Alien Implant

Alien Implant

<Translated from Zorlbraxioln>
“Commander, the subjects have been scanned and the devices implanted. We are ready to release them into the wild.”
“Very good lieutenant, you know the drill, remove the anal probe and wipe their memories, let’s make this a quick and clean operation, no screw ups like last time. You may begin the experiment.”

It was a balmy summer’s afternoon, it had been raining when he picked her up from work, now it was clearing up and they were able to roll the windows down. The joint Frank had brought over was about half way down when he said he was done, Renee hit it a few more times before putting it out in the ashtray.
“Ya, so it’s just gonna be me an’ my guitar, an ounce of weed and a case of beer all alone in the woods. I’m really looking forward to it.”
He had been telling her about his uncle’s cabin in the woods and how difficult it was to get his uncle to allow him to use it for a weekend. This was a lie. The fact is, the cabin was never used. Frank’s Uncle George went up there maybe once a year during deer season, he used to go a lot more but ever since his heart attack 3 years ago he has been slowing down a lot.
“Nice!” she said, exhaling her last hit and rolling down a window, “So why aren’t you inviting anyone up there? We should totally party!”
“No, I really just wanted to chill this weekend, you know, clear my head.” He was turning onto her street now.
“Well hey, do you think I could come with you? I don’t have shit to do this weekend. Phil has the k**s, I don’t have to work and Hailey is working double shifts cause of some business convention”
After an ugly divorce caused by a d***ken three way Renee decided to give men up for a while and just date women, now five years later she had pretty much renounced men altogether. Renee’s girlfriend was a dancer at the strip club by the airport; Frank hated any mention of Hailey, she was onto him and he knew it, they pretty much hated each other.
Frank feigned consideration, he didn’t want to jump too quickly to say yes. “Uh, ya sure I guess, as long as it’s just the two of us, that should be fun.”
“Awesome! So will you play guitar for me?”
“Of course. But I was planning on leaving in, well, pretty much right now.”
“Oh,” she thought about it, “I guess I could be ready in a few minutes.”
“OK, I’ll wait.”
She ran inside to pack a few things. Frank was ecstatic. He was going to get Renee alone with him all weekend long. He was going to treat her like a queen all day, sing her love songs and serve her margaritas and then cook her a big special dinner where he would express his true feelings for her. He had it all planned out, every detail, and somehow he believed she would leave her girlfriend of two years and they would live happily ever after.
It was a scenario that had played itself out untold thousands of times and broken countless hearts. Some romantic fool, who loves unrequited, thinks they can, by deed alone, change the heart of another. In almost every case this ends in heartbreak and a lost friendship. But this is another story…

They had been driving about 7 hours, it was getting late and Frank was getting lost. Renee was asl**p in the passenger seat, looking like an angel. Frank saw a light in the distance. He didn’t remember there being a light out here, he was starting to think he must have been going the wrong way when the light suddenly grew larger.
The car stalled and the steering wheel locked up, frank slammed on the breaks but they only slowed the car very slowly. By the time they were stopped the light had grown into a disk with many lights flashing all over it.
“What… the… fuck,,,” Frank’s jaw was literally on the steering wheel as he leaned forward and peered up at the immensity of what he saw.
Frank looked to Renee, who was still sound asl**p, then he looked up to see a strange creature with a large head and slender body staring back at him from outside the passenger side window. The being raised its arm and pointed some sort of device at Frank.

His eye snapped open to a pair of blinding lights and the sound of a blaring horn. He swerved in time to miss hitting an 18-wheeler head on.
“Shit!” he yelled, waking up Renee, who screamed “What the fuck!”
Frank pulled over and asked Renee what she remembered of the last few minutes. She explained that she was sl**ping and awoke to a truck barreling towards them.
“I must have fallen asl**p, I’m sorry.” Frank rubbed his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair, “I had a weird dream though.”
“Well let’s chill for a minute, here have an energy shot, I brought a few in my purse.” She pulled out one of those one-shot energy drinks; Frank drank half of it so he would be able to sl**p when they got there.
The cabin wasn’t much further. Renee was sl**ping again by the time they arrived. Frank went inside, turned on some lights and opened all the windows. The place was stuffy, no one had been there in six months. He let Renee sl**p in the car while he unpacked everything, then he woke her up just enough so she could walk to her bed. He gave her the master bedroom and slept in the other bedroom, if things went well the next day he would be sl**ping in the master bed tomorrow night.

