Teacher's Pet

This one took a little while. Same as usual, CTRL+F “SEX STARTS HERE” to skip right to the sex. This is based upon a real teacher; I was going to use her real name until I googled it and found every result was her… :P too risky. Anyhow, enjoy!

The last day of the semester was finally here. I fumbled around with a pen on my desk, only half-listening to the very last lecture; nothing of importance would be said, since finals were over. Although I was happy that it was over, like my other colleagues, it was a bittersweet sort of happy. I enjoyed the class quite a bit, especially the teacher; something just clicked with Ms. Oshell. I learned a lot from her this semester, and her carefree personality helped everyone through some stressful times.
“…and all in all, I hope you enjoy your summer and use the time wisely.” She concluded at the front of the class. She opened her mouth to utter one last note, but she was rudely interrupted by the bell.
“Oh! And would anybody be kind enough to help me pack the class away for the summer?” she struggled to speak atop the crowd of people forcing their way out through a tiny doorway. I found myself the only one still sitting at my desk, figuring that it was only fair that I help after scoring myself an A for the semester with her help.
“Danny!” Ms. Oshell grinned. She motioned me to join her at the front of the now-empty classroom.
Ms. Oshell was about my young and about my height. She had clean-cut, shoulder length, light brown hair and blue eyes. She already had a light tan upon her usually fair-colored skin, no doubt taking advantage that summer had truly started a few weeks back with the sun getting brighter and hotter since the warm spring days.
“It’s nice to see you volunteer. I just need you to get these boxes over here. I’ll file some paperwork while you do that, but I’ll probably be finished before you are.” She directed. I nodded and got to work.
“Oh, it’s no big deal.” I shrugged.
“More than all of them are doing,” she rolled her eyes, “I’ll have to reward you after this.” She smiled and gave me a wink. I blushed a bit, but readily dismissed it. I was still storing away boxes, and just as she said, she was done before I was. She sat back with a cup of coffee, leaning against her desk, legs crossed. She stuck her hand in her pocket for a moment, then her eyes widened as though she forgot something.
“Ah, crap…Danny, can you help me find my phone?” Ms. Oshell asked. She fumbled around her desk with little luck.
“Maybe I left it in the other room…” she mumbled. I finally put away the last box, and decided to take a look around the room to help her out. I sorted through dozens of boxes, looked high and low. It only took me a few minutes to find it off to the side; it probably fell out of her pocket. I’d just wait until she got back to tell her!
I waited and waited…and she didn’t come back. I sat there awkwardly, not having anything left to do. I looked down at the phone in my hands. Not a bad model! I looked up once more. I shrugged, and although I wasn’t one to snoop, I was a bit curious. I turned the phone on, scrolled through this and that…pictures? Might as well have a look.
Pictures of her dog. Pictures of her friends. Oooh, pictures of the beach! Although I wasn’t one to usually act on this impulse, the dirty half of my mind took over. Perhaps there’d be some of her in a swimsuit?
Success! There she was, grinning for the camera in a dark red bikini. She was smiling with her friends, posing with them in some photos, in the water for others, and there were even a few that a cheeky friend took of her ass while she wasn’t looking. I blushed a bit at how well defined her rump was…
I kept scrolling. I was hoping for more bikini photos, but what I found next was the furthest from what I was expecting.
A full frontal nude! Ms. Oshell was grinning in the photo. Her breasts were small but nothing to jeer at, topped with perk dark pink nipples. She was neatly shaved in her privates, her dark pussy lips sticking out just the tiniest bit. Her body was on complete display; her build was somewhat athletic, well toned. The photo was obviously amateur, given away by its lighting and her home in the background.
My heart skipped a beat or two. I couldn’t say I never fantasized about her, going as far as to make her the star of my orgasm in my head through a few jerk sessions, but I never imagined her like this. My hand shook as I continued to flip through even more like this.
The next one was taken at an extreme angle. The camera was angled to be looking up at her. She was turned so the camera caught most of her right leg and asscheek, although her pose was that of walking, in which one could still see a glimpse of her left left and even her nipples. The next was a simple photo in which she leaned over to perfectly display her ass and her pussy lips between her legs. The next was her sitting in her bath tub! I was eager to see more-
“I’m back!” Ms. Oshell walked in.
