Random Dream.

So my horoscope said to write down my dreams. So here's one I had the other night.

It started as a nigh of me, Rich and Courtney drinking at my place. We are sitting on the couch watching something lame on tv, talking and drinking. I'm sitting between Rich and Courtney with my back more towards Rich. I notice that he's more d***k than he normally gets when the three of us hang out. I realize this when he starts rubbing my back. He is very discrete about it so Courtney doesn't notice. Courtney is in a whole other world watching whatever is on the tv. So I think screw it and lean back into Rich and cuddle with him. He puts his arm around me and rests his hand on my belt buckle. We sit like this for a few minutes until Courney moves. We flinch and pull away from each other. Courtney leaves the room to get another drink. While she's out of the room Rich takes my hand and puts it on his cock and says he wants me. I give it a quick squeeze as I hear the fridge shut in the other room. Courtney comes back into the room, drink in hand even though she is already pretty tipsy. She walks in front of the two of us and decides to sit on my lap with her legs towards Rich. I ask how she's feeling. She says a little d***k and kinda curious. Rich asks what she means by curious. She goes on telling us she's never had a bi-curious experiance and kinda wants to see what it's like. Then she leans down and kisses me. At fist I try to pull away because I know she's d***k and I don't want her to do something she'll regret but when she doesn't let up I just go with it. I feel a hand on the back of my head and my pony tail being pulled a little. But then hand is pushing my face hard into Courtney's. I know it's rich without even looking. The kiss that seemed to last forever but finally broke. I can see a flush across the top of Courtney's chest. Rich asked how she liked it. Courtney doesn't reply, she just leaned in for another kiss. I have on hand on the small of her back, I reach up and cup her tit with my free hand, she starts to kiss me harder. The next thing I know our hiss is broken apart. Rich has me by the hair and pulled us apart. Still pulling my hair he kisses me. Courtney looks on. Rich breaks from me and goes to try to kiss Courtney but she pulls awy and tells him she's not really into fooling around with him. She wants to experiment with me. At this point in time I suggest that we all just go up to my room. They both agree. We climb inot my bed. Courtney and I start making out again. Rich is on the right side of me, he starts kissing the back of my neck and down my shoulder. I reach over and slide my hand into his pants and fell his rock hard dick. He stops kissing me and pulls my pony tail to break me away from Courtney. He removes my hand from his pants and lifts my shirt over my head then removes his won shirt. I look over at Courtney, she's staring at my bra covered tits. I slide my hand down her back then up under her shirt and ever so slowly slip her shirt over her head. By this time my pussy is soaked. Rich climbs off the bed and removes his pants. He says his dick is too confined in his pants. I have no complaints and Courtney barely notices because she is still too busy staring at my tits. She reaches around and unhooks my bra. I let it fall off my shoulders and throw it across the room. She reaches back and unhooks her bra and throws it with mine. I see Rich pumping his dick hard standing at the foot of the bed loving the sight of two pairs of tits. I lay Courtney down and climb on top of her. I lean down and kiss her. Then I move down kissing her neck, shoulders, and chest. I take one nipple into my mouth and start sucking, lightly biting. I feel Rich's hands on my ass. He starts to slide my pants off. They come off quickly. He has easy access to my cleanly shaven cunt and tight asshole. He starts to lick my pussy lips. I move one hand down to Courtney's pussy and start rubbing her pussy over her pants while still sucking on her nipples. She's squirming around from the pleasure. I sit up and slowly slide her pants off. I lean back down and kiss her. I start kissing down her body. I stop to bite and suck each nipple. Then start kissing down her stomach. I stop right above her clit. She's arching her back, I know exactly what she wants but I tease her. I kiss the insides of her thighs. I feel Rich start to rub his cock against my pussy. I wait for him to enter my tight pussy. I then begin my assult on Courtney's pussy. She's so wet. I like the lips then move to her clit alternating between licking and sucking. I slide one finger into her tight cunt and start finger fucking her slowly. She starts to moan. I add another finger. When I do this she pushes my head hard inot her pussy, I know that means she'll be cumming in a matter of minutes. I start to finger fuck her harder. Rich sees that and starts fucking me to the same rhythm I'm finger fucking Courtney. She arches her back. i start licking her clit faster. I feel her pussy clench down on my fingers. I take my fingers out of her when she stops cumming then lick her clean. Rich says he's close to cumming. I tell him to fuck my ass. I bury my face into Courtney's pussy as he enters my ass. He starts pumping fast and hard within minutes he's cumming. When he starts going soft he pulls his dick out of my ass. I turn towards him and kiss him, he licks Courtney's pussy juice off my face. I then give him my fingers and he licks them clea as well. He dresses and leaves. Courtney is sound asl**p. I throw a t-shirt on and pull the over over top of us.

Not a true story but I'd love for it to happen
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2 years ago
God I wish this was true. I'd love to fuck you and Courtney at the same time.