The next morning, Frank woke up to the smells and sounds of coffee and sizzling bacon. He walked out into the kitchen to find Renee cooking breakfast. She had everything going, she served him a cup of coffee and a glass of milk and went back to tending the eggs.
It had been a few years since Frank had been up here, the place looked a little different. He started looking around at the trophies and photos his other uncles and cousins had left behind. He was never all that interested in hunting so, once Frank turned 18 he was no longer f***ed to join them.
Frank turned the corner into the main room of the cabin and saw his Uncle Ted’s newest trophy, a stuffed black bear, standing on it’s hind legs snarling and showing it’s fangs. Frank remembered now, his uncle’s tedious hunting story last Christmas, he had only half paid attention to it.
“Oh wow!” he exclaimed, “Renee you have got to come see this!”
Renee, who at that very moment had a spatula half way under an egg and was about to place it on a plate, put down the pan and the spatula on the burner and came to see what Frank was pointing at.
“Wow, that is pretty cool!” she said, sort of in a f***ed tone of voice.
“Um, Rene, isn’t that going to burn?” Frank asked, looking into the kitchen.
“Yes,” she replied simply, “can I go back to cooking now?”
“Ya…” Frank rolled his eyes, assuming she was being sarcastic.

Their breakfast conversation was the average fair for them; they could talk for hours about anything. At one point she referred to herself in passing as a lesbian. He casually countered by pointing out that she has an ex-husband and two k**s. She pointed out that she hasn’t been with a man since then and that she no longer has any interest in men at all.
“Hold on.”
She froze.
“So you’re telling me you never want to be with a man again? Ever? Even if it was a last man on earth kind of thing? What about like, some movie star like brad pitt or something?”
Frozen stare.
“Nothing? Seriously? Come on!”
She hadn’t moved a muscle for 30 seconds now, the sarcasm he was assuming was getting a little out of hand.
“Renee!” he waved his hand in front of her eyes “Renee? Talk to me dammit!”
“No!” she tried to yell, though it came out in a much more primal way that sounded more like a grunt.
“What the hell was that all about?” He asked once it was clear she was ok.
“I, I don’t know…” she was breathing heavily from fright, “as soon as you started talking I just froze up somehow”

After breakfast they each showered and put on some clean clothes before going outside with a big joint. They sat down in a sunny clearing and smoked and played music, him with a guitar and her with a doumbek hand drum. After a few hours they went inside and mixed up some margaritas for lunch and sat around talking and laughing and listening to music from Frank’s iPod.
They smoked another joint and there followed a silence in the conversation; they were both really high and a little d***k. He started admiring her chest and her legs, neither of which were in particularly revealing clothing. She was a Latino woman with two k**s; she was very self-conscious about her body. Frank thought her wide hips and round bottom were some of her best features, she didn’t. Ever since she had taken on a lesbian persona she had been dressing in men’s clothing. At first she stole her husband’s clothes, then she started buying her own clothing in the boy’s department.
Frank was simply d***k and horny and started to idly fantasize about making love to her. As always, she was oblivious to his lust. She was leaning back on the couch with her eyes closed, lip syncing the words to her latest favorite song. He was just staring at her, openly gawking, wishing he could taste her pussy.
Before the song ended she started to squirm a bit. She reached up and squeezed her left breast briefly and then opened her eyes suddenly, as if she forgot Frank was there. Her face quickly turned red and she excused herself into her bedroom saying she would be right back.
Frank licked his lips as he admired the sway of her perfect ass, He was very horny by this point, she thought about holding off for tonight, but he decided he should blow off some steam now so he could be more romantic later; and he didn’t want to cum too quickly if he did get lucky tonight. So he went into the bathroom to get one off, thinking to use the ol’ number two as an excuse for privacy. Frank continued his fantasy of eating his best friend’s pussy and making her cum in his mouth again and again.
Frank took out his dick and started to stroke it while playing with his balls. Meanwhile Renee was rubbing her clit furiously while squeezing her tit. She was trying to get off quickly, so she just focused on the pleasure and didn’t bother with a fantasy. She didn’t understand what had come over her, but she had to satiate herself quickly and go back out there before he started to wonder what was going on.
