Captured by Pirates

Held By Pirates

Tanya and I had been trying to keep out of the way of the men on the Pirate Ship ever since we stowed away after they sunk our ship. We had climbed aboard during the night 2 weeks ago, stole some simple clothes so we would dress like men and threw our dresses overboard. The Pirates figured we were just some young boys from the powder magazine and didn’t pay much attention to us but that was not to last.

It was a very humid day with no breeze, the ship was becalmed and one of the Pirates wanted us to help him with a stuck sheet. We were drenched in sweat and the thin trousers and shirts we had on were sticking to us and revealing what was underneath. It was not until I bent over to pick up a gaff and with the trousers pulling up between my legs the soaked translucent material exposed my femininity in all its glory. The Pirate grabbed my arm and with one powerful swipe ripped the clothing from my body, all the while shouting for the Captain and telling the others to grab Tanya.

We were both struggling and completely naked when the Captain exited his quarters and strode across the main deck. He walked up to Tanya first and placing one finger under her chin he lifted up her face to greet his, he then came over to me and did the same, then shouting something in Portuguese the men dragged us back into the Captains Quarters. They threw us down on the floor leaving us alone with the Captain. We were holding on to each other trying to cover ourselves but he wasn’t paying us any attention, he then looked up and started to explain how the next couple of days would go. He basically said that he would ensure our safety even though it is bad luck to have a woman on board but the crew would be allowed to have their way with us. Any perversion that suites their fancy short of letting them kill us or permanently injuring us, if we cooperate we will survive this so it was suggested strongly that we both stand up walk back out onto the gun deck and let them have at us.

While holding hands, Tanya and I crept back out onto the main gun deck and into the middle of about 75 very mean and very horny pirates. They all knew the rules and exactly what they could do and most importantly not do. It was painfully obvious that most of them just wanted to fill us with their semen, both of us on our knees while man after man pumped his engorged penis into our mouths, gagging us with their cum and constantly throwing up. Some of them bent us over gun carriages driving their cocks up into our tight young pussies or bottom hole. For the first day that was pretty much the routine because once we went through all the men they were recharged and ready to go again, we did have a little reprieve for a couple of hours around midnight while most of them slept and the rest kept watch on the ship.

The next day the men seemed to have had their fill of just using us to deposit sperm, they were now more interested in rougher physical treatment. They tied Tanya and I face to face and suspended us from the main yard so that our toes just touched the deck. Two men stood on opposite sides of us and started to whip us with long single tail whips, the vicious tails encircling our bodies leaving long thin welts. For hours the men kept taking turns whipping us and laughing at us but Tanya’s and my mouth were resting against each other and after a while we started to kiss each other, first to comfort each other but then it turned sexual as we actually became aroused. Next we started grinding our pubic mounds into each other in a desperate attempt to get off.

The Pirates seemed to enjoy this show and encouraged us to continue by whipping us harder but the First Mate had a better idea. They released us and moved us over to one of the gun carriages, tying me face down with my legs straddling the breech and tying Tanya face up above me so with her legs hanging down it positioned my mouth right on her pussy. Once we were tied snuggly they began to whip us with a light flogger, whipping my back and hips and Tanya’s breasts and tummy. As we struggled and whimpered it only caused more stimulation for Tanya and soon I was licking at her like a thirsty dog. After about a half hour of this and countless orgasms for Tanya it was now my turn to be face up and Tanya face down. We were by now dripping with our own arousal and leaving a lot of slick smeared fluid all over the gun barrel but back and forth they moved us, each taking turns satisfying the other until we collapsed from exhaustion.

