Punished for speeding

Punishment For Speeding
I had been driving for 2 full days now trying to cross the country and get to the coast, I was tired, hungry and horny hardly stopping for more than a few minutes to gas up and grab a quick bite, so it was understandable that I didn’t see the speed limit sign as I entered the next town. The flashing blue and red lights in my mirror woke me up as I pulled over to the side of the road to await the Police Officer. A handsome older Sheriff walked up to my window and asked me to join him in the Patrol car and to bring my license and registration with me.
As I was walking back to his car I didn’t realize that the setting sun behind me was lighting up my skimpy summer dress and making me appear virtually naked, it didn’t help that I had dispensed with my bra and panties hours ago. He made no indication as to what he had just seen but it helped change the outcome of the traffic fine. The first thing I started to say was how sorry I was and as I talked quickly trying to explain the last couple of days I blurted out that I was tired, hungry and horny. He looked at me with a little grin and I froze, did I just say that out loud I asked him, smiling he nodded yes. Gawd I was so embarrassed that I blushed from head to toe and to make matters worse I hadn’t noticed until then when I put my head down that when I slid into the Patrol car my dress had caught on the seat belt holder and pulled it right up past the tops of my thighs. All I could say was uh, I, oh, damn, but he was quite calm about the whole thing and said he would e****t me to Rosie’s Bar and Grill, get me something to eat and put me up in a room there for the night, he then said he would see me in the morning to settle up the traffic fine.
Rosy was a nice older Lady and knew the Sheriff well; at that point I didn’t know his name until she called him Jim. After he saw to it that I was in good hands he left, then I confided to Rosy that there was no way I was going to be able to afford to pay the fine. Rosy smiled at me and held my hand saying not to worry things have a way of working out, you’ll see. As I made my way to my room I thought I can’t afford this room or the fine but maybe I could work for Rosy to pay off my debt it would just take me longer to get to the coast. I mean what else could I do, a young pretty girl with no skills what other options could I have. I didn’t think about it long because I was asl**p as soon as my head hit the pillow.
Morning arrived as it always does and as I lay looking out the little Motel window I felt quite refreshed and after having a shower, changing into a clean cute short summer dress I headed down to the Café for a much needed coffee. The site of the Patrol car put a knot in my tummy and as I entered the Café I could see Sheriff Jim, sitting there drinking coffee and reading the paper. He looked up from his paper and motioned for me to join him at the table and as I sat down I could see the ticket book laying there open to my ticket. He asked me how I was, if I had a good sl**p and other basic chatter that I was not really paying attention to until he said that giving me a ticket would not really teach me anything. That made my ears perk up thinking I would get out of it but he looked at me saying that if I was his daughter he knew what would teach me a lesson more than a ticket. There was an eerie silence between us as I contemplated what he was suggesting and then in a quiet quivering voice I said, are you proposing a spanking to cover the ticket. He sat there smiling not saying anything letting my mind run wild. Again I started to stammer, but how, where, when, why, he stopped me and in a soft but stern tone explained just exactly why this is what I needed to learn respect for the road. He didn’t wait for an answer but simply took me by the hand and led me back to my motel room.
Once inside the room he had me remove my panties and turn to face the foot of the bed. He had such a strong presence about him that I was unable to refuse his demands. The foot of the bed had a simple bar from one side to the other and happened to be just at waist height, I don’t know if this was on purpose or by accident but it was at the right level as he leaned me over it until my face was on the bed. He told me that he was going to tie me to the rail and explained it was for my own good because he did not want me moving around during the “lickin”. I repeated the word “lickin” in the tone of a question and he replied yes dear a “lickin” good old fashioned bare bottom lickin with a thick leather belt, not a mere spanking. I was speechless, my mind whirling with all kinds of images and as I could feel him lashing me to the rail and tying my hands behind my back I was reminded that I had forgotten to see to one thing last night and that was my horny aching pussy. The next couple of things took me by surprise, as he placed a gag in my mouth and then f***ed my legs wide apart tying them to the corners of the bed I tried to struggle and protest but to no avail as I was well secured by then. I was now very aware of my predicament, completely exposed to his eyes and my horny pussy betraying me by actually leaking a couple of droplets of my slippery lubricant, this did not go unnoticed by Sheriff Jim as I heard him mumble to himself and then stroke a finger up the length of my pussy. This made me jump and he remarked, well well well, this is interesting, you had mentioned by accident that you were horny but now I am beginning to realize that it wasn’t by accident. If I could have said anything I would have explained that it was a slip of the tongue and I didn’t mean to say it but then I heard him say in a rather impatient tone that it was time to get down to business and whip this pretty bottom good.
Jim stepped to the side and picked up a heavy belt the likes of which I have never seen, it was jet black, thick, wide, stiff and as he swung it through the air to get his rhythm it made a frightening whooshing sound. But I was not anywhere prepared for the first strike, WHUP it struck hard right in the middle of my bottom, so hard it knocked the bed into the wall. Before I could react another WHUP and another WHUP, Jim was applying them every second, WHUP WHUP WHUP WHUP, all I could do was emit a groan through the gag in my mouth. The beating continued with every stroke knocking the bed into the wall and the sound, that chilling heavy sound of hard thick leather beating soft supple unprotected female flesh mixed with my groans. It was a symphony of sound and little did I know that on the other side of the wall was Rosy masturbating at a furious rate listening to what she felt was music to her ears, envious of my dilemma wishing it was her. Sheriff Jim swung the heavy belt with more determination now as the welts grew and thickened, the strokes progressed down the backs of my legs finding the even softer inner thigh area making me squeal in a high pitched tone, WHUP WHUP WHUP WHUP. On and on it went, I could no longer see as my tears clouded my vision and soaked the bed under me, the fine was going to be one hundred dollars so Sheriff Jim decide one stoke for every dollar, WHUP WHUP WHUP WHUP , it seemed endless . At 50 I felt like I would pass out at 75 I was delirious and when 100 strokes finally fell I was swollen crimson and purple from my waist down to my knees on the inside and outside of my legs. I could not move, my ears were buzzing my body on fire, I could never have imagined such pain, but Jim was not finished he leaned up against my beaten hind quarters and with a quick stab plunged his iron hard penis deep into my belly. I didn’t know what to think as he ravaged me and used my pussy for his gratification; it took but seconds as I could feel copious amounts of hot semen pump up into my belly as he held onto my hips until he was satisfied.
Jim took his time straightening out his uniform and putting everything away as I lay there watching his every move and slowly coming around to reality. He finally released me from my bonds and helped me to my feet my dress sliding down over my hips and covering some but not all of his handy work. I was quite unsteady and lite headed from my ordeal and as he held me I could feel his cum dripping out of my pussy and running down my leg. He knelt down and started to wipe it up and the stroking motions on my clit was all I could take as a massive orgasm engulfed me, I shuddered and shook and almost fell over but he held tight and teased my clit extracting orgasm after orgasm until I slumped in his arms. It took a while for me to gain my composure as we made our way back down to the Café were Rosy was waiting for us, She had made breakfast for us and as I stood to eat mine, because sitting was out of the question, Sheriff Jim said that since my debt to the town was paid in full I would probably want to continue on my journey. I stopped and thought about it for a moment and then with a sheepish grin asked if maybe I could stay in town for a few weeks or months so Sheriff Jim could teach me more about road safety. Jim smiled at me and said eat up your breakfast we still have a couple of hours before you have to checkout of the room, and I have a lot to teach you.