As she started to climax she suddenly started to think of Frank, she imagined him with his face buried between her legs sucking on her clit. The image normally would have killed her arousal, she thought of him like a b*****r, but in some weird way it turned her on and she came hard. She had managed to keep quiet so far but now she couldn’t bear it, she let out a moan of pleasure as she came, loud enough that it was heard around the cabin. She stopped as soon as she realized how loud it was, so it came out more like a grunt, but it was to late, anyone in the cabin or immediately outside would have heard that.
Frank came at the same moment, but he was used to jerking off in the bathroom and needing to keep quiet, he just held his breath as he came. He heard Renee moan in the other room, it gave him a certain sense of satisfaction that they were getting off at the same time, even if they weren’t actually together.
He cleaned up, flushed and came out in the hall. Renee opened the door to her room at the same moment and they had an awkward moment, with their faces flushed red. He knew what she had been doing in there, though she didn’t know what he had been doing.
Frank broke the tension with a joke, “Feeling better?”
She blushed and smirked and said “Yeah, now that you mention it.”
He laughed at this, which provoked her to laugh too. They laughed all the way to the kitchen where they mixed up another batch of margaritas. As their inebriation increased their inhibitions faded away and they started to flirt.
Well, actually Frank started to flirt, Renee found herself unable to deflect the flirtation as she usually would. She wasn’t stupid, she knew how he felt, she just wanted to be friends but she knew of no way to spare his feelings, she just hoped he would get over it eventually.
Renee was being unusually responsive to his flirtations and it emboldened him. He grabbed his guitar, saying he had written a song he wanted to show her. He played the song, rather well considering how d***k he was. The song expressed his love for her and after it was done he told her that he wrote it for her.
“Oh, Frank, I…” she started
“No, don’t say anything,” He interrupted, “just listen”.
He went on to explain how he fell in love with her and how he hopes that she could feel the same about him. He explained how he adores her and how it hurts him to see her with another. He tells her how angry he gets when he sees how her ex treats her and how he would be so much better for her.
They shared a long look, finally he broke the silence “well say something, I’m dying here.”
“Something.” Renee quickly covered her mouth as if it were out of her control. Frank was feeling confused and hurt and was about to go off when she said, “I have to obey you!”

It took a moment for his brain to process what she said; his brain rejected it.
“I have to obey you.” she repeated, “I don’t understand it, but haven’t you noticed, everything you have told me to do today I have done immediately, but I didn’t mean to. I just feel this compulsion to obey you, no matter what.”
Frank was trying to wrap his brain around this whole thing; it just didn’t make any sense to him.
“Are you fucking with me? Is this funny to you?” he was getting irritated now.
“No! I swear! Ever since this morning when I tried to wake you up, you didn’t really come to but I got you to open your eyes once and mumble something about coffee and breakfast. Suddenly I felt the need to cook you a big breakfast.”
Frank’s brain was starting to accept some of this now.
“Renee, do you remember last night? What time did we get in?”
“I don’t know. I barley remember arriving, I only remember you woke me up and everything was already set up, you showed me to bed, took my shoes off and tucked me in.”
“I mean before that.”
“Oh, you mean when you almost killed us both?”
Frank gave her a sheepish grin.
“Yeah, I mean before that actually. Something strange happened, I’m not sure what though. We were driving; I thought I was getting lost. Then, I thought there was something wrong with the car.” He rubbed his forehead, as if he could massage his memories to the surface.
“I’m not sure, I have this vague memory of actually being scared, and then the next thing I remember was falling asl**p at the wheel. But the weird thing is, when we arrived I glanced at the clock, I didn’t think much of it at the time, but we arrived two hours late and I don’t think I got that lost last night.”
Frank was too skeptical and reasonable to even consider alien a*****ion, he knew there were a thousand possible explanations, none of which could be readily proven; and not a single one of which he could think of to explain what happened.
“Frank,” Renee was biting her lip and sitting on the edge of her seat now, “earlier, when I went into the bedroom, did you make me do that?”
Frank was about to deny it, but then he thought about it for a second.
“Actually, I might have. You know I have feelings for you, and some of those feelings are sexual, and at the time, we were just sitting there, kinda d***k and stoned, and I just started, uh, you know, thinking about you.”
“That was the best orgasm I have had in years, maybe the best ever.”
