The Spankotron 3000

The Spankotron Corporation had taken over the world in 2051 and since then everybody was happy and all is good with the world.

As I was heading out the door of my house my Mother made sure I had a quarter for the Spankotron machine at the Mall, yes Mommy I replied and I am going with Lucy. Mommy was wearing a skimpy nightie and I could see over her shoulder that my Dad was waiting for her and he was holding a cane in his hand, I kissed her on the cheek and told her to have a good time. I met Lucy at her house and she was outside waiting for me, as I approached I could hear the distinct sound of cane meeting bare flesh. I asked Lucy if her Mom was getting it good and she replied oh no it is Daddy’s turn this week and from the sound of it he is getting it real good, we both giggled and headed off to the Mall.

Both of us had made sure that we were dressed appropriately because the Spankotron attendant was very specific on what to wear, white blouse, short tartan skirt, white knee socks and absolutely no panties. If a girl arrived and was not dressed correctly she could be denied use for a week and I for one could not go a week without using the Spankotron 3000 Automatic. As we chatted and walked through the neighbourhood the spring air was full of the sweet sounds of young and old bare bottoms getting whipped.

When we arrived at the Mall there was quite a line up at the Spankotron machine, I was a little disappointed but when we got into line my neighbour Billy was right in front of me and I had a big crush on him. When it was his turn to mount the pedestal to be fastened into place for his whipping I was beside myself for I had a perfect view right between his legs at that gorgeous penis that I dreamed of having inside me. We all have Identification chips planted in us at birth so the machine reads your code and sets itself for your particular likes and I could tell as the machine prepared to whip Billy that he liked it very hard, long and fast. He had set it to cane him from both sides at once and also one up the middle right between his firm buttocks. It was all I could do not to finger myself on the spot as I watched those vicious canes thrash him senseless, it was not proper for a young lady to masturbate in public but it was OK for the boys to jerk off because they could not help it.

When it was my turn the attendant had to come over and snap me out of my dream world, I had not even realized that Billy had already ”cum” and gone, damn I thought to myself and I missed that lovely penis squirting its heavenly fluid. I was a little dizzy when I mounted the platform because I didn’t pay attention to the access screen asking me if I wanted to make any changes. I pushed yes and then increased the time and the severity, it came back and asked if I wanted to be secured because of the increased severity and I pushed yes. Lucy could see this and was trying to get my attention to get me to stop but I was still not thinking clearly. The last prompt asked for an implement and I picked the horse whip, it came back asking to confirm my choices and I pushed yes. Well it was too late to go back now, the machine started to change shape to accommodate the bigger area to swing the horse whip, leather straps sprung out from the platform to secure me into place, a gag was stuffed into my mouth and lastly it spread my legs wide apart so the whip could find every little spot.
I finally realized what was happening but was no longer able to reach the shutdown button, the machine figured I knew what I was doing and in a few seconds it was going to show me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the lunging whip attached to the mechanical arm, I closed my eyes gritted my teeth and wack. Holy smokes did that sting, I was used to getting a nice hand spanking until my bottom was pink and then hurry home to masturbate. Swish WACK oh my goodness this can’t be happening, SWISH WACK ooooooh that was even harder, tears started to well up in my eyes. SWISH WACK SWISH WACK SWISH WACK, I was trying to cry out but the gag just muffled it into nothing. A crowd had started to gather to see what crazy person would pick a horse whipping and when they saw it was just a small young girl everyone got very excited. SWISH WACK SWISH WACK SWISH WACK, the tears were pouring out of my eyes running down my nose and dripping on to the platform, but at the same time my pussy was also dripping having been lathered up watching and dreaming about Billy. This also did not go unnoticed to the crowd or the attendant, upon seeing that he figured that surely I was enjoying the whipping so there was no need for concern. SWISH WACK SWISH WACK SWISH WACK, OOOOOHHHHH I moaned, my hips and bottom were one thick mass of welts and then it stopped, I thought good it is over but no the machine was changing direction, it was turning me so it could whip vertically, catching the inside of my legs and then right up the middle. The speed picked as it resumed its assault on me, SWISH WACK SWISH WACK SWISH WACK SWISH WACK, my legs were shaking uncontrollably, I was crying so hard and the pain was constant now without even the slightest reprieve. I thought it could not get any worse until the first stroke directly to my pussy lips, well the scream that emitted from my little lungs and penetrated the gag could be heard throughout the mall. The whip struck a good dozen times causing me to scream and scream but that all changed as the pent up sexual energy was released in one long powerful orgasm, I actually could not breath as every muscle in my body tightened and every sexual nerve fired. Little did I know that the Spankotron 3000 is designed to detect this and assumes that its job is complete, it shut down returned to its default state and released me from the platform. Even though it released me I still could not move and had to be assisted off the machine with the help of Billy who had returned to watch when he heard what was going on, he whispered in my ear as he carried me down how impressed he was and how he would love to start seeing me.

He sat down on one of the Mall benches and cradled me on his lap, we had to wait for Lucy to have her turn to get spanked and as we watched I could feel Billy’s huge penis stiffening under my hot swollen bottom. I turned to look into his eyes and he smiled saying when we get back to my place he would teach me what to do with it and how we would have so much fun playing with it.

The World is a better place thanks to the Spankotron 3000.

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1 month ago
Whoa that was different :O
Had my fingers in my panties with all those swishes and whacks going on :)
Phew I am soooooo wet
Zoe xxxx
We need a spankotron 3000 at home NOW :)
5 months ago
I hadn't thought a story about a machine giving out spankings could be so hot. I can see it happening in front of my eyes right now. Especially the last part where the whip is directed between your lips and up against your pussy. I wonder how many times it would bite down between those lips and onto your delicate clit.

If I were Billy I would take very good care of those sore areas of yours and make sure it is treated well with my own special ointment.
10 months ago
I masturbated reading my own story.
10 months ago
Every amusement arcade should have such a machine?? Great story!!
2 years ago
A great fantasy story...made me smile and appreciate your imagination.
2 years ago
Haha it's a wonderful Brave New World ahead. I do hope you and Billy will be happy together.
But I'm still distrustful and concerned about the benevolent corporate theory.

Thanks for the well written story.
2 years ago
Excellent as ever.
2 years ago
Far seeing Jenny reveals the future of
sexual education: first flogging and let get
the hormones take hold of you, before horny
mating might make one come like in the old days,
as at the start of the 3rd millenium.

Intercourse in interstellar times
and orgasms on order to take away.

Who would bother to come back
to that tasty tradition of mating?

Well, I'm old fashioned enough! ;-)P - poet Pete