01. My mother and me .- Introduction

Me and mom lived alone from my seventh year . Dad was killed during a war ...

I do not want to bother you with the hard part so i will immediately fast forward to beginning of nice events ...

p.s. i am little rusty with my English so forgive me :)

I was 12 years old , just beginning to explore my sexuality , when we gone on our first vacation to seaside after a war . We went to Greece . We were both excited for being able to spend some time at the seaside because we both didn't from before the war ...

As soon as we settled into our room we began to prepare for the beach . I was so excited that i undressed myself in front of here . There was a big smile on here face heh ,and me realizing what i have done i was so embarrassed that i ran away to a bathroom to finish my changing ...

I noticed that she only dressed a light summer dress on her body , I didn't realize why cause I was thinking that we are going on a local beach . Well we didn't go there ... We spent next hour walking and searching for a lone beach suiting her needs :) I was so eager just to jump in the water after such a long time. Well we found that right beach . I immediately jumped into water not looking what is she doing ... I have swim for some time , returning outside just to realize that she undressed totally. I asked her why is she nude , and she told me that sun hasn't touched her for years and that she want to make it up now ... While i was talking to her i didn't realize that my at that time 12cm long penis had gone into erection , and it was clearly noticeable because i was wearing a tight swimming panties. I saw again smile on her face , didn't realize why until i noticed that my erection is clearly visible under my panties . I was again embarrassed , she told me again that i should not be but i simply was and there was no help to it ... I couldn't even restrain myself from looking her gorgeous body ... She told me that i also should undress to and let some sun touch me , but i refused off course ... Day came to an end and we went back into our room for some shower before dinner . I couldn't wait to get to the room and the shower so i can picture her in my mind and relieve myself with a good masturbation. And that is how it happened ... I masturbated imagining my nude mother , and as soon as i cummed i began to feel guilty for that ... We went to dinner and than back to a room . Next few days were similar , i still refused to undress totally but rushed home for a masturbation under a shower . 4th day we came home and i was so eager to get into the shower , but mom said that she need to go to the supermarket and that she will shower herself first. I couldn't wait for her to finish , so i thought i can do a quick wank and i undressed and lay down on our bed and began masturbate quickly. I was totally in it that i loose sense of time . I was so deep in my mind that i didn't noticed that she has finished shower and that she will come out ....

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3 years ago
Do tell us more
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nice start some more details on her
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please go on
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What a great history!!