My First Ebony experience.

It was junior year in HS, there was a sexy, and i mean SEXXXY ebony girl named La'toya that sat right next to me in Horticulture. She reminds me almost of a young Lacey Duvalle now that i think about it. She had a very slim waist, an "OMG" booty that stuck out, especially when she would wear her blue jean booty shorts to school, sleek shoulder length hair and c cup titties, PLUMP c cup titties. I flirted with her that whole year, it was also a good thing that she LOVED white boys, i found her staring me down in class ALL the time, as i would her. I just imagined in my head, her soft skin on mine, stripping her clothes off slowly, her perky titties falling out of her bra, and sliding her thong off of that "OMG" ass of hers, the thought gave me an instant boner.

Well, one day in class she kinda pinched my shoulder and said "hey boo". Now, let me remind you, i've known this girl since 8th grade, all throughout the years i have fucked around with her, flirting and whatnot. Anyways. I was like "Watsup girl?" She went on to ask me if i cared to give her a ride home, i made a little grin and of course i said yes.

So school ended, we were walking to my ride and i slipped my hand on her ass just about time we got to my truck, she kinda smiled, then we hopped in and went on our way.

We pulled up to her house, and as she got out, she popped the question "So, you want to come in?". I was like "Fuck yea" lol. So i made my way in her house, walking behind her, watching her ass bounce side to side with every step she took. We made our way to her bedroom. I was pretty much set on walking right up in that bitch, stripping down, and fucking her, i was soooo hard at the time. I walked in her room behind her, she turned around and looked at me. I cracked the starting question "So is this the part where we "study"?", with a big grin on my face to let her know what i meant, she grinned and said "sumthin' like that". She took me by the hand and led me to her bed. We sat down, and i can't exactly remeber all the small talk, but we flirted, and then i went in for the kiss, we started making out, good god she could work that tongue like no other, she had big juicy lips too.

I pulled my shirt off, then stood up to undo my pants, she went downstairs to lock the doors so her dad didn't walk in the house while we were doing our thang'.

She came back up, and we started making out again, she pulled her shirt off, then i reached around and un-did her bra, she had hershey kiss nipples, mmmmm, i was so ready to suck on those. She undid her shorts, and let them fall to the ground, she was standing there, with nothing on but a thong, a skimpy pink thong, i quickly pulled down my boxers and my 7 1/2 cock, fully erected fell out, she reached down and started stroking me, i went for her nipples, and started sucking as i massaged her beautiful breasts. She dropped down to her knees, spit on my cock, then started sucking, after about 5 or 6 minutes i felt i was gonna lose it, so i pulled her head off, and crawled on her bed laying on my back. She quickly crawled on top, removing her thong, and throwing it in my face, OMG IM SO READY TO BANG THIS BITCH lol. She slid down on my spit lubed cock, and started riding me, her pussy was nicely shaved, she was moaning, you could tell she hadn't had a good fucking in a while. After a good 10 minutes of that, she hopped off, then i got her missionary on the bed, i went into turbo mode, fucking the heelllll out her, she started a very slight yell, i started sucking on her nipp's, still pounding that sweet pussy. I pulled out and rolled her over. I started hitting her from the back, slapping her ass with every chance i got, grabbing on it, if you can't tell, I LOVE THIS GIRLS ASS. I pull out just in time for her to suck my nut out, and drain my sack all in her mouth, she quickly ran in her bathroom and spit it out in the toilet, guess she doesnt like swallowing. Eh, it's whatever, i just banged an ebony goddess. She walked back in the room and grabbed ahold of my cock, i reached in and gave her a kiss.

We got dressed, and she walked me out, "see you in Horticulture tommaro babe!".
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3 years ago
Great story got to luv the chocolate.
3 years ago
Nice, would be proud of that encounter myself!
3 years ago
Thanks for the comments, i wasn't really trying to make a story for the people or anything, i just wanted to share my experience, not really claiming to be Shakespear.
3 years ago
good efort like me you gotta work on your style a bit i liked it even so
3 years ago
Could be longer. Could use some more build up. But nice nonetheless. :)