Threesome with Girlfriend and Mistress - Part Two

I awoke still feeling the effects of yesterday's threesome. I gazed to my left and saw Sarah lying on her back sl**ping and I looked to my right and saw Melissa facing away from me as she slept soundly. I looked down her body and I saw her fine ass beaconing me. I felt myself getting horny again.

I quietly snuggled up to her and I put my arm over her to hold her close. She gave a quiet and sl**py groan as I did so. She began to stir and she turned her head to face me and she gave me a smile as she then gave me a loving kiss. She felt my cock press up against her ass and she knew what I had in mind.

She pushed me onto my back and she climbed over me and she gave Sarah a shake. Sarah was stirred from her slumber and she gave a smile as she began to wake up as if from a pleasant dream, that dream being the memory of last night. She looked up at Melissa, who was looking down at her and she knew that it was time again to play.

This time it was Melissa's turn to be fucked. We were all awake now and Melissa was now in the middle as we lay in bed. Sarah picked up the strap-on from the floor and she put it on but she wasn't to use it straight away and she then tossed me the lube that Melissa had thoughtfully supplied and I began to lube myself up as Melissa lay onto her back while Sarah began to kiss at her face and neck and she soon began to work her way downwards.

I was hard again as I watched the two girls have their own fun for a while. Sarah first sucked and played with Melissa's tits and nipples before she moved down further on her body. I watched as Sarah made her way down to Melissa's pussy. Melissa had opened her legs widely as Sarah plunged her face into her pussy. Melissa groaned and threw her head back in wild pleasure. Sarah used her tongue to find Melissa's spot. I was fully hard and lubed up as I watched.

I moved in closer and I placed my hand on her tits and I kissed and licked at Melissa's face and neck. After a few minutes Sarah lifted her head up and smiled broadly at Melissa. It was time to move to the next part of this game. Melissa rolled away from me and onto her side and as she did so I moved in close to her so I was then spooning her. She looked over her shoulder as I slipped my cock into her ass. She groaned as my cock made its way deeply into her ass.

Meanwhile, as I began to fuck Melissa in the ass, Sarah had now climbed up the bed and she lay on her side so she was facing Melissa and she wasted no time in putting the strap-on inside her pussy. Melissa began to scream as Sarah now began fucking her wet pussy, while I was fucking her in the ass. Now we were all connected with my cock in Melissa's ass and Sarah pressed up against her at the front.

We soon found the rhythm to work together and Melissa was working hard to keep with both of us either side of her. My cock pounded her ass and Sarah thrusted and pounded her from the front. Their eyes locked and their breasts were pressed up against each other and I pushed my cock hard and deeply in Melissa's ass.

Melissa was powerless to stop me from fucking her in the ass as Sarah worked at her pussy and she was locked in such lustful sexual energy as she was held into place from both me as Sarah. I found myself coming to climax with all this excitement and I let myself off inside Melissa's ass and I withdrew and I watched as they both continued fucking.

At first Melissa lay on her back as she was now free from me keeping her on her side as I fucked her in the ass while Sarah kept on going. Melissa instinctively wrapped her legs around Sarah's waist to keep her in place. Their eyes were kept on to each others' as they carried on fucking. Sarah began to back off slightly as she rolled them both around so now Sarah was on her back as Melissa began to grind and fuck the strap-on.

It all came to a head when Melissa couldn't help herself any more and she groaned and screamed as she climaxed. She then leaned forwards and pressed her body tightly against Sarah's as they then began to make out. I couldn't help but to get turned on again as I watched both bodies and breasts be held together in embrace.

It all started to slow down to a stop and we were all exhausted again and we all fell asl**p again in each others' arms.
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