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Why I Enjoy Pornography

I enjoy and appreciate pornography. Not all, I positively detest anything to do with paedophilia and the abuse of c***dren. a****ls, extreme pornography and bodily fluids are also a big hate of mine.

What I enjoy is light bondage. Enjoying the photos of ladies being bound and gagged, and strangely enough, crossdressers also bound and gagged. The best photos I feel are the amateur ones. Everyday females and males happily tied up for the camera, not worrying about their body shape or maturity.

It's strange as I myself have never had the pleasure of being tied up and gagged, or even crossdr... Continue»
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[Story] The Enjoyable Robbery

This a story I had published on a different site under a different name. Please enjoy.

I approached the adult store with my girlfriend's words ringing in my head, "Pick me up something for me to play with when your not here, and don't be embarrassed, everyone visits these store". I had been with Jenny for a few months now and she certainly wasn't like any other girls I had been with before; confident, self assured and extremely sexual. She had taught me a thing or three!! Little did I know this shopping trip would be another part of my education.

I opened the door to the non-descript ... Continue»
Posted by spankedpvcboy 2 years ago