Frank was suddenly horny again, and he was also scared, he didn’t want to ruin the moment by saying anything.
“I just can’t help but wonder what else you could do for me.” She said with a hint of lewdness.
Franks jaw was slowly descending and all he could mutter was “Uuuuh…..”
“And not just sexually,” she continued, “but with lots of things. Like you could order me to stick to my diet and I would do it, and you could order me to stick to my guns when Phil tries to pull his usual bullshit, and…” she stopped herself from mentioning how Frank could help her with Hailey, considering what he had just told her.
“Yeah,” Frank had actually spaced out for a moment, considering the possibilities, and the consequences. He looked up now to see her looking at him expectantly, she expected a response. He still needed time to think so he stalled.
“Renee, why don’t you go roll up another doobie?”
“Cause you haven’t commanded me to master.” Was her response, with a wink; she obviously had no idea what Frank was considering.
Frank grinned, “Renee, I command you to roll me a joint. Take extra care break it all up evenly and make straight, also don’t forget the crutch.”
“Yes Sir!” she said playfully. It instantly gave Frank a boner. He thought back to the brief period of interest he had last year with BDSM, he really liked playing the Dom and being called Sir.
“I like that,” he said, “from now on when I give you a direct order like that, not a polite request but a direct order that you cannot refuse, call me Sir.”
The surprise was obvious on her face, but her mouth obediently repeated “Yes Sir” in a much more humble and respectful tone. She stared at him in shock as long as she could until she needed to look down to see what she was doing, without consciously realizing it, her hands had been busy that whole time breaking up marijuana to roll into a joint.
After thinking about it for a little while, Frank began issuing a series of commands while she carefully rolled a joint to the best of her abilities.
“First of all, never lie to me, always tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Do not ever attempt to deceive me. Do not ever attempt to bend the rules or find loopholes, when I give you a command you will obey not just the words of the command, but the spirit of it as well. You will use your own creativity and intellect to serve me to the best of your abilities.”
She was fully focused on the task at hand, but she still listened carefully and uttered a humble “yes sir” at the end of every command.
“Renee, despite calling yourself a lesbian you have been with a lot of men in your life, haven’t you?”
“Yes Sir.” She confirmed, not liking where this was going.
“Before you were married you had a reputation as a bit of a slut didn’t you? “
She normally would have denied that and flew into a rage at him even bringing it up; Frank was really testing his limits here. But she had been commanded to tell the truth, and the truth that she didn’t even want to admit to herself was that it was all true.
“Yes Sir.” She confirmed, reluctantly.
“Yet today you call yourself a lesbian, do you not miss sex with men at all? Didn’t you ever have good sex with a man?”
She hesitated again, but unbeknownst to her a tiny device implanted in her brain sent a chemical signal that f***ed her to obey and she told Frank the truth.
“The only man I ever really enjoyed having sex with was my daddy, but he went to jail for it and got ****d and murdered.”
‘Nice’ Frank thought to himself, ‘Glad I didn’t have to do it myself’
She continued, “ After that I slept around trying to find a man who could replace my daddy. I found a man that I thought could replace him so I married him, but you know that all ended. I gave up on men after that and then I fell in love with Hailey and she was able to truly fulfilled my needs like no man ever could, not even my daddy.”
This was a huge shock for Frank, Renee had never told anyone about that. Her mother had moved them across the country when her father went to prison and she never told anyone in her new hometown about her past.
Renee finished her work in silence and presented the joint to Frank. He looked past it to make eye contact and asked her “What if I told you I could replace your daddy and give you greatest sexual experience of your entire life. Would you leave Hailey to be with me?”
Renee was torn, but due to his previous command, she didn’t feel it was appropriate to have private thoughts.
“I would like to, but Frank, I just don’t see you that way. I’m sorry to hurt your feelings, but I’m just not sexually attracted to you. I also don’t have any interest in sex with men. Even when I was sl**ping with men all I did was lay there and let them hump me. I tried giving head before and I hated it. With women it’s different though, I love everything about making love to a woman.”
“Heh, me too.” Frank chuckled, “Look, I don’t want to do anything against your will, but I would like to try this, if you would allow me to try. So, with your consent, I want to command you to like sex with me. And I’m going to see if I can play with your daddy issues. If it doesn’t work out, I will undo everything before we go home and everything will go back to normal. Deal?
