Another Fantasy Spanking from Peter

Another Fantasy Spanking for Jennifer from Peter.
I had just turned 18 and was so looking forward to this vacation to Amsterdam but things were just not working out. First the Airline misplaced my luggage so the only thing I had to wear was a short thin sun dress and then the Hotel I was supposed to stay at had overbooked so I had no place to stay so as I wandered down the street I sat down on a bench and started to cry. I had no idea but right across from me was a business called “Peter Pans Fantasy Book Store” and the owner was watching me out the window. He could see that I was in real distress and decided to come out to see what he could do. He sat down next to me, introduced himself as Peter and offered his assistance. I told him my situation and he invited me into the store where he would try to help me by phoning the Airline and some other hotels.
Peter watched this young girl with a lustful eye, thinking as he made call after call, how could he arrange it so this exquisite creature would want to stay here for her vacation. He followed her as she walked around and as she passed in front of the windows the setting sun lit up her perfect curves under her thin dress, this caused a stirring in Peter’s loins and a jump in his heart rate. He learned that there were no rooms available anywhere so he decided to take the chance and invite her to stay in his suite above the Book Store. Something about this girl had Peter’s mind spinning, he found her so attractive that he could not think straight and even though he was so much older than her he was convinced that he could show her things no younger man could.
I could not believe what an interesting business this place was, all the unusual books and magazines, covering every kind of fantasy and role playing activities. As I moved into the back of the store I noticed an adult section saying no one under 18 could enter, then I thought I just turned 18 so now I can go into places like this but my modesty held me back. I finally settled down in a lounge chair out in the front to wait for Peter to finish his phone calls but I was so tired that I fell asl**p.
Peter smiled to himself as he watched Jennifer sl**ping but noticed that she had slid down in the chair which caused her little dress to ride up her hips exposing her thin skimpy panties and a smooth outline of a perfect little pussy. He just about choked when he saw her in this position and as he covered her with a blanket he hoped his Chivalry would be rewarded later. Peter decided to close early because he didn’t want anyone to come in and disturb her but mostly he wanted to just sit and watch her angelic sl**ping face.
I awoke a couple of hours later and looking down saw that Peter had covered me with a blanket and also why he had, It gave me a feeling that I could trust this man and that he was a true gentleman. He noticed that I was awake and informed me of the news that no rooms were available anywhere but before he had a chance to invite me to stay, I asked him if it would be OK for me to stay here. His eyes brightened at my request and without hesitation replied that he would be more than happy to have me stay, then added that he would show me around Amsterdam if I felt it was appropriate. I felt that this might be a good vacation after all and accepted his offer.
Upstairs Peter showed me to my room but I realised I had nothing to sl**p in since I was wearing the only clothes I had. He thought about it for a minute and then got me one of his shirts, it fit nice and big on me and came down to my knees. We had a big laugh about how silly I looked but it actually made me feel kind of sexy and naughty, not a mood you want to be in when trying to go to sl**p. I had a restless sl**p having all kinds of erotic thoughts and kept thinking about Peter in the next room. There was something about this man even though he was much older than me, something that drew me to him like a magnet. As I lay there my fingers crept down between my legs and soothed the yearning for a man’s touch and I finally drifted off. Peter was also tortured by the thought that a thin layer of cotton was all that separated his vision from my naked body.
I awoke early, went out into the kitchen, made some coffee and sat waiting for Peter to awaken but as I sat there looking around I noticed a stack of what turned out to be erotic magazines. I started to look over them and noticed they were all about spanking and discipline. One particular magazine caught my attention because it showed a completely naked young lady getting what was obviously a very real spanking over the knee of a much older man. The interesting thing was you could see her hands between her legs and she was masturbating while being spanked. As I read the story attached to the photo I found myself getting increasingly aroused. I guess I got lost in the story and forgot where I was because in no time my fingers had found their way to my pussy and started massaging my clit. Peter surprised and embarrassed me when he walked in but he treated what I was doing as something completely normal but wanted to know what in particular had hold of my attention. I showed him the story and the photo and after he read it I asked him if it was normal for a girl to get turned on by discipline and actually orgasm during it. After a long pause Peter thought to himself, this is where he would take charge of the situation and push it in the direction he had been hoping for, so he asked me bluntly if I wanted to find out and if I trusted him to do it.
I did not reply verbally but stood up in front of him and reaching down pulled the shirt that I had worn to bed up and over my head. I was now completely naked, very horny and waiting his next move. Peter took me gently by the hand and led me over to the sofa and sitting down d****d me over his knee saying that we might as well be comfortable because this would take a while. While he talked to me he was running his fingers lightly up and down my back, tracing every curve and making me shiver as he did so. After a few minutes he allowed his fingers to descend farther to my bottom and backs of my thighs, this made me twitch and jump a little with increasing excitement. Next his fingers worked their way down in between my bum cheeks and to my pussy, stroking my bum hole and pussy to the point of orgasm. I started to hump his fingers but he gave me a little smack on my bum saying to lay still and exercise a little patience if I really wanted to enjoy this.
Peter sat contemplating this vision of loveliness resting across his lap, such a nice small girl with a tiny waist and a perfect pear shaped bottom that was made to be spanked. Peter was a legend in Amsterdam and was considered an artist when it came to spanking young ladies. He looked at a woman’s bottom as a blank canvas ready for him to apply his paint in a pattern of ridges and hues of red, and he had a feeling this one would be his masterpiece. The colour and texture of her skin was like nothing he had seen before so soft and flawless, he told her to have patience but this young lady would test his patience more than ever. He observed how she was discreetly and ever so slowly spreading her thighs to give him access to her pouting smooth pussy. Peter could not help but slide a finger down between her swollen pussy lips and tease her clit causing her to squirm and giving him an excuse to give her bottom a couple of good firm smacks. Jennifer gave a little squeal that sounded more like delight than pain making Peter smile and stiffened his cock which he still had trapped between his legs, fighting to be released.

