Alien in town / there really are Orions

In my younger days, I was a decent amateur photographer. Once, when a friend got married she asked me to take her pictures. I agreed to do them for free if she bought the film. Neither f****y had much money and she readily agreed. Her future spouse came from a f****y where both mother and father had c***dren by previous marriages as well as some together. Except for the future groom, all were girls and all from 16 years old and up.Again, to save money, the mothers bought material and started sewing the dresses for the bridesmaids, most of whom were the groom's s****rs. They chose a bright forest green satin-like material and a pattern that hugged the body rather close. All the girls had ample bosoms and none were skinny so the dresses accentuated their generous assets.

On the day of the wedding, the weather began somewhat warm and sunny so no one thought about jackets or rain. Little did we now. After the wedding, the reception was held at an American Legion Hall about 15 miles away with a local country band, several kegs of beer, a generous flowing of whiskey, and enough rednecks to have a rodeo. The ratio of pick-up trucks to cars in the parking lot was about 20 to 1.

I made sure to get all the usual pictures taken before the wedding party had drank enough to keep them from posing and a few candid shots before the guests became too rowdy. After putting the camera away I joined in the fun. The band cranked up and the lights went down. Lucky for the men, there were way more women than men and most were feeling pretty happy as the party progressed. I danced with several of the s****rs and sometimes more than one at once (fast country music has that advantage). During a slow song, I asked Jenn, the 18 year old to join me and as we moved to the music, she melted herself against me. Her large boobs pressed firmly against my chest and she wrapped her arms around my neck and her thighs trapped my leg hard against her crotch. My hands went around her waist and then slowly down to that soft satin covered ass.

You could either say we were dancing or that she was humping my leg, either way, I doubt we could have gotten closer. As the song ended, she unwrapped herself and acted like nothing had happened. We danced a few more times during the night, some slow, some fast, no indication she was doing more than teasing or maybe pleasing herself.

As the party started to break up they realized there were more daughters than cars. the mother asked if I would give one of the girls a ride home. Sure... no problem. It was Jenn, the one who liked to be so close on the dance floor. We helped load some of the decorations and clean up a bit then went out to get in my truck for the ride home. By then, the weather had changed and become colder and rain had begun to pour down. After a mad dash to the truck I turned up the heater and she snuggled close as I pulled out of the parking lot. She looked like a nearly drowned puppy as she curled against me to get warm, water dripping from her previously styled hair and the dim light sparkling in her soft brown eyes.

Her hand wandered onto my leg and began drifting slowly along my thigh. Obviously, things began to react to her attention and soon she was stroking my hard cock as my own hand explored along her back down to her full ass squeezed into that smooth dress. Soon she found my zipper and eased it down and worked my hard cock free and swallowed it in one swift motion. I could do no more that caress her ass and leg and the back of her head since that damned dress was so tight.

It was about a twenty minute drive to her house with her sucking me like a baby calf suckling its mother. Her tongue would swirl around the head of my member and lick my balls and she would juggle them like she was rolling dice. Somehow we made it to her house without driving off the road and hurried to the door to escape the cold. The rest of the f****y was not due home for at least two more hours and as we went through the door we began to peel the wet clothes off and I found out she was wearing nothing underneath. Holy Crap! She was GREEN! Everything except her head, neck, and hands had been dyed green from the dress. Even her feet were green from the dye in her shoes.

Here I had my own Orion woman and I grabbed her and started to suckle those green nipples on her beautiful heavy tits. She threw her head back and moaned as I fondled and sucked her like she had me. I worked my way down her soft belly and found a full hairy pubic growth with one other spot that was not green. The pink inside her pussy glistened with her juices and I thrust my tongue deep inside to drink her musky wetness.

Between fucking her with my tongue and flicking her clit with it she was going limp at the knees. We moved to her room and I continued my work on that pink opening between those plump green thighs. Soon, she could stand no more and pushed me back and straddled me, impaling herself on my shaft. She rode me so hard I thought her bed would collapse, heavy tits bouncing in time with her grunts. Her pussy was flowing so much that my body was drenched with its juices . Her legs began to weaken and I moved to take her from behind., our bodies slapping together and every so often a good slap to her ass to make it jiggle. Before long, she started to make short squealing sounds and then one long scream as she took the flood of my cum and shuddered with her own orgasm.

We cuddled for a while with me caressing her full soft green curves. The dampness from being caught by the rain earlier steamed from our hot flesh. As I gathered my strength again, I started to harden and she began to play me. with a sense that time was getting short, I moved her over and entered her sticky pussy in the missionary position, lifting her legs high over my shoulders and shoving myself deep into her. This time we fucked slowly and gently until we both could hold no longer and ended in a fast thumping finish.

A last kiss and squeeze of her lovely ass and I got dressed and hurried to leave before the rest of her f****y returned and caught us. We never were able to repeat our performance and I never met another green woman, but every now and then when we passed one another in town we would grin at each other a bit and wink. Who else had ever heard of fucking a green Orion woman in our small town?
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3 years ago
very sexy & hot
4 years ago
lol nice story thanks
4 years ago
Believe it or not, most of it is actually fact. And yes, she was dyed green and stayed that way for several days
4 years ago
an imaginative one.

i loved it!