I can fuck for buck..........

There is no limit to which a girl like me can go when i HAVE to go shopping but i dont have enough money........
my parents were off to india and i was alone at home in NZ so i cldnt even spend what little i had.
so i did the kinkiest an bitchiest thing i cld do to get wht i wanted.
Since we had shifted there only a few months back i din know many ppl there except a few of my frds frm our gym. And i cld tell that they were clearly attracted to me but i never really paid any attention even though they were very handsome and without a doubt had huge cocks.
But now it was different as I was desperate for money. So one day I wore my minis and went to the gym. once there i started talking abt just how badly i needed money. One of them agreed to help me but if i fucked him. and I said yes. So the next day he called me over to his house.
When i went there i had a little surprise waiting for me. As he was not alone but he had a camera with him.He said that he wanted to record our sex. I had always herd abt such things but cming accross one such incident really made me feel strange. Actually i felt excited and horny a tdoing this. So i agreed as he was ready to pay me 500$ which i wld lavishly spend..........
So he took me to his bedroom and once in he grabbed my tits and started kissing me. It made me horny to think that all this was been recorded so i kissed him back. But i was in a hurry and so i decided to finish it fast.
So i slowly took off my shirt and my bra to reveal my full tits with hard pink inviting nipples and he started sucking onto them as i moaned and unzipped his pants. but then he picked me up and put me on the bed and took off my skirt and ripped off my panties. I cld tell that he had been wanting to fuck me since a very long time. he was now fingering my pussy very hard and sucking and flicking my clit for a very long time. He was an a****l and it really turned me on as i like dominant males. After he had eaten enough of my pussy he dropped his pants and took my head in both his hands and i took his huge cock in my mouth. i started sucking it and he was fucking my head very hard. after smtime he lay down on the couch and ask me to get in a 69 position which i did. It was my first time in this pose but i enjoyed it. he was also fingering my ass and so i thought hes gonna fuck me both the holes and i was right. He soon got me on my fours and thrust his cock in my ass. it was my first time and it hurt me a lot. I yelled and moaned. After that he doggiefucked my pussy till i had 2 orgasms and then threw me on my back. Spreading my legs he thrust his whole cock inside me in 1 go and i was nearly smotheres by the pleasure. After a couple of minutes and me having got 2 more orgasms 1 of which was huge, I cld feel him withdraw.
I was really very happy with the way he had fucked me and i wanted his cum. so i quickly took his cock in my mouth as he moaned and stroked my hair with one hand and his cock with the other. After a few moments he moaned and let out a huge load of cum in my mouth nearly 3 -5 times. and i sucked him till he was dry with half of it on my tits and the rest he cummed in my mouth.
Well I Had Earned My 500$ along with a lot of fun...................
81% (35/8)
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2 years ago
another grate story thanks for sharing
2 years ago
nice one
3 years ago
Great story, let me know if you in need of some money any time soon ;-)
4 years ago
Very hot story...I'd love to see that video!
4 years ago
nice ! easy 500 bucks
4 years ago
fancy going shopping
4 years ago
Nice story
4 years ago
great story, meeting a girl at a gym is always good fun