my d***ken fun........

My d***ken fun.......

It was at a party when i really got d***k and met 2 really hot american guys who introduced themselves as Alex and Peter. They were really hot and on top of that i was d***k and really horny. While dancing i could feel Alex running his warm hands up my thighs and i could feel an enormous bulge in his jeans. I knew then that i was going to end up having sex with him. but what i did not realise was that i was so horny and d***k that when alex and peter took me to a room in the hotel i really dint mind it, as i could use some extra cock. as Alex was kissing me Peter came up from behing and grabbed my tits and squeezed them as i moaned with pleasure and i could feel them getting turned on. While Alex slowly took off my shirt to reveal my perfectly shaped tits as i was wearing no bra and Peter slid his hand under my skirt to find to his delight that i wasnt wearing any panties and started fingering my already wet and dripping pussy. I started trembling with pleasure so they took me to the bed and Alex and Peter unzipped their pants to reveal 2 enormous dicks atleast 8 inches and i was already anticipating a lot of pleasure. As i worked on Alexs dick peter slid 2 fingers inside my pussy and fingered me till i came and had my first orgasm of that night as i deepthroathed Alex. Alex then spread my legs wide and entered me and started pounding me while i sucked Peter till i could taste his precum..... They then took turns fucking me till they were spent by which time i had atleast 10 orgasms. Then I got on top of alex as he put his cock in my ass and Peter spread my legs and thrust his cock deep inside my mussy and that was the first time i had been fucked deeply by 2 cocks after which Peter shot his huge cumload up my pussy as Alex brought his dick close to my mouth and shot his cum in my hungry mouth and all over my tits. IT was the best sex i had so far and it was the best because it was the only time i had sex when i was really d***k.........

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1 year ago
as short as heavy ;-))
2 years ago
Luv your fuck stories!
3 years ago
would love to hear more about your fucks !
3 years ago
good story
4 years ago
very good but short