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I'm driving up the motorway in an open topped sports car. Its a hot and humid summer evening and I've taken off my underwear to cool down. All I'm wearing is a short tight skirt and a white silk blouse. As I drive towards the setting sun, I entertain myself by checking out the truckers as I pass them. I always do this to stop the boredom setting in on long journeys. There's a bastard of a driver in one of these lorries now, and everytime I try to pass him he accelerates to stop me getting by. But I love a game of cat and mouse, so I decide to just cruise along beside him for a mile or two.

As I pull level with his side window I glance up into his wing mirror to get a look at him. What I see takes my breathe away and instantly sets my imagination working overtime. He's gorgeous. I see that he's shirtless, bronzed and well muscled, just the way I like it. He is wearing a baseball cap, and I can see that he has a perfect pair of sparkling brown eyes. This man is my dream lover come to life. I am totally unaware of the road speeding away and of how long I have been watching this guy, when he grins at me and winks in a gesture of pure flirtatiousness. It startles me ans suddenly I want him really badly. I can feel my pussy starting to throb and dampen, yet I have no idea how or even if I can make it happen. A few miles further on and I'm driving in the glow of his tail lights. My left hand is between my legs, lesuirely stroking my clit in slow, gentle circles. Despite the warmth of the night air, my nipples are pressing hard against my shirt as I get more and more aroused. I know there is a service station approaching and I start to wonder if I can lure him off with me. Then my prayers are answered; his left indicator starts to flash. I have no choice but to follow.

The service area is brightly lit and coachloads of day trippers are wandering about drinking coke and eating crisps. I realise there is overnight parking for HGV's and that's where he is heading. Oh hell, what if I've got it wrong? I think. What if he doesnt even realise that I'm behind him? He comes to a halt and his lights go off just as I park 2 or 3 spaces to his right. I see him jump from the cab and stretch. His muscular body looks even better than I imagined. He looks over to me and I cant decide if he smiles or not, then he turns and walks to the other sif=de of his rig. The seconds pass as slowly as hours. What do I do now? My heart is almost bursting out of my chest, I'm so scared, but the heat and wetness between my legs has a stronger control over my actions, and so, shaking I step ouyt of my car. I walk behind the truck, trying to look as though I am on my way somewhere else. Then, as I pass by, I hear a deep husky and surprisingly soft voice say, " I was beginning to think you had changed your mind"

I turn to see him sitting on the bottom set of the passenger doorway and, as our eyes meet, he stands up and walks towards me. The top two buttons of his jeans are undone, as are the laces of his boots. I can see a fine line of hair growing in the centre of his chest and leading down below the waistband of his jeans. God, how I want run my tongue through that hair! When he reaches me, I'm afraid my knees are going to give way, I'm afraid that he'll see the moisture thats beginning to run down my thighs. But he smiles a reassuring smile and tells me "Well, we cant fuck here in the open" and turns back to the lorry. Its so coarse and blatant, that I almost come there and then, but a passing trucks lights shine on me and I follow the man into the shadows.

For some reason, I try to speak and say, "I dont normally do things like this. I dont want you to think I'm a...a..." He finishes the sentance for me: "What? A slut? Well whatever you are, you're really sexy. Come here" Its a demand and I cant help but obey. I step right next to him and he pulls me hard against his body as his mouth crushes against mine, forcing my lips open with his own, pushing his tongue into my mouth as his hands grab big handfuls of my fleshy ass cheeks. He breaks away from me and turns me around as he tells me to get in, and I step up two huge steps until my waist is level with the shabby vinyl seat. His hands move up the backs of my knees until his fingers creep under the hem of my skirt. Still they push upwards, raising the material as they go, exposing my thighs and finally my naked bottom. " Dont move!" he orders. At that moment I feel his tongue on my goose-pimpled flesh, a moan of sheer pleasure comes from my throat and I cant help but push back at him. He sucks a mouthful of my bottom into his mouth, his teeth closing in on it with just the right amount of pressure, his tongue lashing at me. I feel so wanton and lewd: he makes me feel like a whore and I love it, abandoning myself to the wonderful sensations created by the grip of his fingers and the bite of his teeth.

I spread my thighs a little wider for him, displaying my most secrest flesh, showing him how wet he had made me, how ready I am to feel him inside me. As his thumbs prise my ass cheeks een wider apart, my knees tremble in anticipation of feeling a finger or tongue enter me. But he holds me there on the edge, his fingers burning into my flesh as he inspects my asshole ina way that makes me feel embarrassed and ashamed. "Please..." I dont want to beg but my resistance is so low now. My bottom is quivering with desire and my pussy is aching and heavy, desperate for some kind of friction on my clit or the feeling of being filled up which would so easily bring me to orgasm. "Please," I moan again. He just sniggers to himself and asks me "Please what? You're gonna have to tell me what it is you want lady"

I summon all my nerve and say "Please just help me to come" I dont have to ask him twice. Instantly he shoves his pointed firm tongue as far as it will go into my tight little ass pucker, drilling it back and forth roughly, his facial hairs chafing my delicate mambranes. Its too much for me, I reach back and pull his hair, rubbing myself back against his face, grinding hard against his mouth. But he senses how close my orgasm is and, laughing steps away from me, before pulling me back onto the tarmac to stand in front of him.

