Dominating My Wife, Mother-In-Law And s****r-In-La

This morning I woke up with a tingling feeling on my dick , I opened my eyes to see my s****r-in-law Tania sucking my cock , she was just 19 , short hair , fair , and small but growing boobs , with a nice ass , I don’t remember fucking her last night at least , but now she was sucking my cock , I was hard , my 6.5 inch cock was pointing right in her face as she began licking it and sucking it , I got up and she smiled at me , I instantly pulled her hair and made her suck me deeper and harder , she was wearing her nighty , when I was completely hard , I told her to get off me , she obeyed me and left , I got up naked standing near my bed thinking how amazing my new life is after marrying Andrea and moving in her house with her mom and s****r , it had been only a week since I began fucking her s****r and her mom too ,I was very dominating and being the only male I wanted to fuck each of them , Andrea didn’t mind it , but she was a bit disappointed I was fucking her mom too , but I didn’t care , I walked past the kitchen in the bathroom , I saw her mom jenny in the kitchen, she was a milf in others words , to me she was just another whore in the house , she wore a floral skirt and top , her hanging 38d cup boobs meant she was too lazy to wear a bra , she said good morning to me ,trying to avoid looking at my hard dick pointing at her , I pointed her to go in the bathroom ,

I went inside and turned on the tap and waited for Andrea’s mom to come inside , she was around 46 but had a good body , a bit of tummy bit her wide ass and big boobs more than compensated for it , after all she was the one from whom Andrea and her s****r got her sexy bodies and boobs . jenny came inside and stood few inches away from me trying to avoid my dick touching her body or getting wet under the shower , she began rubbing the soap on me , on my chest and back like a mother bathing a c***d , she rubbed on my butt and my legs , after that she cleaned my body with water , she couldn’t help noticing my dick which just hung there in front of me , I came close to her and caught her hips and tunred her around and made her lean on the wash basin , she knew what was coming next , without protesting she leaned forward and spread her legs , I came behind her and lifted her skirt upwards revealing her nice round ass , she was wearing white panties which I pulled them down effortlessly on the bathroom floor , I saw her pussy , I was big and darker than her daughters indicating it had been used many times ,

I stroked my dick and pushed it inside her , the first jerk made her scream a bit as I began to stoke her inside , fucking her ,catching her waist , she was a real nice fuck , she knew how to move and made it easier for me to fuck her hard and deep , her loose pussy , made me fuck her faster reaching her deep , her fucked her nearly for 5 minutes hard , but my morning hardness and Tania sucking me in the morning gave me and orgasmic pleasure as I blasted my cum inside her pussy , I stayed in her till every drop went inside and then removed my dick , I came out with my dick hanging now seemingly subdued after fuck my mother-in-law , I looked back to see jenny wearing her panties and grooming herself , she must have enjoyed the fucking too , Andrea had already left for work , jenny was on her way , it was a Saturday which meant I was at home with Tania , Tania my s****r-in-law might look innocent but she was real nice fuck , just like her mom and s****r too , her young body often made me crave for her anytime of the day , I did enjoy fucking her a lot , she was obedient and very faceable too ,

I can remember her first encounter with me , it was a year back , I would usually come to Andrea’s place to fuck her , even when her s****r would be around , I would fuck Andrea under the sheets even when Tania was in the other room , she saw us fuck few times and knew how much Andrea loved fucking , which made her even more curious , she would talk a bit about our sex life sometimes too , Andrea didn’t bother about her s****rs interest in me , once after a particular good fuck , both me and Andrea were sl**ping as I got up to freshen up and take a bath , Andrea was in deep sl**p , Tania was in the other room , so I just picked a towel and went for a bath , midway through the bath , I was all horny again and was stroking my hard dick for fun , just then the door opened ,

I expected Andrea to join me , but instead it was her s****r Tania , she stood at the door watching me especially looking at my dick ,she didn’t look shocked at all, as if she wanted to see me naked , I controlled my instincts and didn’t cover my dick, just let it hung there in the open and letting Tania feast on it , I asked her what she wanted , she wanted to pee she replied , “ can’t you wait till I am done ? “ , no she said , I’ll be quick she said “ , it was bit confusing what she replied , what was I supposed to do there ? go out ? turn around ? no idea , she just went past me in the small rectangular bathroom towards the toilet at the end , since the bathroom had a shower and toilet combined , it was a bit awkward to be standing naked next to her , as went towards the toilet , I was barely a feet away , she stood there wearing a tank top and her shorts , I watched her in suspense as she pulled her shorts down ,