We woke many hours later and could tell from the list of the ship that we were under way in a stiff breeze, but what surprised us was that we had been bathed, scented with perfume and dressed in some very fine French undergarments. We ventured out onto the heaving deck; all the men were busy trimming the sails and attending the rigging. I asked the Captain where we were heading and he replied that we would be dropped off at the next English Colony along the coast. Tanya and I looked at each other with obvious unspoken disappointment and I cautiously asked if maybe we could stay on the ship. The Captain looked at me, contemplating what I was hinting at and then in a loud voice called for the helmsman to come about and set a new course. Aye Aye Captain he yelled back and the crew looking down from the rigging all shouted Aye Aye Captain. What course Captain the Helmsman shouted, an interesting one I can assure you he shouted back and looking at the two of us he smiled and said again an interesting course indeed.

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10 months ago
Very good story, would you like to write one involving some of the interrogation tools in my gallery,, applied to your hot body during a harsh and cruel interrogation, because the evil organisation that kidnapped you suspects you being a spy for the other side? Alas, you are no spy and have nothing to tell them. They don't believe you and the tortures go on and on and on...
1 year ago
good story.. like your writing style
1 year ago
Angelika and pirates

"Get that bitch on deck! Now finally the proud slut gets what he deserves! And the other one too, let them see what it is waiting "

Angelika heard the rough, nepříjernný voice, captain issuing orders to the assembled men, just as loud and clear as if the owner is found next to her, in a small empty cabin below deck. Very well knew that it was Captain de Scart, one of the most feared pirates off the coast of Carolina. Few sailors ever heard of him any good, but who ever saw him with my own eyes, most have then seen anything else. All ships off the coast were constantly on the alert, and if its only saw the schooner Gvendolínu fast, trying to save as they could. In most cases unsuccessfully. Legendary pirate had never taken prisoner, with some exceptions.

Angelika did not know which of the girls he captured with his sailors bring, but she knew that it was about her and her maid. Before the captain managed to conquer their de Scart merchant ship, exchanged clothes with her maid to pirates for a moment confused. Neither of them had no idea what the consequences will be their replacement.

After the conquest of their ships, took all the surviving soldiers and the rest of the passengers in captivity and moved them into the hold on his ship. Their ship was so devastated that it was not fit for sailing. The next day let Captain de Scart to lead all the captives aboard to find out what they are, who gets bold for ransom and who can sell on the market in Tunis slaves.

It could Angelika determine whom Captain de Scatr ever captured. It was the captain of their ship, the first, second officer and several soldiers. For passengers it was Angelika, dressed as a maid, her maid dressed as a lady and two noblewoman with her servants, which Angelika did not know that the board is not.

Once in their examination on board when the captain asked everyone what his name is and where is, with Angelika learned that women are the daughter and wife of the Governor in Costa Rica. Her maid said she was Countess of Toulouse. Captain she did not believe, but it all ended questioning.

There was a rattle of chains, and after that she heard in the din of turns lock with a massive key. Angelika was closed better than any fortress on the coast.

Two whole days that have passed since the moment when their ship was captured, and during that time experienced a horrible, excruciating tension. The whole time she was afraid and yet, as if anxious moments when the captain reflected.

"Get up, come with us on board! The captain wants to talk to you. "He ordered one of the two pirates who came for her. Angelika was not in any way intend to defend ourselves. Without prompting, rose from the bunk on which she sat, and, accompanied by two pirates came aboard. Once Angelika was on the board, she saw that her maid Salima would be standing there with the captain in a live interview. She did not hear what he was saying, but depending on how you looked Salima, it certainly was not a very pleasant conversation.

"Komtesa claims to be from a poor noble family, and that her family has no assets. It's true, "said the captain, when she brought against pirates captain. Unlike what Angelika heard in the hold, her voice captain seemed nice.

"It's true," confirmed Angelika, what Salim said the captain "have a small farm near Toulouse" she added.

"You look at me converse. Both lie! "The captain said. "Such expensive clothes and jewelry that we found in your travel luggage can not belong poor noblewoman of Parcel" raised voice Captain de Scart. "So what really is the Countess," he said in conclusion.

"It's exactly as I said. I come from a poor noble family, which for me not to pay any ransom "she said tearfully Salima. Played very convincingly, she thought Angelika. This way I would not play even me.

