when we met

Here is my attempt to write everything we have done so far.
will try to include as many details as I can as that is one
of your
requirements. Here goes:

We met because I had finally had enough of being frustrated
and went online
to see if I might meet someone interesting. Of the 37 messages
I got after
I joined, you were the most interesting to me. So I wrote
you a short
message inviting you to contact me if you want to. You did
and asked
me to share some more info about me such as my physical
description, and some of my thoughts on why I am submissive.
I asked you to
do the same and share some of your history which you did.
Then you asked me !
to write about one of my experiences as a slave. Then I asked
you for one
of your stories. By the way, I don't think I have even
accessed the alt.com site since we met. Interesting.

It was a few days later and we were chatting. You told me to
wear no
underpants, and put my left foot up on the seat as I drove
around for work.
And to play with myself but not to cum. I did just as you asked
and then
wrote to you or chatted with you about it. It was a very humbling

experience; which I believe is just what you had wanted
it to be. As I wrote earlier, at first I felt a little embarrassed
by doing that. But as I got used to it, it felt empowering---to
do whatever I wanted with myself, pleasure myself, whatever
and not care who saw.

The next day we were chatting and decided to meet. At first
you had talked
about the possibility of meeting in a park if your daughter
was feeling
better. It turns out she was so your son watched her while
you came to meet
me. You said I should wear long pants, boots and a shirt with
no bra. We
didn't have very much time because I had to pick up my
k**s but we did go
for a short ride. We met at the HEB parking lot near my house
then went
north on 281, East (I think) on Bulverde and somehow back
to 281. During
the ride, you reached down and felt my legs three times.
And twice, you
reached back and pinched my nipple. You also talked about
putting me on
your motorcycle naked with my wrists tied to the armrests.
All of that got
me to squirming....and you noticed how squirmy I was. When
you brought me
back to my car, you opened the storage bin on your motorcycle
and showed me
a small case where you keep all your supplies. I got totally
wondering what might be in there and wished there had been
time for you to
show me everything. I was very curious about the types of
items you might be using with me.
We chatted again that night and it was then that you told
me that I am not to orgasm until you decide I should.

I obeyed your orders even though it was very hard and you
tried hard to torment me. You said i could touch myself but
to stop before I cum. Stopping was so hard to do but I did it.
And you were pleased with that.

We didn't see each other the next day but made a tentative
plan to meet after my training class the following day.
So, I called you from the gym and it was raining. You had a
great idea to take my shirt off and tie my
hands and let me stand in the rain and let the water run down
my body. Meanwhile you would be nice and dry under and umbrella
and pinch my nipples. Unfortunately by the time I was able
to get away, the rain had stopped but that didn't stop
us. I called you from the shopping center at 1604 and 281

and you gave me the directions to pick you up. Your wife's
car was being worked on so you had no wheels that day. When
I got to your neighborhood, I didn't turn in time so
you called me and gave me the directions again. I
found you walking along the street, carrying your umbrella
and your black case. You were wearing a white adidas shirt
and jeans (I think).

You gave me directions of where to turn as I was driving out
of town. After
a short time of driving you opened your! box and pulled out
a length of
chain. You were so nonchalant about it; it was like you were
just reaching
for a kleenex or something. And we kept talking. After a
few more minutes
you reached over and placed the chain around my neck and
secured it with a
padlock. You then said I should address you as Master. After
a few more
minutes of driving, you reached over and unbuttoned my
shirt. You told me
to lean forward and you unhooked my bra. Then you reached
into your supply
kit and took out the nipple clamps. I was trying to see them
but you said
to just keep driving. At first you played with my nipples
and pinched them.
About this time, you noticed a dirt road and told me to turn
there. I
said, 'OK'. Opps, not the right response. You
reminded me that I am to
say, 'Yes, Master' by briefly tightening the
chain around my neck. That
worked well as a reminder I might add. All the time you are
doing this I noticed you were taking your time; not in any
hurry to stop driving or get me all tied up. You were drawing
out the capture phase. And all the while I was wondering
what you were going to do next and looking forward to whatever
it was. I liked what you were doing and wanted more and more
and more.

I turned on that road and found it to be a housing development.
There was no one around but it just wasn't secluded
enough. And it turns out, we were not alone. As I turned the
car around, we met another car also checking out the development.
You asked if I had made eye contact with the driver and the
answer was no. You thought that was pretty funny. I found
it pretty hot that you were amused.

Then after we got back out onto the road, you attached one
of the clamps to my right nipple. What a nice feeling; the
tightness and the constant pressure. Then you slowly attached
the other clamp to my left nipple. You occasionally touched
my nipples, sending shock waves all through me. All this
time while we were driving around, you would occasionally
touch my hair or my face or my legs. At some point one of the
clamps had slipped off my nipple and you just removed the
other one.

