Early homo erotic experience... (Pt 2)

After what happened earlier in the afternoon, I had to really come to grips with myself. I was turned on so much by Barry’s neck-sucking passion, I was in a state of heightened sexuality. I knew I had to get myself under some kind of control, so I wouldn’t look foolishly in lust. I went over to Barry’s about 9 o’clock and we talked a little, and then went up to the den where Barry’s older b*****rs stay. They were gone away to college, so he had the run of the place. Barry had a stash of porno magazines, mostly black and white, but they were very hot to look at nonetheless. I had seen pictures of naked women from playboys, and other nudie magazines, but I was now going to see porn that I never knew existed. Barry had some dude type magazines with cocks the size of fire-hoses! I couldn’t believe the size of these dudes. Mostly California surfer types just hanging out, and all over each other. Barry suggested we get a little more comfortable, so we took off our shorts and tee shirts and I was just in my whitey tightey shorts. The hard on was so obvious that it almost wrapped itself around my side. I did have a pretty nice cock! Barry was obviously impressed and said why don’t I just take everything off cause he was. I said I would, but maybe was just trying to be a little hard to get.
At about this time Bucky finally showed up, and must have known what was happening cause he didn’t even need an invitation to strip. Bucky was 16, like Barry, and had dark curly hair, he was also not circumsized like Barry and I, and I couldn’t stop staring at his large cock. We all kinda sat aroud a little and touched each other’s hard cocks. Comparing, staring and lusting. And Bucky knew how to stroke it too. He had me hard in no time, and lickin’ his chops at the sight of me and my cock..
He asked what I liked, and not knowing what he meant went on about sports and boy things. He said that’s cool, but what he wanted to know was what I liked about boys, since Barry obviously had told him about what had happened earlier in the day. I told him that getting that hickey made me hard and couldn’t resist it. I also got up the balls to tell him that I liked the big dicks in the magazines! He straight out asked me if he could suck my cock, and I said sure, why not. The feeling was so different from a girl doing it. It was more intense, almost soul-full, like he wanted to do it. Not at all like Cathy, a little flame of mine who lived up the street. I almost had to make him stop after awhile, cause I didn’t was to cum so fast. I sucked his cock next, and found myself getting into it like I never thought I could. Yeah, I thought to myself, a little cock aint really that bad at all!
At this point Barry said to Bucky, what about some corn-holeing? Now there was a word that was new to me- but not for long. I couldn’t believe my eyes when Barry and Bucky started to lube each other up and commence to butt fucking each other. I was so enthralled I was stroking my cock u*********sly. The grunting that Bucky was making was very erotically charged. I was seeing what depths of feeling that anal sex could arouse. Barry was a little more dominant, and Bucky just seemed to really get into it. When Barry looked over and saw me. He stopped fucking Bucky, and jumped over onto me. This time he started to French kiss the hell out of me, and not knowing what to do, I gave equal passion. He knew what turned me on, so he started to suck on my neck again. I melted just as I had earlier in the day. Submissively surrendering to his hungry bite-kisses. I just lay there as Barry slowly turned me over onto my belly and put a lubed finger slowly up my ass. I again felt so mesmerized, so helpless, so ready for him. He began to rub his cock around my tight, yet waiting ass. I Just knew I wanted it. He fucked me for what seemed like forever. I never really hurt. I love it to this day. Getting a cock in my ass was a pleasure that I must have been destined for, and it all began on that sl**p-over.

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3 years ago
3 years ago
lucky for you your first time was not so painful XD it was a lil painful for me. anyways great story
3 years ago
Wonderful story so far, very hot!
3 years ago
nice story, so glad you had a good first time.