Dinner with stepdaughter

We had agreed to go out to dinner as her husband was working as usual and my wife,her mom was out of town.I wondered what shed wear.She texted me told me shed pick me up at my house,so I figured she would stop by right after she got off work.I was glad to see she had gone home and changed.She was wearing shorts and semi low cut top that showed some cleavage.As I got into her car all I had were bad thoughts looking at her sexy body.Shes 5 4 145 a little thick with blonde hair and blue eyes.Her thick tan thighs looked so good.As she drove and we talked on the way there it was hard not to stare at her.
When we got there I walked a little behind her so I could see her sweet ass in those shorts from behind.I also enjoyed watching guys look at her as we walked in.We ate dinner and chatted about different things.She told me how she was getting tired of how many hours her husband was working.I joked she could stop by and we could go out whenever she wanted to.She thanked me and said maybe I will .She told me how she had been going to gym more often,I told her I could tell.I could see in her reaction she enjoyed hearing that.She said was trying to get in better shape.I told her was working she was looking great.I told her she should wear more clothes that show the results.She smiled.
We finished dinner and were driving back.Was so hard not to feel those sexy thighs.I wondered what her reaction would be if I did.Finally I took a chance and squeezed her right one at knee area.Instantly she got goose bumps.I laughed and asked her if was cold.She said no just real ticklish.I thought the door was open now.As we pulled into my driveway I wondered how far shed let me tickle.It was semi dark outside and the car had tinted windows.We were parked so I lightly touched her inner thigh.She got goose bumps again.She smiled and said stop.I laughed as I did it again.She said the light touching really tickled her.I told her ok I would stop.She said she really needed her feet massaged.My heart almost stopped.
I had always drooled over her well kept up feet.I told her I could do that.She said really.I replied sure.She slid her seat back and put her right foot over to my side.I took off her sandal and started rubbing her foot all over.She was opening her toes up and I was sliding my fingers between them.I asked if felt good she said yes .She slid her other foot over and I did the same with it.Iwas so hard now I wondered if she noticed.She told meshe loved her feet massaged but never got it enough.I repled whenever you want just let me know.
She thanked me for dinner but said needed to get home and do some laundry. I said ok had fun.She replied she did too.I got out of car to go in,she honked and waved me back.I went to drivers window which she had rolled down.She said what no hug.I reached in thru window and hugged her letting my hand slide across her right tit as i did.We said goodbye,I was rock hard.
I was in the house looking for something on the computer to stroke to when I heard my phone sound that I had a text.It was from my stepdaughter.She said what are you up to ,was tempted to tell her.Said not much just on web.She said oh and asked if could get online on yahoo for second.I said sure why,she said wanted to show me something.I was ready to see something but not that she was wanting to show me I figured.
I logged on and she imed me.Said wanted my opinion on something .I said ok what.She sent me a invite to view her webcam.I accepted.She had a black sundress on,asked me how it looked on her.I repled great you should of worn it tonight.She said never had worn it out yet.Was short and low cut looked great.I asked her what shoes shed wear with it she went and brought back a pair of strappy sandals.I said nice lets see them on.As she put them on I got nice look down her dress.I told her thanks,she said for what.I said the view,she smiled.By now I was stroking my cock and glad she couldnt see me.I typed let me see the back.She turned around was nice and short.I said what you wear under,she replied bra and panties.I said ok,she asked why.I said was pretty short,that said she gave me the back view bending over.
I was suprised to say the least.I typed very nice.She smiled.I said loved to see it with nothing under.She said wouldnt wear it out like that.I was stroking looking at her as her phone rang.It was her husband on way home.She told me had to go,I thanked her told her talk soon.I cant wait for next time.

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2 years ago
I should cam with my stepdaughter. Fuck that was hot.
2 years ago
what happened next?? please!!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
hope theres more
3 years ago
cool , nice an sexy
3 years ago
nice build up, hope there is a sequel