More of My Uncle Mike

Continuing Fantasies of Jennifer and her Uncle Mike
My Uncle Mike had been away on a business trip for two weeks during which I spent a lot of time chatting and flirting with Peter from Amsterdam, one of my favorite online friends. Every day we chatted and he would get me so aroused that I would masturbate constantly. Uncle Mike phoned me from Heathrow International telling me he would be home in 45 minutes. I was so excited that I didn’t pay attention to the rest of the conversation, all I could think about was getting me ready for when he came through the door. This would entail having a nice warm shower and making sure my pussy was nice and clean then dressing in my little school girl uniform to present myself for punishment and whatever else Mike had plans for. While taking my shower it took all my willpower not to masturbate, I wanted to save my orgasms for Mike.
It seemed like an eternity as I stood in the hallway in my extremely short plaid skirt, legs quivering with excitement, nervously awaiting his arrival. I had already set up the heavy built saw horse in the Living room and had placed all the whips and straps that would soon set my hind quarters ablaze on the table beside it. As Mike came through the door and before he could warn me I started into my routine as to why I was sent to his office for punishment expressing my regret for being such a naughty young lady. It was at that moment I realized, Mike was not alone and accompanying him was his two Business partners, Harold and Rodney. I froze in mid-sentence, they stood there shocked but Uncle Mike in a calm voice took charge of the awkward situation, pretending nothing was out of the norm and invited everyone into the living room. Mike had Harold and Rodney sit in the two easy chairs that faced the back end of the saw horse and instructed me to stand beside it. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind until he started to fill them in on how our relationship worked, I also knew that his colleagues found me very attractive and envied my Uncle Mike. He explained to them every fantasy that I have and then he added a new one, I could not believe how he was telling them that my greatest fantasy was having Harold and Rodney join in and help Mike satisfy my desires. After totally embarrassing me Mike whispered into my ear to trust him and that he guaranteed that I would enjoy what was to come.
I was instructed to stand behind the saw horse facing it while Harold and Rodney proceeded to secure me into place. As they bent me forward to lay face down on the horse they placed a rolled up towel under my hips which caused me to arch my back and lift my bottom up. Next they lifted my short skirt up over my hips and slid my now wet tiny panties down my legs and then off. As they spread my legs to fasten them to the legs of the horse they stopped, admiring my now well exposed pussy and bottom and taking note of little droplets of fluid glistening on my pussy lips. They took their time fastening the straps around my thighs and ankles, running their hands up and down my legs, adjusting and then readjusting the straps, feeling my soft milky flesh the whole time. Next was the broad strap that would lie across the small of my back and as they cinched it down it caused my hips to rotate upwards, spreading my bum cheeks even farther. Harold and Rodney were in some discomfort now as their erections became painfully trapped in their pants, this did not go unnoticed by Uncle Mike, who had already taken off his pants and told them to do the same. The two men quickly and gratefully did the same and as they moved around to the front of me to fasten my hands into place, I was greeted by two very erect and very different looking cocks. Harold’s cock was large thick and long while Rodney’s was smaller but had a lovely upwards curve to it. As their cocks danced with excitement in front of my face I couldn’t help but moan a little and pucker my mouth, inviting them closer as I tried to suck them.