She thought about it for a moment,
“Promise you’ll undo everything if it doesn’t work out?”
“I promise.” Frank wasn’t sure if he was lying or not, but regardless he had no intention of ever letting her go.
“Ok then,” she consented, “reprogram me for the weekend. What the hell? I trust you and I’ll try anything once”
Frank took a deep breath to settle his nerves, he couldn’t believe this was happening, but he had decided to just go with it and hope it wasn’t just a fantastic dream.
“First of all, don’t pinch me, if this is a dream I don’t want to wake up.”
She laughed as she said “Yes Sir”, still holding the joint out for him to take.
“To start this off I’m going to keep it simple. I’m going to give you a list of commands, don’t start until I tell you to.”
Frank went on to give her detailed instructions, making certain to point out how much she would enjoy every one of them. He explained how she was about to have the greatest sexual experience of her life to date. He told her that when it was all over she would thank him if she enjoyed it, and he said that if she didn’t enjoy it, that she should say so.
When he told her to begin, Renee got down on all fours and crawled from the chair where she was sitting to the couch where Frank was seated. She took the lighter from the coffee table and lit the joint. She puffed it a few times and then inhaled as much as she could fit in her lungs, then, without coughing, for she had been forbidden to cough, she exhaled slowly out her nose and let the smoke surround her.
Then she took a deep breath and coughed hard while she passed the joint. Frank noted that she had obeyed the letter of his command only, but it was still impressive how much control she could exert over her own body if she was so commanded.
After she stopped coughing she crawled all the way to the edge of the couch and as instructed, she made a pouty face and looked at frank with her big brown eyes and asked in a sweet tone of voice, “Can I please suck on your cock daddy? Please?”
Frank blew smoke in her face and said, “yes, you may.”
She opened his pants and pulled out his cock and balls and began to stroke his dick with one hand while massaging his balls with the other. As instructed, she didn’t find it repulsive at all, in fact, just as she had been commanded, she was impressed and even a little intimidated by it. She started to think about what she was about to do and it made her to salivate, both her mouth and her pussy. She truly was eager to stuff Franks uncut nine inches in her mouth.
Circumcision was Frank and Renee’s hot button issue, they always argued about it. Frank was not circumcised, Renee didn’t approve; she thought that foreskins were dirty and disgusting and said that even if she were to have sex with a man again she would never fuck a guy with a foreskin. For this reason Frank had never revealed to her that he was a full man. Until he instructed her how much she would love his foreskin and how she would be f***ed to change her mind about circumcision after she had a chance to play with one.
Renee bit her lip, normally she would have thought the idea of sticking to a script and saying things she was commanded to say would be lame, but as commanded, every time she called him daddy her pussy twitched and she got just a little more wet.
Right on cue she said, “Can I taste it daddy?”
“Go ahead baby, you can lick and suck on it all you want.”
“Thank you daddy!” that last bit was not scripted; it was her way of telling him that she was really enjoying this.
Renee had no idea how to give a good blowjob, but she did her best to imitate what she has seen in porn. Frank’s satisfaction came entirely from the novelty of having his fantasy fulfilled, and by the amount of effort she was putting into it. He could tell she was really trying her best to get him off.
Before long he was close to orgasm, but he knew with her unskilled manipulation he wouldn’t be able to actually climax. He made her stop, he gave her the joint, now almost gone, told her to hit it once and put it out. When she returned to his dick, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back; she loved it when he was rough with her, just as he had said she would.
She knew what was coming next, she cupped her hands under her mouth as he held her in place his with left and stroked his dick with his right. Frank grunted loudly when he came. He got most of it in her mouth, but some of it did dribble down her chin and would have been wasted on the floor if she hadn’t had her hands there to collect it all. She savored the taste and loved the texture, slowly swishing it around her mouth and playing with it and giggling.
“Is that good?” He asked
“Uh huh!” she nodded and smiled and let the cum ooze through her teeth and down her chin before slurping it all up and swallowing.
“I knew you would forget your manners, what do you say to a man when he feeds you cum?”
“Thank you daddy!” she said with a big grin.
Frank leaned back, enjoying his the afterglow of a great orgasm. This was the end of the scenario he planned. His final instruction to her had been to sit there patiently, on her knees, gently suckling on his soft penis. As instructed, she explored his flaccid foreskin with her tongue, savoring the flavor.
