kissing my girlfriend for the first time.

It was New year eve and my girlfriend and I didn't have our men around so we decided that we were going to go downtown and see some fire works. On Friday we prepared for our night out. We went shopping did our nail and so forth. all the things girls do before going somewhere special. Then It was time for us to head out of the door around 10pm. When we got to our distination we danced and had some drinks and more dancing it was great. Then at midnight we watched the fireworks it was amazing. when the fireworks were going off my girlfriend turns to me and kisses me on the mouth in front of hundreds of people! Wow not just a peck on the lips but tongue kissing. OMG it was unexpected and wrong, but right at the same time. Now I want to go further then just a kiss and I'm working on that. lol maybe someday.

That was me very first girl kiss. :)

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3 months ago
glad you enjoyed it hope to hear more about you and your frind soon xx
3 years ago
Hmmmmmm, sounds yummy,
3 years ago
mmmmm wish i was there to see it xx
4 years ago
There is an old joke that says any woman is about four drinks away from a lesbian experience.... Probably some truth to that! :)
4 years ago
nice and naughty
4 years ago
sweet & nice