Finally, we found a road where we could get off the main road.
We drove
about 1/2 mile up that road and found a place to stop the car.
There were
trees around and a fence. You put the long chain in my lap
and told me to
turn off the car and to stay in the seat. You got a few items
from your
case then got out and came around and opened the car door
and led me out.
You then said, "c'mon." and you reached
for something. Silly me; I thought
you were going to take my hand to lead me away from the car.
Turns out, you
were reaching for the chain so you could lead me. I can't
even begin to tell you how much I was turned on by that. I have
never been lead around by a leash or chain and it was so great.
I was trying not to think about anything---even trying
not to guess what you were going to do next. I believed then
and know now that waiting for you to do something is way better
than guessing what it will be.

We walked about 15 or 20 feet away from the car and stood under
a tree. Then you removed my shirt and bra and laid them over
a tree branch. You removed my sunglasses and put them somewhere.
You told me to stand with my feet wide. Then you took the long
lead chain and put it between my legs,
up my back and over my shoulder then attached it to itself
with some sort of
clip. Then you walked around behind me and told me to put
my hands behind
me. You then cuffed my wrists together. After that you took
a few moments
to gently stroke the skin on my back and arms and neck and
face with your

You walked back around in front of me and kissed me several
times then
placed a blindfold on me. Then you asked me if I wanted to
suck your cock.
My reply was 'Yes, please, Master.' You told me
to get down on my knees and
you helped me to get there. And to tell you the truth, I could
hardly wait to get you into my mouth. Then you freed your
cock from your pants and told me to suck it. I got it wet with
my tongue and mouth then began to
suck it. You later said you were surprised and pleased that
I was able to take all of it in. After sucking it and moving
my head faster and faster, you stopped and pulled away saying
I don't deserve your cum yet. You hid your cock away
again and told me to stand. You helped me up, then you took
off the
blindfold. You led me by the chain again to stand next to
a small picnic table. It was under a tree. You told me to bend
over and put my head on the table. You left me there for a moment
or two before you did anything. I pretty much knew what was
about to happen but the waiting for it and how you were going
to do it added to the excitement of it all. Then you began
spanking me on one cheek only. After many spanks, you stopped
and touched my back some more and talked to me gently. All
of a sudden you began spanking the my other cheek. After
those spanks you held the chain in your hand and told me to
stand up. You used the chain to help pull
me up to standing. You kissed me several times more. Then
with the chain you led me back to the car; stopping at the
tree to get my clothes.

When we were standing in front of my car you took the chain
off my neck and
the handcuffs and told me to put my arms over my head. You
put the cuffs
back on then told me to lay back on the hood of my car and rest
my arms over
my head. You touched my stomach and breasts - so very gently.
At least
gently until I failed to call you Master when I answered
on of your
questions. My reminder was a hard pinch to my left nipple.

Then you got out a vibrator and used it on my nipples, then
you slowly moved
down my belly toward my clit. You u! sed the vibrator through
my jeans for a
short time. Then you stopped, unzipped my jeans and told
me to stand up.
You helped me up then you pulled my jeans down over my hips
and told me to
lie back against the car again. Then you stimulated my clit
through my
underpants. You knew it wouldn't take very long before
I was ready to have
an orgasm. And two or three times you brought me just to the
edge but
stopped before I could go over. I knew you were planning
to tease me a lot but not let me cum. You had said you weren't
going to let me that day but I found myself begging for it
anyway. However, you prevailed and denied it.

Suddently you stopped; put the vibrator away and told me
to stand up. You walked
back around to the car door and told me to pull up my pants.
Then you took
the cuffs off of me and said we were leaving and to put my clothes
back on.
You seemed to be rather amused by the look on my face when
you told me to
get dressed. I couldn't believe it. You were just going
to stop like that!!! NOOOOOOOO

After that we drove away and drove around the area for a while
until I
returned you to your neighborhood. I then went on home.
We talked later
that night about our meeting and made a t! entative plan
to meet on Monday.
And you reminded me of my duty to not cum until you let it happen.

You told me to use the vibrator you left for me as I drove to
my class on
Monday. I did as you said. I was so ready to cum. after talking
with you
over the weekend and touching myself, you had me so ready
to explode. The part where I was required to pinch my nipples
every time I thought about sex was most hard to take. I don't
know if I kept thinking about sex so I could pinch myself
(I have always loved the feeling of my nipples being pinched).
Or was I just so turned on that I couldn't help but think
about sex? I called you after class and we made a plan for
you to come to my house. I told you to come any time after 11:30.
You arrived and we put your motorcycle in my
garage with my white car out in the driveway. We hadn't
even gone into the house yet when you ordered me to strip
naked. I did and left my clothes on the floor. After several
kisses you placed a blue collar aound my neck and attached
a chain. Then wound the chain between my legs and over my
and attached it with a clip. You left very little slack in
the chain between my legs but made it just loose enough so
that I couldn't get off by rubbing against the chain
as I walked.

You told me to pick up my clothes and we went into the house.
Then you got out the nipple clamps. This time, you added
some weighted rings to the chain. When I saw that I didn't
know what to think as I had never had extra weight added.
To spare me a little pain, you placed the clamps not right
on the nipple but a little behind it. It was heavy and i felt
the pull on my nipples. Now that I know, I believe I prefer
the feel of the clamps and the weight of the chain that comes
with it. But if you find you want to add weight in the future
so be it. After all, you are Master - not me.

