Loves to Watch, Loves to Play

It all began innocently enough. A mere mention of her husband's desire to see her with another woman. She had to admit, it was an interesting proposal, but she had tried it once with two guys while every one was partying, and it was the wee hours of the morning. Seemed like a good idea at the time. But you all know about the road to hell being paved...

So one night, she and her husband were high, having smoked a joint. (Marijuana makes him horny and talk dirty, woohoo. Any how, he began to trace spiral curves along her nipples, and the more she let herself go, to sink into the moment, the better it felt. She wearing a d****y ancient Grecian style babydoll. Definitely short enough that she felt every draft in the hose on her semi exposed ass. The only problem was that she had no g-strings for this outfit, so she decided why wear them at all; they were jut going to come off in a few minutes anyway. Or get messy (which wouldn't be a bad thing) So, that night as they are making love she asked him, "What kind of woman did he want her to be seen/watched with?" "What should we do that would turn you on?" Mean while she has his cock firmly in the tight slit that was her twat and she was sliding up and down and up and down. She began to mumble his fantasy into his hear including her criteria for the other woman, preferably a could because threesomes can result in a lot of hurt if one partner falls in love with the 3rd party. "I want a tall redhead, with a voluptuous figure (the wife is voluptuous woman), I need to know that she's clean, but most of all I have to be sexually and sensuously attracted to her.

So, she keeps whispering in his ear while she rides his shaft. "I want a woman with full breasts and big nipples. I would love to suck another woman's nipples, to feel them growing hard and firm under my tongue". She whispers to him that if he wants to join, he is more than welcome at any time, and moaned as the woman, Anna, began to finger the ring in her clit hood. Anna pulls the ring toward her belly button to expose that small knob that was the wife's (we'll call her Danielle)clit. Anna was still busy with Danielle's nipples and they were hard almost to the point of pain. Anna began to kiss her way down the center of Danielle's abdomen heading for the tight wet little pussy she knew would find. And she was not mistaken.

Anna started to lightly kiss Danielle's inner thighs; each time she came close to Danielle's tight, hot and by now dripping pussy, she would hesitate and blow lightly on her clit which responded by becoming even harder and more sensitive. Anna went back to kissing Danielle's inner thighs until she eventually dipped her tongue down on Danielle's clit. Anna began to lick the length of the opening between Danielle's pink sort of medium lips. "Hold yourself open for me," Anna told Danielle. Danielle did as Anna had asked, and upon opening herself up to her, Anna darted her tongue into Danielle's pussy. "He wasn't k**ding when he said you were the wettest woman he'd ever been with. You have become this aroused simply by suggestion?" "Yes," Danielle replied. "I have wanted you ever since I saw you, and I don't get the notion to have sex with a woman often, but you are just so beautiful, I cannot wait to hear you cum, and know that I did that. Would you like my husband to join us?" Anna thought for a minute and said why the hell not. He was a fairly strapping older black man that Danielle had told Anna that he could rock her little world.

So, Danielle pulled the sheet open and gestured for him to come hither. He knew that look of hers.... it meant she was really horny for someone, anyone. Anna finally stopped teasing Danielle's clit,and began to go down on her in earnest. This woman was not fucking around when she told Danielle that she could and would fuck her like no man can. Only a woman would know some of these "tricks of the trade." Even though all women are different in their sexual orientation, most do like to have someone go down on them every now and then. So, that is precisely what Anna did to Danielle. First she ran a long finger down the length of Danielle's pussy and deep into her. Danielle gasped, and then Anna asked her if she would like to lick her finger clean. Anna's neglige had become undone so that one very full but firm breast was showing along with he shoulder. Danielle licked Anna's finger.

By now Danielle is really getting into this. She takes the exposed nipple and the heaviness of tit into her hand. Anna had exquisite nipples; they were just he right size for her tits. Everything about her was beautiful and begging to be fucked. Danielle began to circle Anna's nipple. Around and around she went sometimes letting her lip catch it so she could see how hard it was. As soon as she felt the skin wrinkle around her nipple, Danielle took Anna's nipple into her mouth. Danielle began to lightly nibble Anna's incredibly hard and sensitive nipple. The harder she nibbled the more Anna moaned. Anna whispered to Danielle about whether her husband would be joining them anytime soon. Anna was very curious about this man.

Danielle gestured a second time for her husband to come join them. This time he did. He took Anna and held her cradled in one arm while the other hand took to feeling the contours of her body. "Nice," he thought to himself. "My wife can pick them." "That's because I am another woman. We watch each other very carefully to see what all the others were doing with clothes, nails, hair, and make-up. I picked her because she looked like she was up for anything despite outward appearances."