"Well, you are a very convincing" the captain said, "but I'm skeptical about human nature, so you try. Flavio 'captain ordered his aide "maid's tie to the mast and take off half her body" and the captain pointed to Angelica, so there was no doubt whom thought.

"Nééééééé! Please néééééééé! "Cried dismay both. Salima screamed in horror while Angelika fear. She did not know what they want to do with it. Flavio pointed to two pirates, who led Angelica and all the time behind her. They immediately grabbed Angelica's hands, and before he could recover, she was dragged to the main mast. Angelika they tried to rip, throwing his whole body and kicking legs, the Pirates had to do to be dragged to the mast. To help, rushed for two more pirates.

"How dare you, you sprosťáci" she shouted at them Angelika "Put me down, you beast!"

Pirates of the cries of her doing nothing. In other words its crew sparked a volley of laughter. Two pirates and one she kept her hands on her wrists bound with rope. Another pirate in the meantime for the rope tugged so lifted Angelique hands up. Yet another pirate took the rope and the other from Angelica resigned.

Her hands men brutally pulled up and tight leather belts strapped to one of the lower and Angelika short side arms to the ground barely reached the tips of his toes. Firmly strapped to the mast of waiting to see what will happen next, and in the spirit of prayer, lest come proryv strong wind, since they would have guaranteed a position in broken arms, or at least dislocated shoulder.

"To see if you speak the truth," said the captain to Salima "you are now watching how Flavio will whip your maid. Get twenty five wounds bičem.pak'll let you take him to the deck and you get time to think. Before we reach the port you want to hear the truth, or I'll have you flogged again. This time, you too, dear Countess. "

At these words jumped Angelica goose bumps all over his body. Now she was certain she will flog. Angelika just hoping it lasts Salima. After all, they flog Angelica and her. Surprisingly Angelika completely ignored by the pain it causes flogging. The captain nodded Flavio.

"Now look at yours bum" said the captain again, who approached her, grabbed her by the hair and threw her head painfully back. And despite her dislike violence pressed her warm kiss on the sweet, sensual lips.

Angelika him spit in his face. De Scart wiped spittle from his face and stepped back a bit from Angelica. Pandemonium on the ship immediately went silent. It was so quiet that had fallen pin, it sounded like a thunderbolt. At that moment, Angelika realized that overshot strongly that something like the captain before his crew not afford. Punishment will follow, she thought.

Was hardly imagine a captain nodded and Flavio from the jacket sleeve wiped spittle.

"Well, gentlemen, I want to see this blonde whore danced?" Then shouted to his crew.

"Jasněééé!" Said choral response.

"In that case, go ahead, Mr. Flavio," cried the captain and called for action by his aide, one of the ugliest and most powerful men at the same time the whole crew.

That to her immediately stepped back and started pulling down her fine clothes that she sent directly from France.

Noooo! ! "Angelica moaned desperately and could not help but cry. At this moment we are not so afraid of what they will do with her, as she regretted the most beautiful clothes that you had to send for Salim. Fortunately She did not show any. Was only a stunned and speechless looking what's wrong with her mistress out.

Reaction Angelica however brutal pirates course zaslavit not only is it wonderfully amused and laughed. Sultry tension created on the ship after the captain Angelika spit, as if magically disappeared. Again, a huge uproar broke out. Pirates had a good time and seemed forgotten how Angelika humbled their captain. Meanwhile, her body disappeared from one piece of clothing after another until Angelika remained completely naked before the eyes of greedy and greedy old, cruel sea wolves.

Everyone, including the captain stared at her, especially on her nice breasts and beautiful light hair between her legs. Angelika naturally could not hinder in any way, nor in any way to hide, she had to leave his position in like everything.