I saw her sexy white thighs a bit thinner than andreas but fairer reaching her pinkish white panties , she pulled her shorts right to her ankles and sat on the toilet seat , looking at me back , then she bit smiled and pulled her panties infront , I watched her keenly but I could not spot her pussy between her closed legs , “what are you looking at ? continue bathing “ she said , I went back to rubbing soap on my nude body ,she sat there for a bit and stared at my dick which was near her face almost ,” your thing is so big ? but y is it hard ? “ , I replied “ cuz you are sitting with your pants down looking at me “ , she giggled and said “ ohh so you like ? do you find me hot , between I think your dick is cute ? “ , “ yes , you are cute too “ , ‘ ive seen your dick before , never so closely , sometimes you forget to cover yourself after fucking my s****r “ I laughed a bit “you don’t you hold it ? “ I looked at her and said , she got a bit serious ,” really do you want me too ? cuz I kinda want too also “ , I nodded , she then slowly lift her hands and simply covered my dick in her palms,

I felt her soft clutch around my dick , she giggled again and said “ its so hard , do you like this ?” indicating her stroking which made her hornier , I completely turned towards her ,facing my dick at her face , she went quiet and looked at me , “suck it “ I said in a stern voice , she looked at me a bit scared , but looked at my dick again , and then hesistating a bit , she put her mouth around my dick , it was a lovely feeling , her soft tender lips were untrained and she sucked me well , she sucked my head first sucking it like a blob and then the rest of my shaft , she licked the head with her lips and slowly moaned as I pushed my dick right inside her throat , I couldn’t believe Andrea’s s****r was sucking my dick , ever since I had seen her when she was 14 , I wanted to fuck her, I had seen her changing few times but she was a k** then , now she had grown well , like her s****r ,

I was enjoying my blowjob , she went faster as I guided her catching her hair and made her suck every inch of it , she sucked from top to down and even making that suction noise , she sucked just as well as experienced Andrea , I guess sucking a cock was in her f****y ,and then with the pleasure , my dick vibrated and off went the cum in her mouth , she had no idea what happened , she chocked and spat out a bit and gave me disgusting face , meaning she swallowed a good amount of it “ think of it as yogurt and swallow it “ , she had already down the worst , my dick was still oozing out a bit , she reluctantly put her mouth , I could see few drops on her tongue ,lips and face , I was in heaven and she looked like a slut , “ clean it properly “ I told her, as she began sucking the rest of the cum on my dick , I was surprised at her , she was a cum slut , Andrea on the other hand ever liked to get cummed in her mouth and never cleaned my afterwards too , Tania cleaned quite well and then wiped her mouth , she looked flushed and exhausted , but she had made me happy , I guess this wasn’t her original plan when she walked in the bathroom to tease me , but it worked just fine , she got up without saying a word and pulled her panties and shorts up , I could see very little hair on a pussy , I let her go watching her walk off shy and completely embarrassed , I didn’t speak to her to next few weeks , then everything was normal , she was causal around ,

I didn’t mention about the other day at all not even to Andrea , then one night after partying at a club , we all returned back to andreas place for the night , the girls were d***k ,Andrea was the most d***k , she somehow managed to changed but she fell asl**p on the couch , I went to wake her up , but she didn’t , Tania told me not to wake her up and let her sl**p there , I too was feeling dizzy so I changed into my boxers and slept on the bed , while Tania went to the loo to change ,I was half sl**p when someone next to came to sl**p , the dim lights were on , but my head was spinning to recognise who it was , it was around 3 am in the night when I just woke up half sl**py , I realized there was someone under my blanket too ,I saw the back of a girl , I thought its Andrea , but it was in fact Tania , not only she was sl**ping next to me , but she was sl**ping indecently , she had worn a petticoat , but it was raised so high , I could see her ass which was facing me , she had not worn any panties , I don’t know why , but I began touching her ass , and moving my hands all over them ,I was feeling honry ,

I wanted to fuck Andrea , but she had passed out on the couch , I was still in d***k state so I couldn’t know the difference , I slowly moved my hand between her crack and made her part her legs I could feel her warm thighs , she shifted a bit allowing me to access her spot , I reached for her pussy ,I touched her vagina , it was wet , I moved my fingers between the crack and rubbing her clit , she turned and twitched around as I began fingering her , I was happening so fast , I was hard , I pulled my shorts down with the other hand , brought myself closer to her ass , she too responded by sticking her ass closer to my dick , I rubbed my dick on her vagina slowly , and then when I found the pussy hole, I began inserting my dick , I caught her waist tight as she moaned ,