After a few minutes of rest he told her to get up and sit next to him on the couch. He put his cock away and then asked her how she felt about that experience. Specifically, he asked if his instructions were enough to allow her to enjoy the experience. She reported honestly, as she had been commanded.
“Normally I would not have done that for any man, not even my husband. My daddy used to cum on my face, I never really liked it at the time, but after he stopped I kinda missed it. I would get other guys to do it but I was always disgusted with it once the stuff was actually on me, I even threw up once on this guy who came in my mouth. Now the very thought of having anything to do with sperm grosses me out. What we just did was amazing, it’s like, you’re cum tastes like normal cum, but instead of making me vomit, it really turned me on. I know I was only instructed by you to like this stuff, but in a weird way I kinda like that.”
“So do you think this is something you might like to do more often?” He asked, hopefully.
“I don’t know,” she was obviously torn, “I liked it a lot, but I love Hailey. I mean, we have an open relationship and everything, so I don’t really need to tell her about this, but if we did it more often she would have to know, and she would not be down for that. I may be kind of butch, but she is a true man hater.
“I wonder… Do you think this could work on Hailey? “ Renee had a distant look for a moment as she considered the possibilities.
“I don’t even know how I was able to do it to you! But maybe, who knows?”
After a brief silence, Frank asked, “So do you find me at all attractive? Or still the same?”
She actually looked embarrassed when she said, “Still the same, I’m sorry”
“What are you sorry for?” he asked
“I don’t know, I guess I thought I would.”
“Would you like to?” he asked, getting his hopes up, despite the fear of rejection he still felt as strong as he had the day before.
There was a long pause as she considered her feelings, not just because he had told her to be honest, but because she knew that her answer could have drastic repercussions.
Finally, she steadied herself, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly and said “yes” very softly, Frank could barely hear her; he had to command her to answer boldly.
“Yes, I want you to program me to love you and to be happy to obey you.”
“Very well,” Frank took a moment to gather his thoughts and began, “My previous commands will remain in full effect indefinitely, including all of the sexual pleasures you found.
“As for the i****t, you may still call me daddy from time to time when you are in need of comfort, when you’re sad or scared and you need your daddy, I will be there for you. But you shouldn’t call me daddy all the time, and you certainly don’t need me to be your daddy just to enjoy sex with me. You should try to avoid using me as your daddy, it’s a crutch, but if it helps I’m ok with it.”
“You enjoy sex with me because I’m your best friend and the greatest lover you’ve ever had. Your attraction to me is based on these things, and on the fact that I simply wish you to find me as attractive as I find you, and I think every inch of your body is perfect.
“In fact, come to think of it, why the hell do you still have clothes on?”
“You never told me to get naked,” she stood up, “but please sir, let me take the initiative, you don’t have to command me.”
“Maybe I like to” Frank was quick to respond.
She hesitated, but Frank didn’t say anything, so she crossed her arms to pull up her t-shirt.
“Stop” he said, she froze
“Stand up on the coffee table and dance, strip for me.”
Under normal circumstances she would never dream of doing such a thing, even d***k. She would be more likely to make Frank strip if they were d***k enough. But here she was, standing on the table, gyrating her hips and sensually revealing her body.
Renee has a gorgeous face and once had a fantastic body, but the stress of life and two k**s had left her a little overweight with wide hips and a sway that could outdo a bull in a china shop. Renee had the kind of ass only Latin women are capable of, and then only after they’ve had k**s. This body type is not the preference of most men it seems, Frank thought those men were crazy.
Renee turned to shake her booty while she undid her bra under her shirt and tossed it aside. Then she turned around and slowly pulled up her shirt, lifting up her nipples with the bottom of it, and then letting them fall into place as she pulled the shirt over her head and threw it over Franks face. She had a pair of 38D’s with big red areolas, They hung lower now than they had 10 years ago, but Frank didn’t mind one bit; he had a thing for milfs, and at 26 she was about the hottest milf he had ever seen.
Next she took down her pants, with her ass in his face. He was actually surprised to see her wearing a thong and commented on it.
“Hailey likes it,” Renee blushed; she was truly embarrassed at bringing up Hailey. Frank saw this and rescued her though,
“I like it too, a lot.” He admired her ass close up before reaching out to slap it. She yelped and jumped out of his reach reflexively.