“Sorry I took so long, I had to fax so- oh! You found my phone!” she smiled. PANIC! I tapped buttons as quickly as I could, but apparently I wasn’t as familiar with it as I thought. She approached casually, and I was visibly starting to freak out.
“Huh? What’s wrong?” she asked. She snatched the phone from my hand, and I knew it was done. I covered up my face with my hand, feeling humiliated, ready for punishment. She let out an audible gasp.
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I just meant to play a game while I was waiting, an-“
“Bull!” she snapped. It felt awful to see her angry, especially after months of her sweet nature. However, her angry, thankfully, subdued.
“Don’t go snooping. Those were from back in my hey-day…” she sighed as she put it away.
“The date says they were taken a few weeks ago…” I felt the need to be sarcastic.
She flipped around and seemed to be struggling between a grin and glare.
“And how is that your business anyhow? Snooping through your teacher’s personal photos, HMPH!” she snapped again, but with a grin on her face.
“Hmph! Horny early tweentiers, what are you gonna do? Liked what you saw, punk?” she was starting to tease.
“W-Well… yeah. I hope it isn’t awkward to say I think you’re pretty.” I stumbled, very cautious of what I said but somehow felt I was getting myself in a good situation.
“Oh, so you like older women?” she was still laughing, but just seemed a little more serious this time.
“Aren’t you seven years older than me?” I teased.
“Still older.” She crossed her arms. She looked around the room for a moment, then locked eyes with me for a moment, biting her lip and giving me the first truly serious look I had ever seen from her. Her next question seemed to barely be above a whisper.
“Did you really like those photos…?” she started to bite her nail. My God, this could be it! I nodded, breathing a bit more heavily, and she continued asking me questions as she went around the room, locking doors and closing shades.
“Single? Got a condom? You don’t have to.” She basically blurted.
“Uh, yes, no, and I’ll do it.” I blushed.
“Me too, I have the day-after pill, good.” She grinned. She took a deep breath and stood in front of her desk, tracing her finger along it. Only now did I really analyze her attire. A plain white blouse, red skirt, and black heels; her reading glasses were on her desk. Just as soon as I processed all that, she turned away, ass facing me, bent over the desk, and lifted her skirt up. She seemed to have caught my shocked face.
“What, want a written invitation? You know I could write a ten page one if I wanted to.” Ms. Ochell giggled. I blinked, grinned, and practically ran up to her.
“Oh wow…Ms. Ochell …” I grinned, getting an eyeful of her ass. She rolled her eyes.
“Call me Stephanie. I don’t want to be reminded I’m banging my student.” She told me. Just the way that rolled off of her tongue, it seemed so satisfying. I wouldn’t even question why she was so eager, because I must have been more eager!


I hesitated for a moment, but got right to work. I pulled her red skirt down, which she stepped right out of. I ran my hand down her well-defined legs, down each muscle. She let out a soft moan, so I kept on progressing. I tugged down her panties slowly to get a nice view of her round ass and her puffy pussy lips. She reached behind and slipped a finger in; I only now saw her long, red-painted fingernails. She seemed to be a pro, but I didn’t dare say anything that may compromise this moment. Instead, I thought I knew just what would really get her off.
I kissed her hand to let her know I was there. I gently pulled her hand out, and she effortlessly complied. I took a deep breath, and stuck my tongue out. I took a long, deep lap of her pussy, trailing from her clit up, slipping my tongue into her pussy before pulling out to tease. She moaned loudly, letting me know how well I was doing. She wiggled her wonderful hips, begging for more. I had no issue with this.
I slid my tongue back in, deep as I could. She inhaled deeply, curled her fingers and toes, and even shoved my face into her with her hand. I kept on tongue-fucking her, licking her walls until she became soaking wet, at which point I focused my tongue on her clit and fingered her with my middle finger. I must have reached far enough, as she suddenly arched her back and stifled a scream when I hit one particular spot.
“Ooh, I think I found the elusive G-spot.” I grinned.
“Fuck, now’s NO time for teasing shit! Just fuck me, now!” she whimpered. I never heard her curse, or be so submissive, but both were a welcome addition.
I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and let them fall. I let my boxers fall as well. My cock was erect and upright. I was a bit confused, waiting for Stephanie to at least take a look. After all, she hadn’t turned around the whole time; she was still bent over her desk, staring squarely at the board. She must have read my mind.
