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True storie happend 2 weeks ago. When to the adult book store to suck some nice cocks and get sucked. There wasn`t but 2 cars in the parking lot. So I went in a booth and was looking at some hot porn. It wasn`t about 2 or 3 mintues when I heard one of the doors opened and one of the guys had left. I went in and seen a black guy with a nice cut cock jacking, so I put my finger in the hole and his cock came threw the hole. I jacked his cock or a few seconds then I hook him on my mouth. He was fucked hard as a rock and I loved it. After sucking his sweet cock I pulled off. Then I pulled my hard cock out and put it threw the hole and wanted him to suck me. So I was standing there waiting for him to do something but he never did. Then I pulled my cock back and ziped up my jeans and left the booth. I was fixing to go when I heard a older lady was talking to her boy friend or her husband. So i went into a booth and him and her got next to my booth. I keep my cock and balls shaved just feels better that way to me. Then I unziped my jeans and pulled them down and I put my hard cock in there hole. After about a few seconds I could feel someone start to stroke my cock. Not sure who was stroking my cock but it sure was feeling good. Seames after about 2 or 3 mintues I felt a mouth on my hard cock. I didn`t care whos mouth was on my cock his or hers. Then I felt a hand start to rub my balls. The mouth that was sucking me had left then a new mouth was sucking me. This time the new mouth took me deep in there hot mouth. After 3 or 4 mintues of hot sucking I could feel my balls start to tighten up. Then I started to fuck that hot mouth. Not sure if it was him or her sucking my cock but the hot mouth was feeling so fucking good I bucked one last time and came real hard in the mouth thats was sucking me and took all my load. After I cum he or she left and seames like the other person licked cleaned up my cock real good. I pulled back and pulled up my jeans. I pul my finger in there hole I would have sucked his cock but he didn`t so I told them thanks that was hot! Then I teft.
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3 months ago
Awesome story! I could use some of that kind of luck!
1 year ago
very nice
3 years ago
thats pretty hot..i came real hard!