“Oh, don’t you remember that you kinda like it rough? Sorry, it’s just a kink I picked up last year while I was dating Nicki. That girl was a freak!”
“I actually did like it, I was just surprised is all. Do you want to spank me sir?” she asked coyly.
“Not right now, maybe someday if you’re in need of punishment.”
She smirked and got a certain twinkle in her eye he recognized all too well.
“Then again, if you really deserve a punishment, I might just drag you by your hair into the bath tub and piss on you, and I won’t make you like it.”
Her lecherous grin vanished and she looked on him in shock as he started to laugh.
“I’m just k**ding.” ‘No I’m not’ he thought to himself,
“But seriously, don’t provoke me just to get a spanking. Now come here.”
She stepped down from the table to the edge of the couch and he rolled her thong down slowly, as he peeled the fabric off her vagina he buried his face in her crotch and inhaled deeply. He dropped her thong to the ground and directed her to lay back on the couch. Then he fulfilled another long time fantasy and tasted her pussy for real, it was just as sweet as he had always dreamed.
He dove right in and reached up inside her with his tongues, just to taste her. As he pulled back he sucked her labia and clitoris into his mouth and savored the experience. Then he spread her pussy lips and licked her again, this time exploring deep insider her with his tongue, as far as he could reach.
Frank had mediocre cunnalingus skills, in fact he was pretty good for a guy, but Renee had been with some lesbians who were just amazing with their tongues and Frank just didn’t quite stand up. Of course it still felt good, and if he kept it up she might even be able to cum this way. She closed her eyes and decided to wait it out, making polite sounds when it seemed appropriate.
Frank was loving this. He had been fantasizing about eating her out for years, ever since he had caught a glimpse of her vagina while they changed into bathing suits behind some trees at the beach. Unlike any other pussy he had ever been with hers had a very large labia and a huge clit and she was perfectly hairless all over. As soon as he saw it that day at the beach he got hard, after that, he hardly ever bothered to imagine any other girl when he jerked off. Before long, his interest in her pussy had grown into a full-blown obsession.
He wasn’t really attempting to get her off; he was just enjoying the novelty of the experience, the taste of something new and delicious. He was finally, after years of fantasies, getting to taste her. It didn’t take long for him to get hard again and soon he had to unzip his pants to relieve some discomfort.
The more he loved eating her out, the more she seemed to enjoy his ministrations. Frank decided he wanted to see her cum, so he started to finger fuck her, first with one, then two and then three fingers, while licking her clit as fast as he could. He tried to will her to cum, he didn’t know how it worked, but he focused all his attention on her orgasm, to make it as long and as intense as possible.
Her regular moans became more frequent, like the heart monitor of a dying patient, eventually she was breathing heavily and grunting with every breath. When she finally came she let out a loud guttural moan that echoed around the small cabin and the woods beyond.
Due to Frank’s mental manipulation, her orgasm lasted for over a full minute. After the air ran out her moaning ceased as she struggled for breath while her body dealt with the pure ecstasy emanating from her clitoris. When Frank realized she wasn’t breathing he stopped immediately (except that he kept sucking on her clit) and she came down enough to take another breath, but that one came out as a loud moan too.
She reached for him, grasping desperately, he wasn’t sure what she was getting at but he didn’t stop her. She pulled him up to her and kissed him deeply, licking his lips and tongue to taste the juices of her own pussy.
“I love you Frank. I don’t know how I can ever thank you for this.”
“I love you too.” He said, as she kissed him again, finally, Frank broke away and said,
“And I can think of quite a few ways you can thank me.” He sat up on the couch and took the rest of his clothes off
“For starters, why don’t you climb up here on my dick?”

“Commander, the subjects have copulated as you predicted.”
“And did the male turn the female into a slave?”
“No sir, aside from forcing the superfluous mating rituals preferred by the males of this planet, they seem to be acting in accordance with what we have established as the norm for humanity.”
“Yes lieutenant, In the local dialect of these creatures, the term is Romance.”
“A very curious activity if you don’t mind my saying so sir.”
“Yes. Quite. Make preparations and begin phase two when you are ready, I’ll be in my office.”
“Yes Sir!”

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2 years ago
brilliant! great story. love the humour
2 years ago
very good story line
2 years ago
Great story. Hope theres a part 2:)