Mike watched his two friends get closer to my now beckoning mouth and soon Rodney slipped his lovely curved cock all the way in, almost choking me. He was too far gone with excitement and after a couple of quick strokes grabbed the back of my head and pumped a big load of sticky semen down my throat. Harold on the other hand was much more in control, he had a huge cock and balls the size of tennis balls and was way too big for my mouth or any other opening into my body. He placed the first couple of inches into my mouth and while gently stroking my hair he casually stroked his cock. It took a few minutes but I could sense him about to cum as his cock stiffened and swelled. When that serpent let go it was like a fire hose shooting into my mouth, I thought I was going to drown as buckets of cum poured from his cock. I eagerly drank the warm salty fluid but the copious amounts overflowed my mouth as it ran down my chin and pooled on the floor. Harold never changed his pace as he continued to stroke his cock and gently stroke my face until he was finished. Mike figured that would hold them for a bit so he had both of them stand behind me so they could watch as he turned my velvety smooth white bottom into an array of thick red welts. Mike selected a nice whippy cane and while tapping it on my bum began asking me questions but no matter how I answered them he would whip me. have you been surfing porn, Yes Mike I answered, whack whack whack owwww, have you been masturbating while chatting with Peter, Yes Mike, whack smack whack crack, owwwwwwww, did you plan this scene for tonight, Oh no Mike I wouldn’t do that, whack whack whack whack whack whack oooooohhhhhhh please Mike, Tell me the truth Jennifer, Yes I am sorry Mike. Mike drew the cane back high, smack smack smack smack smack smack smack whip whip oooooohhhhhh oooowwww and I burst into tears. Did you enjoy tasting my friends cum Jennifer, yes Mike very much, whip whip whack whack smack smack. He handed the cane over to Rodney and told him to give me 6 hard strokes right across the base of my bum and right in the path of my pouting pussy. Rodney licked his lips and laid down 6 hard fast strokes. The first stroke drove the wind out of me and before I could inhale he applied the others in quick succession. I finally was able to scream as I bucked and pulled at my bounds the searing pain across my bottom and my tender pussy lips driving me into orgasm. Rodney’s cock was again at attention and as Mike motioned for him to fuck me from behind he grabbed my hips and easily slipped into my dripping pussy. He pumped like a man possessed, his curved cock working the insides of me in a way I had not felt before, more orgasms followed and soon I could feel another rush of warm sticky fluid filling me. Harold wanted his turn next and Mike reckoned that I should be well lubricated by now to take his cock into me. Harold worked his cock in and out each time going a little deeper and stretching me a little more and after a minute had most of it buried in me. I felt like a stuffed turkey, never has such a monster been in me, pulsating and driving me wild. As Harold took long slow strokes he started to smack the side of my hip with his open hand, working into a rhythm of smack stroke, smack stroke, smack stroke. All I could do was grunt as each stroke caused me to cum until I was having one long intense orgasm. He reached his limit and gripping my hips drove deep into me overflowing my insides with copious amounts of semen. Mike was quite pleased with the event watching his friends being completely satisfied and also getting to see his beautiful young niece gain the experience that she greatly needed.
Harold and Rodney had gone home after a couple of hours and I suspect that their wives were in for a good seeing to when they got home. We retired to the bedroom and after having a long shower we cuddled on the bed for some time. Mike was resting behind me with his erect cock nestled in between my bum cheeks and ever so gently he was stroking it back and forth. I knew what he wanted and even though I was uncomfortable with getting it up my bum I decided that it was my duty to allow him the pleasure he so desperately wanted. I reached between my legs and directed the tip of his cock up against my anus, working it back and forth using the oozing semen to lubricate the tight opening and start its journey inward. Mike stopped me for a moment asking if I was sure about this and without saying a word continued to slide his cock deeper up my bum. Once his cock was all the way up my bum we just rested there for a bit enjoying the moment, me feeling the fullness of it and Mike feeling the tightness of it. Mike rolled onto his back and taking me with him had me sitting with my back to him, he wanted to relax and enjoy watching my bottom slide up and down on his cock. It didn’t take long for Mike to release a large load of semen up my bum and all the while I was teasing my clit until I used up all my orgasms. I moved around to face Uncle Mike and said this was just like the story of the three bears, he said, how so and I replied that Rodney was too small Harold was too big and Mike was just the right size. Mike thought that was pretty funny but for being a smart mouth it did earn me a few more good hard smacks on an already very sore bottom.
I hope everyone enjoys my fantasies, Hugs and sweet Kisses, Jennifer.

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3 years ago
lovely babe, will do one for you
3 years ago
girl it's so good wish i could fuck you. ooooowwwwwweeeeee. lol