Danielle's husband started on Anna's nipple,and Danielle began to stroke him with long medium hard strokes, and she began to play with herself. Anna gasped when he entered her with his finger. He couldn't believe how tight she was and how wet she was. "Hey Babe, why don't you have her lie down and you can play with her all you want, you can put your tongue in her, your fingers..." "I know how to get a woman off," she said. "So, what are you going to do for me?" He responded "I am going to bury my cock in your pussy. I can't take it anymore. You are so wet, your pussy's tight and hot, and right now I need to feel it wrapped around me. I need to feel you all the way to the end, as deep as I can go."

Danielle got on her knees and elbows and while her husband penetrated her, she took a long nibble on Anna's clit. She began to hold it between her teeth and flick her tongue across it. Anna moaned and sighed her contentment, Danielle reached between Anna's legs to see how wet she was. Anna was dripping. Danielle decided if she liked tongue fucking then Anna might too. So she tried it. Anna must have enjoyed it because she thrust her hips to meet Danielle every time. Anna whispered to Danielle if she might have permission to fuck her husband.

Danielle first kissed Anna very softly on the lips lingering, and then kissed her husband more aggressively. "Remember the deal we made. You can fuck them, but you cannot fuck them up the ass, and you cannot cum inside them. Those things are for me." " Okay," he said. "I'll let you know far in advance when I am going to cum, and you two can switch places." That didn't sound so bad. Still she wasn't sure how she felt about watching him fuck someone else. She told him, just fuck her, do not make love to her. He swore he would not get lost in her the way he gets lost in Danielle. She could make him see stars.

And with that promise, he turned Anna over onto her back, and spread her legs with his knees. She was literally quivering at the thought that this man was about to be inside her. He penetrated with one long smooth stroke. She was so wet that he slid right in; he began to slowly move in and out of Anna's pussy,and she begged him to go faster to go deeper. She flipped them so that she was on top. She sat upright and began to finger herself as she rode his cock softly, then more aggressively, until she was burying his incredibly hard dick all the way up inside her. She wanted his cum inside her, but he rolled her over, and climbed off of her. "Where are you going. You didn't cum yet..." "I made a promise to my wife." He took his wife the old fashioned" way when men could have their way with women. He entered her from behind, and he felt the warm familiar wet pussy that was all his.

In the meantime, while her husband was about to make her cum because she knew he was about too. She could feel the throbbing, the increase in body heat. She always came either right before, right after, or with him. This was feeling like a with him kind of release. Danielle could feel herself starting to get really hot, and she wanted nothing more than to ride her husband's dick, to push him as far as he could go inside her. He obliged by pulling her to the end of the bed, and placing the head of his hard, throbbing cock at the opening to everything. He gave one giant push into her. She moaned loudly, and told him that his dick felt good in her pussy.

As her husband brought them both closer and closer, Danielle was sealing the deal with Anna. Anna was really wet, and really swollen and hot. She was ready to cum, and so Danielle licked Anna's juicy pussy from the tip of her clit to the hot wet opening that her tongue was seeking. Danielle made her tongue into a sort of little missile, and she darted into Anna, and darted back out. She did this a few times before she pushed her tongue in as far as it would go, and Anna began to fuck Danielle's face. Danielle could feel the juices flowing and then the shuddering that meant Anna had cum, she had done okay for her first time, and now she could feel how swollen her husband had become.

He had her by her hips and was just slamming into her. Danielle licked her fingers and then her asshole. "Put it in there," she said. " I want to feel you come in my ass." She was fingering herself with 2 fingers: one for her clit and the other for her pussy so she could really feel him there. He pulled out of the warmth and wetness of her pussy, took his fingers to get some her juice on her asshole, then he entered two fingers, and he fucked her like that for a few minutes, then slid his dick into her. It took him about two minutes to cum, and Danielle was right there with him. She rolled over and he whipped out the camera and told her to just lay the same way she was. He took a photo of his wife freshly fucked, and just having had her first woman, and then he took a picture of her with all of their cum running out her. "Next time, we can get a couple, and we'll film the whole thing. Despite what you may think, I would love to watch you get down with another guy. He just cannot come in you or fuck you up the ass."

More on the Cuckholded husband who wants his wife to fuck different men so he can watch and make mini movies. It will be coming.

I am afraid that this may be kind of s**ttered with no real story line, but it is hard to come up with a good story line when you are on our hands and knees, and you are not scrubbing the kitchen floor, and no, you did not back up onto a broom, that's your guy's dick sliding up into your ass as you bend over to pick something up off the floor. Danielle sighs and begins to moan softly as her husband gently rocks in and out of her tight little asshole.

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