My Uncle Mike

This is a fictional story written by Jennifer about my “Uncle Mike”
Saturdays are my day to shop and hang out with my girlfriends, Uncle Mike and his friends watch Football or as I call it, Soccer. When I got back home they were all in a good mood and as I came in they called me into the TV room to ask what I had been up to all day. I told them about all the clothes I bought and Uncle Mike suggested that I give the boys a fashion show. I figured it would be fun and as I changed from outfit to outfit and paraded around flirting with the boys I started to get a little horny. When I was done Mike noticed that I had one more little bag that I had not opened, I blushed and said, Oh Uncle Mike that is from Victoria Secrets and it is only for you to see. Mike laughed saying that the boys would love to see it and suggested strongly that I show it off. There was no changing his mind so I figured if he wanted a show I would give him a show. All it amounted to was a tiny apron, maid’s hat, high heel shoes and from the back I was completely naked. The look on everyone’s face when I strutted into the room was priceless and I made the most of it, rubbing up against all Mikes friends and bending over in front of them to show all my charms. Mike was actually getting a little angry with me but it just made me act more disgraceful, provoking Uncle Mike to give me a real spanking which he hadn’t done for a while. His friends were having a great time and the guys were getting pretty loud when Mike snapped, yelling at me saying that was enough. In one swift move he grabbed my arm and throwing me over his lap starting smacking my bare bottom as fast and hard as he could. The room got real quiet as all the guys focused on my behind getting whacked and Mike forgot about his friends who were watching. Mike was furious, smacking me harder than he ever had before. The heat in my bottom grew quickly, the sting became unbearable but I had been needing a real spanking for a long time and the tears mixed with my smiling face was creating quite an erotic scene for Mikes friends. His broad hand smacking my soft flesh made such a beautiful sound in the room, smack owww, smack owww, smack owwweeee, smack after hard stinging smack, must have been one every second for at least ten minutes. Hundreds of smacks from the top of my hips to the backs of my knees until I was bawling like a baby, wanting him to stop and make wild passionate love to me but also wanting him to continue. I was entering a dream world as the smacks rained down on my upturned bottom, my crying changing into grunts and groans. I was almost disappointed when Mike finally stopped and set me upright on his lap, it was then that he realised the show he had put on for his friends. I buried my face into his neck as I sobbed and wept aloud but soon I was up kissing him deeply and straddling his hips trying to hump him. Mike didn’t know what to do with me, his friends watching this young girl fingering herself and passionately kissing him, oblivious to the spectacle she presented. I knelt on the coffee table with my legs spread, my bum raised as high as I could and looking back at Mike begged him to satisfy me. He looked over at his buddies and they were telling him to finish the show, they wanted to see Mike finish me off but he just couldn’t get into it so he called it a day and sent them home. Once we were alone Mike hauled me up stairs and into the bedroom, sat down on the bed and had me stand in front of him. Mike started scolding me as he said I have a good mind to give you another good spanking but by the look of your bottom you are going to be bruised for a week. Then he got an idea, told me to fetch the long handled bath brush and come back. I stood in front of him again and as I handed him the brush he had me raise my little apron up to fully expose my thighs and pussy. He then had me spread my legs wide apart and started to whack the tender inside of my thighs. The sharp sting was so intense that I Immediately started to whimper and after a few smacks I started to cry a little. Looking down into Mike’s eyes I was pleading for him to stop and make love to me but he just kept smacking away saying just a few more and you will be ready. He was right as usual because as soon as the tears began to flow steady so did the sweet nectar from my dripping pussy. I leaned my head back and looked up at the ceiling lost in the burning sting that was creeping up my thighs and causing my pussy lips to open like a blossoming flower. That was Mike’s clue and while throwing the brush aside he quickly laid me on my back and without missing a step he was on me and in me. It took me by surprise and as he drove his swollen member into me, he was panting like an a****l and had the look of pure lust in his eyes. I wrapped my legs around his lower back, hooked my hands around his neck and held on tight as he thrust his hips like a pile driver. He drove the breath out of me with every stroke and with every stroke we neared orgasm. As I started to cum I could feel Uncle Mike’s whole body stiffen and with one more plunge he pumped his deliciously hot semen deep inside me, pumping until it overflowed. I mentioned to Uncle Mike that this was the hardest he had ever punished me and also the most intense love making we ever had, suggesting that maybe we should have an audience more often. I could see Uncle Mike giving it some thought and said to leave it in his hands because he had some ideas that I would surely enjoy.
I can assure you Uncle Mike has many ideas that he wants to show me.
Thanks for reading this and all my other Fantasies, they are inspired by the people that I write them for.
Hugs and juicy wet Kisses, Jennifer.

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2 years ago
looking forward to your return xxx
2 years ago
super hot!!
2 years ago
fucking lovely!
2 years ago
very imaginative and sexy darling!!!!