Punished bottom

It happened two years ago,i got chatting to a woman in a pub and she wanted to know if i would be willing to be given a spanking as it was a fantasy of hers,i said yes so we left the pub and went back to her place.when we got back to her place she asked me if i would`nt mind dressing up in a schoollgirls outfit and wearing tight silk satin panties.i said yes and got changed in a different room.once dressed she took me into her play room and strapped me down over her whipping bench and gagged me,the next thing that happened,five of her female friends turned up,they all in turn spanked my bottom for about half an hour each on my pantie bottom,then they got out 6 slippers,6 belts,6 paddles,cane.each woman gave me 100 whacks with each slipper plus 100 strokes of each belt plus 200 swats of each paddle across my pantied bottom,then they each gave me 24 strokes of the cane.then they pulled my panties down and repeated everything on my bare bottom.then they took it in each turn to fuck my ass with a strapon dildo.when the session was all over i was told to change back into my clothes and get out.i had a very sore bottom for three weeks.i have not seen any of them since.i would love it to happen again.im missing the sting sensation on my bottom.
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