I lifted her petticoat over her stomach and removed my shorts completely , and then in a single push I went inside , she moaned and panted , her pussy was very tight , but it was wet which was helping my dick to go inside her , I caught her well and began thrusting in , by now she was awake , she looked and me and without a word tuned with her back down and let me climb on her in a missionary position ,I pulled her top to her neck and began sucking her boobs , they were smaller than Andrea but equally soft and round , I began fucking her slowly as she moaned and shrieked , but I didn’t stop ,I was fucking her smoothly and well , I pulled her closer to me and began fucking her deep and slow , I stayed in for a few seconds before thrusting her again , this magical experience made me so horny ,

I knew I was loosing control , I began fucking her hard ,she had began moaning heavily , she wanted to kiss me but I was bitting and sucking her boobs , I went faster than ever and in one final thrust I cummed , I cummed in so well , I could see her face glowing with the hot cum sprayed inside her , she was in orgasm too , she kissed me and smooched me as I slowly climbed off her , I went back to sl**p as she continued to kiss me and then slowly went down to clean my dick , she was a total cocklover , he just wanted to suck my cock , which was still hard , she sucked for few minutes before I fell asl**p .

Coming back to today, I came out of the shower and wore my boxers and watched TV and carried on with my work , jenny had left for work now , Tania was home doing her homework , it was passed 3 pm when I called for Tania , she came out wearing her bra and shorts , I sat there on the couch wearing my boxers , I was stroking my dick looking at Tania , she went inside and got my a glass of drink and sat on the floor in front of me , I removed my shorts and let my dick sprang on to her face , she caught my dick and stroked it and then began sucking it , she was a good suckers , used a lot of saliva had made it easy to suck , she would lick my dick as a lollipop , putting her tongue wide on my skin and then licking it all the way to the top , I sipped my drink in pleasure as she sucked and made it hard , she sucked nearly for 15 minutes till the time I could hold no longer ,

I jerked my jelly inside her mouth making her drink all my cum ,which she did without any problem , she cleaned my dick and then went ahead and made me a sandwhich ,later that night I fucked Andrea after she came home , she was so exhausted that she just fell asl**p after cumming inside her , the next morning I got up early , i called all three of them infront of me , Andrea was changing into her work clothes while Tania had just got up and the best was their mom jenny who was having a bath and came out with soap on the tits and her stomach , I told them that my two close friends are coming over and expect full co-operation from them, I told them what they should be doing tonight , they all agreed I was too turned on with their slut mom who was standing naked between her daughters , I followed her back to the bathroom closing the door and winking at Andrea , as she saw her mom behind over the sink to get fucked .

I was out for the rest of the day , meet my friends Raja and Salman after work , they had been my buddies since college, together we had fucked many women between us , raja was a divorce and was around 32 while salman was a hotshot male with good built and was around 28 , I was the youngest among them at 26 , raja’s wife left him a year back after she found out that he was fucking her younger s****rs for the last 2 years , raja didn’t mind that at all , he continued fucking her younger s****r and even began an affair with his wife’s best friend . while salman was a huge stud since college , dated many chicks fucked many too , he loved matured women and girls with big boobs , I am sure he was going to love my women .

I had told them the scene at my in law house they didn’t believe it at first , but when they did , they wanted to join in , which I agreed , anyway the bitches weren’t getting enough fucked by me alone and wanted to more men , we reached my house at 8 pm , Andrea opened the door , she was wearing a dress with red lipstick , she greeted us , both salman and raja were checking her out and commenting , I said guys that’s my wife in a serious way then we all bursted out laughing , I looked at Andrea and said , call your slut mother and s****r , Andrea called out “ mom “ and “Tania “ , as they both came into the hall , her mom was wearing a tight top and skirt , while Tania was wearing a loose top and shorts , both my friends began to admire them and thanked me for calling them to my house , they began commenting on all three of them and insulting them cheaply , salman said “ that whore mother is such a randi, see her big boobs , so big and fuckable , now I see form where her daughters got their big tits , “ , “ aye randi , remove your top “ he screamed at jenny , who was bit unnerved and scared , we all looked as she removed her top, as she did , salman and raja began looking her big boobs they were in pleasure , her big 38d size boobs just hung there infront of them , her boobs were big , hanging like melons and she had dark big areolas and erect nipples , she looked hot , salman and raja couldn’t wait to jump on her , “ listen , randiyon ki maa , you will be naked for the rest of the day , only topless ,” , now they said looking jenny younger daughter tania “ come here sweetie we wont hurt you “ ,