“Just stick it in. I want to FEEL how big it is, not see.” She reported. I never heard a girl say something so hot before, let alone to me!
I positioned myself, placing one hand on her ass and using the other to guide my cock into her pussy. I was about to until…
“WAIT!” she called out, still staring ahead.
“Yes, Stephanie?” I did everything in my power to not sound annoyed; the last thing I wanted to do was get on her nerves.
“Um…could you…stick it in my ass?” she turned around. My God, it’s a dream come true! I saw that she had her glasses on (considering she wasn’t reading anything, she must have done that to heighten the student-teacher fantasy). She was blushing a deep red and looked down, looking humiliated.
“Aww, don’t feel embarrassed, it’s fine!” I grinned, being as positive as I could be and comforting her. She grinned now, locking with my eyes, and her adorable bright blush was still there.
“Yeah…I’m an anal virgin, so start gentle…” she was looking down again, her smile gone, now being more serious. I nodded.
I prodded her tight asshole with my finger. Her muscles involuntarily resisted at first.
“Just relax Stephanie, just relax…” I lazily rubbed her clit with my other hand. She moaned softly, sprawling her body across the desk. My finger found entrance into her tightness, and I wiggled around a bit. Her muscles clenched down on me, but now that I was in, I could slowly penetrate deeper and deeper. Soon, my entire finger was inside, wiggling around her most private parts. I grinned, slipping another finger inside gently, rubbing her clit a bit harder at the same time. She gasped at how she was being stretched, and she bit her lip, but her body was starting to accept it.
She rolled over a bit so she could get a good look at me , staring through her glasses. She practically glared, testing me. The entire stare-off, I kept fingering her tight asshole. She finally broke; her face turned to one of utter pleasure.
“God, I can’t keep a straight face like that…” she inhaled, and somehow got said straight face again. I took the opportunity to give her dirty talk.
“You like that, Stephanie? You like to have me fingering your tight asshole?”
“God, yes!”
“You want it?” I asked. She simply stared again.
“Fuck me. In. The ass.” She commanded. I was more than happy to comply! I pulled my fingers out and immediately rubbed the head of my cock against the tight entrance.
“I like it rough, baby! Go for it!” she turned her head and grinned, even giving a little thumbs-up. I grinned, took a deep breath, and slid my cock into her tight asshole.
“Ahh!” she panted. I slowly slid in until my entire length was inside her. I waited a moment, and she nodded, still panting. I saw her reach a hand down to rub her clit, but my rougher side would have none of that. I quickly grabbed both of her wrists and pulled them behind her back.
“Mmm! Yes!” she screamed, apparently REALLY loving it rough. I held both of her wrists in one hand, and used the other to switch between smacking her ass and leaving a distinct red mark and rubbing her clit. The entire time, I roughly fucked her tight ass.
Every thrust brought me closer to the brink than the last. I felt pressure building up, and wanted to know before it was too late…
“Er, inside or out?” I panted.
“On my ass…” she panted.
“IN your ass?” I misheard.
“NO! ON MY ASS! ON MY ASSCHEEKS! I WANT YOU TO CUM ON MY ASS!” she screamed out. At that moment, I hit the point of no return. I shoved my fingers into her soaking wet cunt, fingered hard and fast as I roughly rubbed her clit.
“Ah, Stephanie!” I moaned as I splattered my hot, sticky, wet cum all over her ass.
“Mmm, Danny!” clenching her head in her hands, feeling a world-shattering orgasm as her juices splattered against my cock and balls, dripping down in just the same way my cum was dripping down her legs.
“Oooh, God…” Stephanie panted. She reached down lazily into her desk and pulled out a few napkins.
“Want some?” she laughed as she wiped my cum off of her body. I laughed and took a few to wipe my cock as I tiredly got dressed again; she dressed back up as well.
“So…everything satisfying?” Stephanie teased.
“Yeah, but…” I blushed, teasing a little. She seemed annoyed.
“Well…I never saw your tits.” I stuck my tongue out.
“Yes you did. Those photos. Don’t get greedy.” She teased, winked, and blew me a kiss. I grinned, and was sorry to have to leave.
As I was ready to leave, Stephanie reminded me of one thing that truly got my bl**d to spike.
“See you next semester!”

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