The Ranch

The ranch was completely silent as the girl crept downstairs, one hand gripping the rail. Her heart was thudding and her mouth had the dry feeling of terror, which made her swallow and try to salivate. She shivered in the thin nightshirt and padded on towards her uncle's study. Opening the door she was relived to see the familiar humped shape of him under his blankets on the makeshift bed. He turned suddenly and leapt up on one elbow. His voice was alert and he looked wide awake.
"Becky, what the hell-?"
The girl closed the door. "I've had a bad dream and I'm cold," she said. "Can I climb in with you, Uncle Gil?"
He paused for a moment and then pulled the bedcovers back. "Jump in and be quick about it. This is a mans rest you're disturbing."
Sge clambered into the big lumpy bed. Her uncle had already turned his back on her to go back to sl**p. She snuggled in the warmth of his back and the masculine scent of him was evident. Tentatively she stretched up against him through her thin nightshirt.
Gil was uneasy. Becky was gorgeous and totally unaware of the effect she had on men. She was twenty and he had to keep reminding her not to sashay around in her nightclothes when the ranch hands were around. She sighed and pulled herself even closer, her hand brushing against his cock. She drew back.
"What's that?" She asked
He smiled " It's a cock, Becky, and a very stiff one at that," he said
She pressed her mouth into his shoulder and there was a short silence. She shivered. "Can I touch it, please?" she asked. She reached out a small hand to grab the hot wand of flesh. He groaned, and it was as much as he could do not to come there and then.
"Oh" she breathed innocently. "It feels lovely. It's warm, but why is it so hard and big? Oh I want to see it, Uncle Gil, please."
It was time she learnt, he thought. He rolled on to his back and drew the covers down. Her mouth opened wide in amazement.
"It's huge!" She looked at him with big eyes and whispered " Is it true what a man does to a women with that? One of the cowboys told me they poke it inside you."
"I think its time a man showed you the pleasures of loving before one of those young boys spoils your dreams," said Gil. He took hold of her bottom firmly and pulled her hips towards him so she could feel the strength of his erection pressing into her lower belly. Then he moved his hand to the front of her knickers. She put her hand out to stop him. He nuzzled her ear.
"Now, dont tell me you dont do this to yourself in bed at night and then get a nice feeling. Well, now you'll find it even better when a man does it for you."
She buried her face in his shoulder. He lifted her chin. "Look at me," he said, and when those delectable lips came up, he kissed her, all the while his rubbing becoming stronger and more consistant. His fingers slid into her knickers and found the little nub of pleasure. While his thumb rolled gently on that, his fingers explored the hot wet opening and found her wet - so wet. Her hips rose and fell, imitating the sex act she hadnt yet experienced. He breathed against her ear.
"I have to take your pants down so you can open your legs wide for me" He started to tug at the cotton material.
Becy began to panic. "No,stop, I dont want you to," she cried, but his heavy muscular body lay across her, pining her arms to the bed while his hand continued to rip her pants down. She was struggling and wriggling under him now. He lifted her nightshirt, exposing her jutting breasts. Lowering his mouth to them he sucked at the brown tips, drawing a small cry of pleasure from her. He lifted his head and let his gaze wander the length of her body, all the while stroking her soft skin and pulling her thighs apart so he could examine the thing she was denying him.
Becky could have died with embarrassment; no man had ever seen her naked and she felt the heat flood into her cheeks. He put his hand on the inside of her thigh.
"Open your legs for me."
"No!" She clamped her legs firmly together, trapping his hand.
"Dont play hard to get, Becky," he said. "cos one way or another you're going to get fucked tonight, whether you like it or not. It's high time you learnt about loving from a man."
Her face crumpled. She started to cry but he ignored her tears and prised her legs apart, settling himself on top of her. taking hold of his cock, he felt around for the entrance. God, she was tight! His fingers splayed the opening wide enough for him to get the tip in and, once it was in, it was an easy job to thrust in to her right to the hilt, but he f***ed himself to slow down and only go in a small way.
"Stop it, Uncle Gil. Stop it, its hurting me. I dont want to," Becky protested.
Suddenly he lost patience. Getting off her, he dragged her to the armchair and threw her across an arm. Raising her nightshirt, he slapped her bare bottom hard again and again. Already sore from an earlier spanking at the hands of Gil, she answered immediate authority.
"Get your legs apart when I tell you, and stick your bottom out." he ordered. Grasping her hips, he lifted her up towards him and rammed himself hard into her and started thrusting in and out. Her hand came back to push futilely against his groin."Oh stop, Uncle Gil," she said. "Please stop. I dont like it."
He grasped her wrist and held it firmly against her lower back. "Becky, honey, you are really tight because it's your first time. You have to stop struggling and relax."
She stopped struggling, and in a small voice, said, "I'm sorry. I'll do as you say. I want you to show me."
He withdrew and pulled her up and gathered her in his arms. "Thats better. Now, lets start again," he said. Taking hold of her hand he lead her back to the bed. He sat down naked and Becky stood before him. "First lesson. When a man needs a women he wants to see what he getting, so take off your night dress so I can see you."
She squirmed with embarrassment. Meeting his eyes she grasped the hem of the thin cotton down and drew it up slowly. Gil watched the long slim legs appear and the rounded hips with the vee of brown curly hair, the indent of her waist, her rounded high breasts creasted with brown nipples. She let her nightshirt drop to the floor. Her face was crimson ans she shuddered as she stood before him, completely naked. Gil let his gaze wander from toe to head, taking in her loveliness.
"Now turn around," he said
She nervously turned around, not taking her eyes from his face until her back was towards him. He looked at her reddened bottom ans a slight smile played across his lips. Pulling her back towards him he sat her on his knee and the feeling of her flesh against his brought back the urge more strongly. He felt her pussy; it was soaking. This time would be easy. He pushed her back on to the bed and said urgently, "Now open your legs really wide for me."
This time she let her legs fall apart willingly and he entered her quickly. Grasping her bottom he pulled her up towards him and thrust hard. Her mouth opened wide a wide "Oh" and then she relaxed and her hips moved to meet his. It only took a few minutes of this before his head went back and he came inside her. He rested his head on her shoulder.
"Now do as your told next time and you'll enjoy it."
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3 years ago
Great job :)
4 years ago
It was a very good story Souchie.
4 years ago
i like, i like alot ,
4 years ago
very sexy story and you got my cock hard , look forward to more from you !!!
4 years ago
YOU are a naughty girl! Well done...
4 years ago
yes, more please
4 years ago
Well? Did she enjoy it. He obviously did! But what happened next?
4 years ago
more please
4 years ago
I hope there is a part 2. Great job.
4 years ago
Barbara Cartland ould have a heart attack !!!
4 years ago