Threesome with Girlfriend and Mistress

This is a sequel of my previous story 'Caught With the Mistress'.

When my girlfriend Sarah had found out about my mistress Melissa I thought that it would end our relationship but it actually was the opposite, it turned out to be a major bonus for our sex lives, or, at least for me.

We now made regular plans for a three way. Whenever Sarah had a spare couple of days away from the office she'd ask me to call up Melissa, who was usually free and very much into the thing. I had called up Melissa and she came around in no time and when she arrived Sarah gave her a cheeky kiss as she invited her in and this turned into a full blown make out between them.

I watched as Melissa hopped up onto the dining table and Sarah embraced her and they were making out as I watched. I was getting very excited by seeing the two make out like this, with their bodies press up against each other and Sarah's straight blonde hair contrasting with Melissa's wavy brunette hair. Sarah had taken the initiative and started to unbutton Melissa's shirt, soon revealing her fine breasts.

Sarah was now holding and playing with Melissa's breasts as I watched and I wanted to get in the middle. "Hold your horses, honey" Sarah said, "There's plenty of us for all of us to enjoy". Melissa looked at me coyly and she giggled. I stood back and watched the display of these too hotties getting the show started.

Sarah was playing and sucking at Melissa's tits and Melissa raised her head back with a groan as Sarah sucked and fondled her. Sarah started to move downwards and Melissa knew what she was up to and she undid and pulled down her tight fitting jeans as Sarah made her way south. I was now rock hard and I had to stroke my cock gently as I watched. Sarah was now at Melissa's pussy and she was working around Melissa's clit with her tongue. Melissa threw her head back with playful lust and she had to make Sarah stop as it was too much and she didn't want it to end so soon. Sarah looked up at her with a broad smile on her face. She knew that she had done a good job so far.

"I'll get back to you soon" said Sarah as she stood up. Melissa was groaning with residual pleasure and Sarah turned to me and she saw me gently stroking my cock. "I'll give you something to stroke your cock with" she said with a lustful voice and she took off her tight t-shirt, revealing her pert tits and tight body. She got to her knees and took my cock in hand and guided it to her mouth. She always had a great mouth and she knew how to pleasure both cock and pussy with her lips and tongue.

As Sarah gently sucked at my cock Melissa was getting ready for more as she rummaged around in her overnight bag and she pulled out a strap-on and she put it on. I was turned on ever more as I started to imagine what she had planned.

Melissa seductively walked over to me and Sarah and she knelt down behind Sarah and she pulled her away from my cock for a moment to give her a horny kiss on the lips. Sarah knew what Melissa had planned and Melissa pulled down Sarah's business dress with gusto and with a longing yearning for more and Melissa guided the strap-on to Sarah's pussy and I could see on Sarah's face that the strap-on had hit the spot and as Melissa started to gently thrust Sarah groaned and her face turned to an expression of pure lusty pleasure. I couldn't help myself as I guided my cock back into her mouth and she groaned and moaned with extra pleasure as she sucked my cock.

It was an immense experience of Sarah sucking frantically at my cock and Melissa fucking her from behind with a strap-on. I watched from above as Melissa's rhythm got faster and harder and as her tits jiggled from the frenzied fucking. I was close to climax but, luckily, Sarah had to stop to catch her breath and to groan. My cock was still in in her hand and she rubbed away and I soon shot my load all over Sarah's face but she didn't seem to notice right away as she was still being fucked hard from behind by Melissa and her strap-on.

Melissa's groaning increased as she began to climax and she screamed at the top of her lungs as she came to climax and Melissa started to slow down to a slower pace but she didn't completely stop for a few minutes and Sarah was out of breath and she enjoyed the last moments until Melissa stopped and pulled out of her wet and dripping pussy.

We were all covered in sweat and were all exhausted from the excursion and we felt the need for rest. We all climbed into bed together with me in the middle. We all fell asl**p quickly as we all breathed heavily and were still sweating.

Part Two of this story coming soon.
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8 months ago
Can't wait for more!
8 months ago
I think that it's a bug on this site. I've found that when I select any of the categories before uploading it has somehow chosen others completely at random.
8 months ago
Thought there was meant to be anal?
8 months ago
AWESOME story for posting it for us