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[Story] Hot & Cold

Same gist. The first part is for buildup and character development, so if you’re only here for the sex, hit CTRL+F and enter “SEX STARTS HERE” or scroll down to that. Cheers! Please leave comments/critique!

Snowflakes fell from the sky periodically, but few and far between. The air was chilled and not a soul was in sight. All in all, it was a typical yet lonely winter scene.
My teeth chattered as I clung my skeleton-like fingers to the wheel, mumbling something about her being damn lucky. I was on the way to visit an old friend who recently went through a tough break-up. I hadn't ever tal... Continue»
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Any writing requests?

Does anybody have any writing requests? I don't get much of a chance to, and I have a ton of ideas, but I want to see what other people are into too! As you can probably tell, I could use a bit of practice. So, any requests? I'll read 'em over and see what I can do based on time and if it isn't too out-there (though a fair warning: I'm relatively tame when it comes to fetishes, i.e. voyeurism/exhibitionism is fine but i****t is pretty meh). :3
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[Story] Sarah Sneaks In

Yep, I’m making another one of these! Next one is already planned, but I’m not sure if the next piece I’ll upload is that one, or another one I’ve had on my mind for a while. Hint hint: I’m not sure how well video game rule 34 will be appreciated here. :P
Same as usual! Hit CTRL+F or scroll down to “SEX STARTS HERE” if that’s what you’re here for!
NOTE- PLEASE love a comment! Good, bad, ugly, any are good! I need reviews if I want to improve!

The sky was pitch black and the moon was high in the sky. I sat al... Continue»
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[Story] Teacher's Pet

This one took a little while. Same as usual, CTRL+F “SEX STARTS HERE” to skip right to the sex. This is based upon a real teacher; I was going to use her real name until I googled it and found every result was her… :P too risky. Anyhow, enjoy!

The last day of the semester was finally here. I fumbled around with a pen on my desk, only half-listening to the very last lecture; nothing of importance would be said, since finals were over. Although I was happy that it was over, like my other colleagues, it was ... Continue»
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Kelly & I Hit the Showers

Ok, since #2 of the trilogy never went up, I'll just put it here (probably a glitch in the process, no biggie).

Another story out of 3 with Kelly and I doing a first time. This isn’t chronological or anything to the last story, it’s completely new. NOW I'll start taking requests, post some in the comments. ^.^ Same as last time, if you’re here for just the sex, use CTRL+F or scroll down to find this:


Off we go! (and PLEASE comment!! I love to hear what you liked, didn’t like, what you want next time, etc. :) )

There was a loud commotion going on outside the men’... Continue»
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[Story] Kelly and I's Seven Minutes of Heaven

At the time of writing, the second story with Kelly, “Kelly and I Hit the Showers” STILL hasn’t been uploaded, so I’ll just go ahead with this third part and hope that the second one goes through the modding process before this one. If it doesn’t, part 2 will most likely be on my blog here since that goes up instantly. So this is part 3, the last part with this character for now. I’ll start taking requests now, read my blog on that! As usual, if you’re just here for the sex, use CTRL+F or scroll down to find this:


PLEASE comment! :)

Busy chatter filled the night air.... Continue»
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100 days!

Cool, I've been here 100 days! Cheers to everyone for all the hfappy times! ^.^
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[Story] Kelly and I's Very Wet Time

Hi, this is my first writing piece here! Hope you enjoy! I'm gonna do a few more like it with this character later on. A lot of the
beginning is just character development and build-up and such, so if you're just here for the sex, scroll down or use CTRL+F to
find this part:


aaaaaaand here we go!


I was running back and forth, tidying up every little spot of my apartment. I rarely had company, which is why it
was always such a mess. Of course, it would probably end up being... Continue»
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