Tania moved forward towards raja , she came next to him ,he moved his hands over her back and her body and then her ass and playfully pinched her ass , “darling , you have a lovely ass , now I am sure your pussy is good too , what are you waiting for ? “with this he pulled her shorts down , as expected she wasn’t wearing anything inside , she stood there in front of him with her tshirt covering till her waist and her lower body was exposed , her hairless pussy was smooth and her cunt look soft and tender , her ass was cute too , we spoke for a while as we kept Tania and jenny bottomless and topless respectively ,

I knew the my friends were too distracted so I asked them to enjoy , salman , got up and went towards jenny , he liked older women with big boobs , jenny was perfect for him, she go down on her knees as salman unzipped his pants and let his dick out , it was bigger than mine , but only by an inch , it had a large shinny head which jenny wasted no time in sucking it , on the other side raja had began mounting Tania , he made her sit on his lap as he removed his pants , raja had a typical older man’s dick , it was dark and thick , slightly shorter , but quite thick , Tania found it difficult to take the dick inside her , she moaned and screamed as raja pushed her down to bury his dick inside her , salman was getting his dick sucked and at the same time squeezing my wife’s mother’s boobs , and sucking them with pleasure, the house was filled with moaning and grunting as the men began fucking my s****r and mother in law ,

I too was turned on and signalled the hapless Andrea to come and suck me , she began sucking it , after few minutes , I got an idea , my friends agreed to it ,all three couples went inside my room near my bed , we made the women kneel down on the bed as we stood at the foot of the bed and began fucking them in doggy style , salman was in the centre fucking Andrea’s mom while Andrea and her little s****r were on either sides fucking me and raja , we loved this knew position , all 3 sluts were next to each other , with their mom in the centre getting fucked , we almost fucked at the same speed , raja seemed to be going full f***e at Tania , she was moaning the most , followed by Andrea , Salman was grunting trying to fuck jenny deep , he was also playing with her boobs below , as raja picked up speed he went on fucking spree till he reached the climax and then cummed inside Tania , she was so exhausted and collapsed as he finished depositing his load into her ,

I was the next to cum inside Andrea ,I had only partially lifted her dress and I was fucking her from behind , since Andrea was had young body but more grown features than Tania , she was the perfect among the sluts ,as salman finished jenny , we took a break , cleaning ourselves and having dinner cooked by a nude jenny , we sat outside discussing work and insulting the women between ,Tania had passed off to sl**p , while Andrea and jenny were cleaning the dishes , we were at the end of the night and a nice drink , I saw both the men playing along with Andrea , they looked at me and said “ amit , I think your wife need to get fucked tonight “ , I replied “ I am tired , you both can have her tonight “ , Andrea was shocked hearing this , she didn’t protest as those two horny men stripped her out of her dress in few moments , salman began sucking boobs as raja began licking her pussy , she again went down on the doggy position as the men got her ready for a threesome , I saw as raja began fucking her from behind and salman made her suck his cock , she resultantly agreed but she was loving it as the two men co-ordinated well fucking her nicely ,

I sat outside watching my wife getting fucked , which was finding it very fascinating , it was the first time my wife fucked two dicks , she deserved it as the men changed their position and salman began fucking her now , I sat on the couch, as I saw jenny standing next to me , she knew what to do , I removed my shorts and laid on the couch as she put her mouth on my dick , I fell asl**p shortly afterwards , I got up next morning, I was naked and had a hangover , I walked past my room to see Andrea sandwiched naked between Salman and raja both on each side , with Salman clearly in fucking position and raja with her boobs in his mouth , I mummered slut and went to the loo , I opened the door to see jenny taking a bath , she was scared to see me ,

I told her I want to pee , I peed standing as she then massaged and cleaned my penis and gave me a quick suck ,I didn’t fuck her then , as they had been good and obedient the previous night , on my way out I saw Tania getting ready , she seemed sore from last night , I left for work later , and returned home and continued my schedule of fucking the women as usual , I remembered that day when Salman and raja fucked the whores , I wanted to do something bigger , something more humiliating , so I was searching for a plan , which I had raja discussed over lunch one day , raja was my business client supplier , with his clients for my company , I would get us both huge commission , only thing needed was certain push for the clients to take my offer and what would be a better than to sweeten the deal with some home made pussy.

Raja was smart and picked up clients who were frequent women fuckers and loved indian women , so the next day I again instructed Andrea and her whores about the importance of the deal and what they would be doing , we packed up and left for raja’s hired farmhouse , Andrea was still unsure what they were supposed to do ,I had told them that they would “sweetening the deal “ and had to follow my and raja’s orders for the new guest . I will be continuing the story soon , ahead , please tell me if you like it
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I loved it thank you...
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i feel the story jump bit at times
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