Gawd I wanted this man so bad, I couldn’t wait any longer for him to spank me and make love to me but how could I show him I was ready or maybe I should just ask. I looked back over my shoulder at Peter and in a sweet little girl voice said, please sweetheart please spank me now I want you to give me the spanking you know I need and desire, I trust you to spank me long and hard until you feel it is sufficient and then I want to show my appreciation by giving my whole body to you for you to make love to me. I then turned back face down on the sofa, arched my back a little and moved my hands around to my back so he could hold on to them. I could feel him gently sliding his hands up and down my bottom feeling the texture and calculating the right moment to raise his hand high in the air and begin painting a perfect shade of red on this beautiful white canvas.
Peter could wait no longer his cock was straining for release and looking down on this magnificent bottom that was asking to be spanked. Over the years Peter had a lot of woman over his knee, all had been there because they wanted to but this one was special this would be her first spanking. He would have to pace himself so as to slowly bring her to the level that he wanted and ultimately give herself over to him. He raised his hand up waiting for her bottom to relax and then with a quick motion, SMACK, up again and SMACK, from cheek to cheek SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, Jennifer was not tightening her muscles but laying there completely relaxed accepting every smack. Peter added some strength to the spanking, SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK, the last smack evoked a little oooooooooh from Jennifer so Peter knew he was getting through to her. Again he increased the strength and now the speed, SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK owwwwww SMACK SMACK SMACK oooowwwwweeeeee. That last cry was music to Peter’s ears, she was really starting to feel the spanking but still did nothing to stop him. Her bum was turning a nice shade of red but now it was time to see if she meant what she had said earlier so he began spanking her for real. He took a good grip on her hands and held her firmly down on his lap then in the fashion he was accustomed to, began to spank her the way he liked. Hard full smacks all over her bum and up and down the backs of her legs, SMACK SMACK SMACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK SMACK SMACK young Jennifer was starting to howl a little but still made no move to stop him. WHACK WHACK WHACK SMACK SMACK ooowwww ooooowwww ooooowwwweeee. On it went smacking and crying, Peter could not believe how this young girl was allowing him to beat her like this, his cock had long been released from where it was trapped and was now rubbing back and forth right across her pubic mound. Orgasm was close for Peter so he kept spanking Jennifer until her movements finally caused him to cum, spraying his sticky semen all over her tummy.
I felt like he had a spell over me because even though this spanking was incredibly painful I just laid there and allowed him to punish me as hard as he could as if it was the most natural and erotic thing I could do. I could feel the warmth of his cum all over my upper thighs and tummy and when he ceased spanking me I sat up in his lap wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a long wet kiss. While kissing him I slowly turned to face him, lifting up and straddling his hips I sat down so I could feel his cock right up against my soaking wet open pussy. I was kissing him so deeply it was if I was trying to suck the life out of him and all the while his cock began to stiffen and grow again. As we kissed I lifted up my hips giving his now erect cock free access to my waiting love canal. With a firm grip around his neck I reach down between my legs with one hand and gripping his cock I teased my clit with the head of it until I had my first orgasm. I guided his cock into me as I slowly sat down on his lap, it was heavenly as the long smooth stiff shaft slid easily up into my belly. I began to lift my hips up and down moaning and groaning like a whore, feeling his manhood sliding in and out, faster and faster I humped his cock finally reaching one explosive orgasm after another. I was so focused on my own orgasm that I never felt Peter cum, I only knew after I lifted up to move off his lap as the gush of hot cum poured out of me.
Peter was exhausted, he never had such a hot sexual young woman in his arms like this before, Jennifer was inexperienced but her instincts to perform were impeccable. She settled down beside him hugging him close and breathing deeply, with her face buried in his chest she started to drift off to sl**p. Peter sat like that for some time as she slept he dared not move but gently stroked her hair while admiring this sensual young creature and began to formulate a plan to convince her to stay with him. She was everything he could hope for in a companion even with the vast age difference the two of them seemed so compatible and he hoped that she needed him as much as he desired her. Picking her up and cradling her in his arms he carried Jennifer off to his bedroom, as he placed her down she awoke and with a big smile spread her legs again and pulled him down onto her.
I pulled Peter down on top of me, wrapping my legs around him and holding him tight I whispered into his ear that I wanted to stay like this for ever. He pulled back a little and looking deep into my damp eyes smiled and nodded his approval, then laid his head back down beside mine as we drifted off to sl**p and into a new world for me.
Thanks for your inspiration Peter. Love Jennifer.

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9 months ago
love that the perfect story we need more young ladys that like to be spanked
1 year ago
Reading this tribute once more after over a year
I am again amazed and astonished by the artistry
of Jennifer's pen, inspired by my naughty ideas
and perhaps my long penis fitting her foxy pussy.

Our mutual fascination has yielded the best I read
and wrote here by far, fully fueled by real love.
The irony of the situation is that I learned all I
know about spanking for sheer sexual satisfaction
from Jennifer, who explained in private messages
how a hot painful massage of a firm hand or quirt
can arouse her to new heights and make her squirt.
2 years ago
Jenny, this is a great story. I was drawn by the name but it turned out to be about my friend, also called Peter.
Knowing him he really enjoyed the tribute.
2 years ago
Wonderful as usual! I have missed your stories.
2 years ago
Well done, hon! You deserved that bare ass lesson.
And your stay in kinky old A'dam ;-) - Peter Pan