The End
Story by Jennifer

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4 months ago
great work! Got me going, wet as hell
9 months ago
That was a very sexy read :))))))))))))
Oh how I have felt that belt mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Zoe xxxxxx
1 year ago
wow.. that was intense . luved it
1 year ago
Loved it - wish I could be Sheriff Jim - made me hard and horny too.
2 years ago
Thankyou Jenny.
That was a realy good story. Made me very wet. Now where is that town, I think I need to visit the Sheriff... ;0)
2 years ago
so fucking hot wow
2 years ago
sexy and naughty.

A lovely busty blonde lactating sheriff spanking her horny hot buns would have been even more sexciting! And getting her tight bald pussy fucked with the female sheriff's patrol baton sticking out of her tight sheriff woman's bald pussy ! And sucking busty milky sheriff's bra-buster milkers to the last milk drop!
Making me so wet hot pink horn just thinking about that!
2 years ago
Hurray, Jennifer, great story! You certainly have a way of making a spanking sound so sexy and hot. Loved this story.
2 years ago
Absolutely lovely Darling! xxxxx
2 years ago
Nice one Jenny!
2 years ago
hmmm...love your stories!!
2 years ago
Excellent as always, Jennifer!
I wonder what more your burning bums can bear.
Curious for the continuation and the role of Rosy.
2 years ago
realy good realy enjoyed it,anymore?