks over at me and blushes. I say "Thank you!" "Now I think you need a spanking!" I point straight ahead and say ... Continue»
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[Story] Sally's punishment for texting while driving!

I was riding my motorcycle to the hardware store in Long Beach, near LBSU, to pick up some eye hooks. There was a car in front of me all over the lane. I thought that person must have had a few drinks for lunch? Or they were on the phone or texting??
I switched lanes and came up on them on the drivers side. I couldn't believe it? It was Sally! And, yes, she was texting! She knows I hate when people do this while driving! When I'm riding my motorcycle I want people to pay attention. I was pissed! I laid on my horn. (The horn on my bike is louder than most cars). It scared the crap out of h... Continue»
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[Story] Sally's motivational spanking

I met Sally though She contacted me in search of a motivational spanking. She needed to be pushed to get busy with her business. She knew she was goofing off, doing everything but her business. We exchanged a few emails. Discussing what she wanted. Her likes and dislikes. I informed her (in an email) when we met she is to call me "Sir" when around me.

•••••••Her dislikes may go out the window, depending on the offense!••••

Sally had a boyfriend. But he just wasn't into spanking her. He couldn't get his mind wrapped around it? She also wears him out in the bedroom & every ... Continue»
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[Story] More than just a Spanking

This is a TRUE story! The names have been changed to protect the guilty!b]

Over 12 years ago I was new to the scene and I had been talking/emailing a woman (Eliza) who lived the life style.

I had done a lot of reading/research on it. It really intrigued me that there are people who enjoy a good spanking.

I had spanked a few other people but that's all I did. So we had met a few times so I could spank Eliza. Then there was this one session we met and did more than just spanking.

Eliza lived on the second floor of an apartment that was along an alley near downtown Long Beach, Ca.
... Continue»
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In the back of a car of all places

Yes, this is a true story!
I had her over my lap for over an hour in the back of a car of all places. We parked in a secluded street, or so we thought. It was Dec. cold outside. But Hot and Sweaty inside the car. She had a dress on, no panties. Her ass was on fire, because I could feel it every time my hand made contact. She had cum several times. The car smelled of sex. The more I spanked her the hotter she got and the more she craved!

All of a sudden there were police lights in back of us. All the windows were fogged up. So we couldn't see out. She moved to sit and cover her nake... Continue»
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