She stood at the mast Angelika naked, Flavio disappeared and Angelika remained in painful expectation of what is now actually going to happen. If by chance she does not expect anything other than the promised flogging. Because the captain was talking about a place to dance and half of her body stripped all my clothes. He soon returned, however, and although Flavio Angelika glimpsed out of the corner of one eye only thing now holding in your hands immediately acquired one hundred percent certainty. Flavio clutched in his hand and a huge handle of a bullwhip, which the guys at home have always said bejkovec. Angelika shivered with terror, but she tried not to know anything about myself. You do not do those vicious bastards happy!

The whip was almost two meters long, and so it was Flavio also built into a distance from her bare back and buttocks. Angelica poured icy sweat. The thought of beating such a monstrous instrument of her maddening. But the thought that the captain figured out how to scam him came up, gave her manhood endure whipping.

But the panic that seized her when Flavio first tentatively flicked his whip in the air, simply could not avoid. After the wound that accompany this activity began to convulse and twitch desperately for leather ties with such force that he nearly broke her wrist.

"Mr. Flavio, please begin." Said the captain, which gave the final command to perform the execution.

Sailor gripped the handle tightly in his right, stronger hands, and swung in earnest for the first time said typical for Angelica terrible whiz and then have approximately the last twenty centimeters whips met with the girl's smooth ass, which is totally unnecessary gripped convulsively. Followed by a breathless pause, when the local disturb peace just whispering crew Angelika and then literally exploded in an inhuman scream of absolute pain, standing closer to some pirates nearly popped in my ears.

"Aááágháááchgrhhh!" Angelika screamed and thrashed again on the spot, while leaping from one foot to the other. Looked as if he began dancing to whip Flavia whistling.

Executor of the verdict, of course, did nothing for her pain and after a brief pause, let the pain subside somewhat, struck again regain full strength of his mighty arms. Angelika cried so hard because she surprised a strong pain he did not expect, because with flogging never met. Was not such a pain intensity ready. The whip left in contact with the delicate skin of her ass indelible trail of blood.

This time he headed Flavio somewhat higher, on her back, where the whip its end drew more frantic bloody ornament. And they hit so well, after all, had in it amazingly long experience and unsurpassed experience, complete with the end of a bullwhip is wrapped around her chest.

Now the Angelika seized unadulterated madness. He was, however, to such severe pain ready. Emitted from itself only low moan. Her face big tears rolled down, the tips of your toes danced along a rough wooden board and tried in vain to soothe terrible burning pain, which had begun to absorb. Of all tried not to show her what a terrible pain, literally absorbs. Even more than the pain, fear, how to respond to her suffering Salima. Although it had a very strong imagination, not in the least could not imagine what would happen if one of them told something.

But it still did not calm down and missed it, there was the same, but this time in a pale blue whip came from the opposite side and accurately and hit one of the swollen nipples. The whole theater was repeated, only with greater intensity girl moan. Angelika same pain now even seen. Before her eyes filled with dark blood-red circles and had what he did, so she could not breathe. Angelika now felt as if she put breasts on hot grill, the whole body was from head to toe, sweaty and shiny, but begging for mercy did not even think of it. Not because I would not want to, but we just were not able utterly to even think anything. The whole turned into a living incarnation of pure pain.

"I think you would be better off, Mr. Flavio," she heard, as if from a distance the captain's voice "dance while they can, but you sing it still did not learn."

After these words the whole crew burst out laughing hurónským. Angelica, however, was not much to laugh. Just after the corner of his eye looked at Salim. The captain stood again beside her on the upper deck.

"Noooo, I nooo!" Angelika cried aloud, finally after a long pause, catch her breath. Reacting to the captain's words. Flavia captain deliberately held somewhat in order to best entertain and to Angelika could enjoy his pain to the full.

"Oh, come on, let's!" Joked skipper loud enough for his whole crew gathered on deck, well heard. These procedures will ultimately serve to strengthen his authority, because this could end at any time and any of its sailors. "Madam does not like it, he's kind of hurts, is not it?" Continued the captain banter.

