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Computer Instructor Shoes

Back in college, I had this computer instructor named Roxanne who used to wear different type of shoes. And they were all low-tops style. She must have had a least five pairs that I really liked. I loved glancing at them. Her feet filled them out very well. I used to think about sliding my dick inside of them, wondering what it would feel like.
Later that semester while in the computer building, as I was leaving I just happened to catch her (by chance) walking down the hallway towards the restrooms. Through out that semester I've fantasized a few times about actually lurking around her office to get a chance to look around. And here was my chance. I watched and waited until she entered the restroom and the door closed. I then went down the hall, around the corner and hurriedly walked towards her office.
I went by the other office doors as quietly as possible so nobody would hear or see me. I figured it would take me at least 30 seconds to look around her office and a few minutes or so before she would make her way back. By then I'd already be gone and she wouldn't suspect a thing. When I got there I quickly glanced and looked around the room and under her desk. And to my surprise-along the wall beside her desk and under her printer/fax stand, a pair of black shoes were lying there. I could only see the bottoms of them as they were turned on their sides. I wasn't too picky at a specific shoe so I just reached down and picked them up and put them in my book bag. Plus being in a hurry, I took them without even looking at them. When I snuck out and left, I went to a nearby building and that's when I finally got a good look. They ended up being a pair of maryjane-style shoes with a solid heel. Thinking back, I remembered her having them on only a couple of times. And now I had them.
I carried them with me in my bag (along with my books) to my afternoon classes. And nobody even knew. I felt a little guilty but also excited. I couldn't wait to get back to my room and enjoy them. That evening when I took them out, I studied the outsides of them-noticing all the wear. I took turns holding them up to my nose and took deep sniffs of their odor. Not only was the odor was still in them but was really musky--the kind of musk where you knew she wore them a lot but not recently. I unzipped my pants and stuck my hard on in the right shoe and screwed it over my desk. I kept the other shoe to my nose. And all that time, I thought about her, pretending I was fucking her...and in a way, I was.
The next time I was in class, I kept thinking about what I did to her shoes and she had no idea. I don't know when she ever realized they were missing or why or if she realized how musky her shoe odor was. But I enjoyed them the rest of the school year. Whenever she wore shoes that got me aroused, all I had to do was go back to my room and take out the pair I had.

Posted by sonyasbras 4 years ago
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2 years ago
Nice job! Very hot story.
3 years ago
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