You walked behind me and placed handcuffs on my wrists.
You blindfolded me and then used white rope to tie my arms
together. You told me to get down on my knees next to the couch.
But before I went down you took the clamps off my nipples.
Then you tied my ankles together. The next thing I knew,
I was feeling something lightly slapping at my nipples.
You asked if I knew what it was but I didn't. You told
me then that it was your belt.Then I
knew what was coming next. You told me to bend over and put
my head on the couch. You gently moved my hands up a little
- away from my ass- and used the belt to spank me on one! of
my ass cheeks. After several stinging spanks you stopped
and touched my back and rubbed my sore ass with your palm.
then started in with the spankings on the other ass cheek.
You could hear me cry out a little with each blow. When you
were finished, I thanked you for the spanking and for the
mercy you showed me.

It was about that time when the doorbell rang - dammit! You
were very swift about taking everything off of me so I could
grab my robe and run to the door. It was the glass repair guy.
He asked for my keys so he could fix
the car window. So I got the keys and on my way back to the door,
you told
me to come and you put the clamps on me. Wearing the clamps
under my robe
while talking with the repair guy was so totally hot!

When I returned to you, you told me to take off my robe and
you put the blue
collar back on me. Then you told me to get the vibrator. It
was in my gym
bag. I got it and knelt before you. You ! told me to give it
to you. At
first, I wouldn't but then handed it over. I knew the
torment that you had
in mind for me.

You began with my nipples then moved down to my clit. But
before you did you could see me wiggling and trying to get
some stimulation from my robe on the floor. It didn't
take long before I was ready to cum. And you knew just when
to stop!!!! Then you told me to take out your cock and you
would teach me how to suck it properly. I was so eager to learn
because as a slave I want to much to please you. I know that
one of my duties to you is your pleasure. You told me to hold
the base tightly with one hand while I use my tongue and thumb
on a spot just under the head.

We were interrupted again by the glass repair guy. He was
finished and wanted to be paid. I was still wearing the collar
around my neck. As I began to remove it you reminded me that
you didn't tell me to take it off. I had to pull my robe
up tightly around my neck but the collar still showed. It
was humiliating yet exciting. I wondered if the glass guy
noticed the collar or could tell I was uptight about something.

All the time you were here I kept wondering what was going
to happen to me next. I didn't care. I knew you had a plan
and I trust you. You asked me to take you to our guest bedroom.
You told me to remove my robe and lie down on the bed. You then
tied each wrist to the bedpost. The first one was a little
loose so you had to retie it. After that you placed a blindfold
on me and began touching my body. To be honest, I can't
remember which part of me you were touching; it just felt
like you had my whole body in your hands...every square
inch of me was ready and wanting more of you. The memory gets
a little fuzzy here.....I know that at some point you removed
the bindings and blindfold and laid on the bed beside me.
You brought me to orgasm with the vibrator three times before
you actually entered me. I believe I was still blindfolded
the first time you pushed yourself inside. I like the sensory
deprivation as it makes the other senses work a little harder.
I'm sure that's also part of your plan.

You were so deep into me. I could feel the head of your dick
all the way up to my cervix. The position we were in, which,
by the way is one I've never been in before, made it possible
for you to have access to all of me. You were touching my face,
my stomach, pinching my nipples. It was soon that I experienced
my first vaginal orgasm. And what a feeling that was. You
stopped in order to give me time to just savor the orgasm.
And I did. It was like nothing I've ever felt before.
It started in my toes and shot up through my legs and out the
back of my head. I remember nothing after that except that
I got to have another one with you inside me. So wonderful.
You have no idea how grateful I am to you for those orgasms.
So different than the clitoral ones. Wave after wave after
wave of pleasure. I suppose you have figured out that I hope
to get some more of that.

I then showered until you joined me. Then we spent a lot of
time talking before you had to go pick up your daughter.
It was nice to just talk about where we are coming from; what
we hope for in life. I do remember the talk but I must say,
my head was reeling from the orgasms so I may not remember
the details.

When you left, you gave me permission to orgasm as often
as I like for that day and night. And I did. Late afternoon,
I laid down for a short nap but took care of myself first.
Just thinking of you and replaying what we had done. I must
say it didn't take long before I was cumming. I used
the vibrator once and my fingers the other time.

Since then, I have been totally 'ON'. Thinking
of you a lot and enjoying what we have done together. As it
turns out, the permission I had for orgasm was only for that
day and I found myelf in violation of one of your orders.
So, now I am working on the punishment you gave me and am awaiting
any other punishments you might give for that. I also have
gotten into trouble because I was a little (no, a lot) slow
about remembering my place and not addressing your properly.
The discipline you will teach me will only help me to be a
better slave for you and a better person. Thank you, Master,
for your discipline and for your attention to me and my needs.
I think we are going to be great together and i hope you will
feel comfortable sharing with me some of the thoughts in
your head. I want to help you realize some of your fantasies.
Please let me.
94% (16/1)
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1 year ago
Wow very explosive. Enjoyed you story very much
1 year ago
Oh wow that is so hot!
1 year ago
Very well written
4 years ago
excellent i can not believe that nobody has said how good your stories are