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Had anal sex today! :D

With another person! Kinda been seeing a friend with benefits and today we got really intimate. Things were going as they usually go with us. Clothes off, tongues out, hands all over the place.

Eventually we started fucking, but it wasn't long until he flipped me around to doggystyle and then he started fingering my asshole. It felt weird, but a good weird. Like I was a piss away from an orgasm. I thought, "what the hell, let him finger my ass for a while". We start fucking again and he kept his fingers in my ass, going deeper and deeper. I came pretty quick.
He turned me around and suggested anal sex. I just look blankly and say "hell yeah". I never had anal sex from another person. I used small dildos and had fingers jammed in there, but never anything bigger than finger size.

He goes in slowly until I feel his balls pushing against me. A dick feels a lot longer when its in your ass. We sit there for about half a minute until he pulls out. A sigh of relief and what felt like a minigasm. I wanted more and he put it right back in, but it slid in much easier than before. He pulls out faster and puts in back in until finally he starts fucking me.

With every thrust, I sigh and moan and feel a surge shooting up my body. I cum again and let out a big sigh as he pulls out again to eat my pussy out. He spits the cum onto my ass and puts two fingers in. I felt a little pain when he just shoved them in, but the pain quickly turned into pleasure as he started twitching his fingers inside. Before I know it, another finger in and he is knuckle deep. A fourth finger, I moan again when he wiggles all four of them. He finally pulls out and I sigh again. I'm not sure if I'm still cumming or peeing myself... I hope its cum because he goes back down to eat it.

He turns me on my back and starts fucking my pussy. The sex feels better than before. I tell him to fuck my ass again, but he won't. I tell him to do it and he still won't. I sit up and lay him down and put his cock into my ass again. I ride him for about 3 minutes before I cum again. The electricity flowing up and down my body. My fingers shaking, my toes wiggling like happy little piggies. I look down at the mess I made. He turns me into missionary again and fucks me again. It isn't long until he needs to cum. He quickly pulls out and places his cock next to my face. His warm, messy cum drenches my mouth. I lick the rest of the cum off his cock until I realize that we had anal and pull away >_<.

So yeah, thats what happened on my sunday.
Posted by sophie101 2 years ago
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2 years ago
nice story, very horny....and love your comment johnny west
2 years ago
Every time a girl takes it up the ass, an angel gets its wings! :))