"I think you're doing wrong, dear Flavio, because others had always sang quite a different tune, right?! So it really nice add, let the bitch will learn what the next act to the captain! "

"No ... nééééé!" tried to stammer Angelika of himself, "please no more!" but it was too late.

Mr. Flavio again raised his arm with a whip and udeřil.Tentokrát it was really not the slightest heed. Still beat it with maximum intensity, but in a slightly faster rate, and alternated different types of strokes and also constantly changing its position and place on the board, so Angelica continuously whipped on all sides, and this time do not miss her dangling breasts and no space between her legs.

Although she might Angelika, the pain was so great that sometimes whip and tear and when hit a particularly sensitive spot, desperately screamed. Her body just hanging by the wrists are constantly swinging in the air exactly as zasazovaných tempo beats.

When he hit it right on Flavio pussy, it seemed that perhaps Angelika jumped two feet high, and of course a terrible scream. Immediately her pussy swollen to bursting, but Flavia and the others only amused, but not stopped. Kotek eye she saw Salima kneeling on the deck, his hands covering his eyes. At that moment, the captain raised his hand and stopped this gesture Flavia flogging. Angelika was able to rest for a minute.

"Not that we are not the deal," she heard, as if from a great distance the captain's sharp voice. "Have a good build, countesses, and you'll watch as your servant has to suffer for you. Rico and Hantre, come here and help our dear Countess. "

Both sailors immediately ran up the stairs on the navigating bridge and stood beside Salimi, one on each side. He grabbed her arm, as if holding a rose and her Piro on their feet. Then she twisted her hands behind her back, so that Salima, willy-nilly, had to look at Angelique's body, which was all dressed up like bloody clothing. When Flavio advocated Angelica blows strong, but he does not breached at any point the skin, so that the bleeding.

After this short break when you Angelika realized how painful must complete flogging, spanking went on with unabated intensity. Wounds intervened thighs, buttocks, some wounds, as if hugging her body and Flavio lapping at the end of the whip in the chest, nipples and sex. Angelika, thanks to the pain that engulfed her whole gradually more and more receding reality. Now truly oblivious world around them, yet they always tried to control to yell hysterically. Only when the end of the whip struck a sensitive point, or nipple to be hair, did not hold and screamed. For a moment she was terribly hot, now cold again. In one moment felt like the orgasm and then again, like really dying. Of all the pain she wanted to pass out, but not salvation fainting not come. Until suddenly came the last brutal blow to the genitals and beating suddenly make the bed.

Her body convulsed with insanely good two masts still missed after receiving the final blow, while Angelika softly moaned and groaned immense pain. After finding out that he does not continue flogged, suddenly stopped and tried to take a deep breath, to catch new strength to fight endless pain and suffering. Then, finally fell into the bottomless depths of merciful unconsciousness and her sweat soaked body remained hanging limply in leather handcuffs at the mast pirate ship.

"I hope that as a lesson in manners, it will be sufficient lesson." He turned to the captain Salim crying.

Salima could not take her eyes now lifeless body hanging from Angelica, which was completely covered with different colored welts across that healthy skin was not even visible.

"Discuss it, and then takes her to the cabin," the captain ordered the crew.

One of the pirates on Angelica threw the whole bucket of water. Angelika twitched, but fully aware, however, did not awaken. The pirates, however, did not matter. Untied her wrists and her body with a mighty thud hit the deck. Her lifeless body immediately seized four pirates, each one ended and carried her by order of the captain to the cabin.

"Let it not happen anything," he shouted after them still captain "or you hit a hundred times worse than her."
2 years ago
Such horny young wenches! More please!
2 years ago
This is still one of my favorite stories here... the possibilities are endless, and a sequel would be nice!
2 years ago
Nice... happy sailing.... when will the sequel be written?
2 years ago
Sexy set-up and lots to learn for
two young girls on the new course?

As a Captain I would have given
the lessons to you two myself! ;-)P
- Pirate poet Pete
2 years ago
mmmmm great scenario... looking forward to the continuation!