Once agaon he turns me around to face him and I sit on the lowest step, my skirt around my waist, hand betweeen my legs, as I watch him unbutton his jeans. He pulls his cock free and stkes it a few times, posing for me in a cocky way. But he has every right to be proud. Its beautiful, not too long, but really thick, with a huge purple head thats just begging to be licked. He reaches out and grabs my hair, roughly tangling his fingers behind my head as he f***es my mouth onto his cock. But I'm more than willing and he gasps aloud as I swallow it down in one long motion, his cock head pushing at the back of my throat. Mt tongue flicks across the sensitve ridge and probes his tiny little pee hole before I close my lips around him again. I can smell his sweat and the musky aroma of his arousal and it only adds to my excitement as my head bobs up and down the pace increasing now. Both his hands move to the back of my hand, holding me in a vice like grip as he really starts to pump and thrust, fucking my mouth with such f***e I almost gag. I can feel my lips bruising and burning, my saliva running freely over his shaft, mixing with the salty pre come thats flooding onto my tongue.

Suddenly he releases me roughly throwing me around and slamming me against the side of the lorry. I start to be alittle afraid, but the fear turns me on ven more. Bracing myself against one of the huge black tyres, I turn my head and watch him over my shoulder. He has hold of his cock but, as he catches my eye he crudely spits into the palm of his hand and smears the spit all around the swollen purple head. As he moves up behind me I part my legs a little more, sticking my ass out at him, bending my legs a little, displaying myself so immodestly as I wait to feel his cock enter my cunt. I gasp in surprise as I feel, I think, two fingers go up my bottom. OhGod, no, not that! I've never enjoyed anal sex, please not that, not now, not like this. I sob, half in fear, half in a****l like excitement, as he twists his fingers deep inside me. I can feel his mouth at my ear and I'm vaugely aware that hes talking dirty to me, calling me a slut, a whore, a dirty bitch. As he pulls his fingers out I feel empty, but not for long. His cock presses at my anal opening. Instinctively my muscles tense at the onslaught, but he tells me "push out, push out," Despite myself, I do what he asks and I feel him pusha little way inside. The head pops through my tight ring of anal muscle and he hods still for a moment, allowing me to get used to the size.##His hand comes round the front of me and slips between my legs. For the first time he touches my clit, pinching it, rolling it between his fingertips. Without realising it, I begin to push my bottom down onto his cock,and I want it buried deep inside me. He responds by plunging into me as hard and as deep as he can. He almost lifts me off the ground with each thrust of his pelvis. With his free hand he again wraps my hair around his fingers, pulling my head back hard so that my back arches in an almost impossible curve. Then without coming out of me an inch, he turns us both around. He drags me, impaled on his cock, to the door way again and perches himself on the lowest step, lifting me into his lap o straddle him, my feet barely reaching the ground.I start to lever myself up and down, riding his cock hard, in an attemot to release theunbearable sexual tensin thats been gathering inside me for more than an hour now. I sense that he is close to coming, too; his grunting in my ear is getting more urgent. He reaches both hands between my thighs, holding my legs wider apart, bouncing me in his lap. The he starts to rub my clit again, and shoves three fingers way up inside my cunt. With him penetrating me in both places, I'm pushed over the edge. My orgasm is so intense its almost too much for me. I writhe on his cock, slamming my body down hard on him, crying tears with release, as my juices pour over his hands. But he keeps on fingering me: he keeps pressing his swollen cock higher into my ass until I start to ache.

How can he held off coming for so long? Again without slipping out of me, he stands us both up and f***es me to bend forward from the waist. holding my hips fast he changes the pace and starts to fuck my ass fast and shallow. He raises his hand and brings it down hard on my flesh. The sharp sting makes me sob again. "You like that, dont you bitch? Huh? You like to feel my hand on ur juicy ass." One last time he slaps me, and I can feel the generous flesh of my bottom quivering and turning pink under his administrations. The sheer humiliation, the way hes making me feel so cheap and slutty, starts a pulsating in the depths of my groin and I know I'm going to come again.

At last I feel his thighs tighten. feel him grip me even more firmly and ram his cock all the way home inside me. Even through my second orgasm, I sense his come splashing against the inner walls or my virgin passage, churning and sqelching with every thrust. It seems to last several minutes, and its not until another set of headlights passes over us that we catch our breathe and straighten up. He slips out of me, his come immediately dripping down my thigh, and I watch as he simply stuffs his soft cock back inside his jeans. He says nothing, only adding to my humiliation as I realise my skirt is still twisted round my waist and both my breasts are exposed through my torn shirt. Embarrassed, I attempt to rearrange my clothing, then I hear his door slam shut.
Thats it. Its over. He's gone.
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3 years ago
loved the story was very sexy
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
love the story and am a trucker , would of done you in the sleeper , and covered you with hugs and kisses , and took you with me afterwards
4 years ago
very nice...trucker envy...
4 years ago
love the story, you had me with you on that one
4 years ago
Good story but could be expanded a little.
4 years ago
Haha, Mr Bond!!!!

I am saving him all for you!!! lol xx
4 years ago
Good story Lianne, but where was the goat?? lol X
4 years ago
Wow! Really hot story, souchie