actress asin

Actress asin was staying next to my apartment everyday i used to masturbate by seeing her face in pic or through window i cant go and fuck her too much of security. one evening the securities got a call and everyone left so asin was all alone

she took a night bath before sl**p as usual. this is my day i slowly jumped inside the apartment and took entry from background.asin was wearing saree and she was combing her hair now i gave the entry and she was shocked screamed who are you get out security
i laughed and lighted a cigarate she told stop smoking i don't like the smell immediately i hugged her and started to live out the smoke on her face she cried and screamed now i asked her to open her mouth she dint i got angry and slapped her she slowly opened her mouth now after smoking my mouth was stincking badly i roughly spit in her mouth and had deep kiss just 5 minutes she escaped and ran
i did not live jumped and took hold of her now she cant escape i a built man
i got angry removed her saree and tore her jacket, bra and panties
and threw her on bed she told no leave me please i dint
first had a deep kiss and sucked her nipple than full body
took my 7 inch tool put in her mouth and rammed
she was crying her navel made me horny she never use to show in movies now i got a chance kissed that one as well
fucked her harder and harder she was crying loudly finally cummed in her sweet pussy
spitted in her mouth
now i want to piss and pee
took her at the bottom of my buttocks
asked her to lick it she dint slapped her finally she did
than i peed and pissed on her face
and took her to my destination
still i am fucking her
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