Punishment in Dubai Part 2

This Is part 2 of the story written by Jennifer, it is not entirely fiction but based on a recent trip I had to Dubai, the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the challenge is to decide what is fiction and what is not.

Day 2

Morning came early for me as I did not sl**p well from the constant ache in my bottom from the whipping the day before. Charles tried so hard the night before to make me feel better; he spent an hour massaging warm soothing oil into my bottom. He was so gentle and new just what to do, made me think that he had done this many times before. As he massaged my bum I could not help myself but spread my legs apart so he could do the same to my kitty. The Chief of Police had sent specific instructions that I was to be ready at 9:00 a.m. again and wear a black Abaya with nothing on underneath, not even shoes. Charles and Penelope were with me when the driver came to pick me up and both asked if I knew what I was doing, and as they kissed me on the forehead I reassured them that I wanted to see this through.

As I arrived at the Police Station there were two guards waiting for me, they said nothing but e****ted me to another punishment room. Once inside I saw the Chief holding a long vicious looking whip and talking to two very frightened young blonde girls. I could overhear him telling them that he would give them one more chance and to pay close attention to the demonstration that was about to take place because if he saw them again they would get double what I was going to get. As he motioned to the guards to prepare me they turned me around to face a large marble pillar standing in the middle of the room. There was a low adjustable platform to stand on with shackles for your feet and at waist height was pole about 4 inches in diameter and 3 feet long sticking straight out. The guards removed my Abaya, which left me completely naked, had me step up onto the platform and straddling the pole they began to fasten me into place. The blonde girls gasped as the saw my swollen black and blue bottom and as the Chief tapped my bottom with the handle of the whip he again told them they would get double. Once fastened into place the guards started to lower the platform and my pussy began to settle down on to the horizontal post, soon almost all my weight was resting on my clitoris and spread pussy and I was just able to stand on my tippy toes.

The Chief approached me and started to run his hand up and down my back, he gave a grunt and a quick command in Arabic to one of the guards. The guard was gone for just a moment and came back with a much smaller and lighter looking whip; he said that my back would not survive the heavier whip. It was at that moment that I felt that I could trust the Chief fully with my well being and ultimate safety. He flicked the whip in the air a few times to get the feel of it and as I listened to the sound it made I could not help but notice that my pussy was beginning to lubricate the bar between my legs. I was daydreaming and thinking of the pressure on my clit when the first stroke struck my back, then 2,3,4 quickly he whipped my back from left to right as he stood directly behind me. The whipped made a high pitched swish through the air and a light tick sound as it struck me back, at first it felt like a caress and as I arched my back I put more pressure directly on my clit and after about 20 strokes it caused me to give out a little moan of pleasure. That was what he was waiting for so he stepped up the pace and with more f***e I started to squirm around on the post causing some squishing sounds from me getting it very wet and well lubricated. The light whip stung only a little but was leaving long red streaks all over my back, to the untrained person it would appear as though he was killing me but he could tell from my moans and groans and thrashing around that the opposite was true and that I was in fact in the throws of orgasm. I was able to thrust my hips back and forth a few inches and use the pressure of the poll on my clit to drive me into countless orgasms. A few times I was able to look over at the 2 blonde girls, one had her face buried in her hands and covering her ears the other sat there open mouth and staring in amazement at my predicament.

He finally put the whip down and as I hung there exhausted the guards released me from my bonds. They slipped the black Abaya over me and lead me out and back to the waiting car but as I passed by the 2 blondes the Chief was talking to the one girl and she looked to be agreeing to something and knowing his reputation I had a good idea what was going to happen to her. Back in the car and heading back to the Villa the Driver remarked that I looked very pleased with myself and seemed to have a nice glow about me, he also expressed his pleasure to see me again and then handed me another envelope with more instructions for tomorrow.

When I arrived at the Villa Penelope was waiting for me this time. She was anxious to get me upstairs because it was her turn to make me feel better. I was beginning to wonder about these two because they were keeping Tanya very busy with our work and constantly away from the house. I felt that not only did the Chief of Police have me under his spell but Charles and Penelope did too.

Day 3 and part 3 next

Hugs and Wet Juicy Kisses Jennifer
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1 year ago
Pain and pleasure mingle so well in your story. Those of us who are aroused by BDSM feel the sting and the orgasm too.
2 years ago
Part three please ??????
3 years ago
This is a great story. Don't keep us in suspense! It would have been nice to watch what happened to the other two girls, too!
3 years ago
Loving this story

Want more, much, much more :-)
3 years ago
Hugs and Wet Juicy Kisses Jennifer indeed ;)
3 years ago
3 years ago

you are the mistress of erotic stories. I can't wait for more!
3 years ago
again an excellent example of your writing lil'lady
3 years ago
looking forward to what happens to the blondes Girl! Well done very articulate!
3 years ago
Great tasty tale of a strong spell! ;-)P
Wonder whether both blondes will
come (back) in next episode?
3 years ago
can't wait for the next part mmm
3 years ago
A hot and sexy story if ever I read one! Thank you for bringing us this lovely tale - I can hardly wait for part 3.