Second Time Around With pornprincesswannabe

I remembered the last time that I met Maya, AKA pornprincesswannabe, very fondly and I ached for her mouth around my cock so I got in contact with her again and she agreed to meet up again.

I arrived at her place and she seductively invited me in. I've enjoyed jerking off to her pictures but she was way better in person, she was hotter than her pictures showed and she was great at sucking my cock.

As I entered she turned to me and came up close and she wrapped her arms around me and she came up close to my ear, "Come into the bedroom" she said, "I have something different to try" and she led me into her bedroom.

Maya rooted around inside the bedside dresser and she pulled out a pair of handcuffs. "I've been a naughty girl and I need to be locked up" she said coyly.
"Let me show you how I punish naughty girls" I said jokingly.
Before we knew it we were both naked and I was fully hard. I've never been particularly kinky but this turned me on to no end.

Maya laid down onto her back and raised her arms up to the wooden headboard, which I then used to handcuff her. She smiled and licked her lips in anticipation and I could see that she was excited in the thought of being tied up like this.

I moved in closer and brought my face up to hers and I begin to kiss and suck at her ear whilst my hand stroked her cheek. She gasped and writhed with pleasure as I did so. I watched her expression of lust and joy as my hand moved downwards across her neck and onto her naked breasts. She sighed and breathed heavily as I played with her tits and pinched at her erect nipples.

My hand moved further down her bare body and across her stomach, where it stopped. Maya looked up and wondered why I stopped. "Just wait for good things come to those who wait" I said. She moaned as my hand moved over to the side and over her hip and I gripped her ass.

My hand was now under her and I was massaging her buttocks. She writhed and groaned with lustful pleasure. Her pussy was getting wetter in horny anticipation as I licked and sucked at her ear and then I moved my head downwards on her body, I moved to her neck, then I had reached her tits, where I stayed for a while. I licked and nibbled around her nipples and she gave a minor scream with awesome pleasure. She was getting more and more excited with pleasure and so was I.

I moved my head downwards further, licking and kissing her all the way down, over her stomach where I licked at her belly button for a moment and I went down further and I finally reached her pussy. She eagerly opened her legs wide and I let my tongue work its way around her very wet pussy. My tongue licked its way around the labia and to the clit. Maya's legs had instinctively around my head and she tightly held me into place until I had finished.

My tongue had worked around her clit and she screamed and writhed in joy and I felt as if I might fall off the bed as my tongue found its way in deeper insider Maya's pussy. I considered flipping her over and doing the same with her ass but she held me in place.

I soon finished and I had released myself from her grip from her legs and I lustfully crawled up the bed and over her until I was face to face with her, I felt her deep breath against my face as I stared deeply into her eyes and as I did so I had started to guide my cock to her extremely wet pussy and her eyes widened and she bit her lip as we kept our gazes into each others eyes.

I couldn't take my eyes off hers and her eyes were wide with pleasure as I began to thrust passionately. She let me keep on thrusting powerfully and her eyes seemed to tell me that she wanted more and harder thrusts of my cock as I fucked her but I didn't want to rush it and I wanted to take my time as I fucked her as she was handcuffed on the bed.

I couldn't help myself and I soon found my rhythm and speed increasing and she groaned and screamed louder with the increasing a****l power that I had found myself in. I was going harder and faster and I couldn't resist until I shot my load. I wanted to pull out before I did so but I was gripped in a lustful frenzy of fucking.

I came to a stop and I gave out a huge sigh of relief as I finished and my head flopped down next to hers as I was still on top of her. I tried to catch my breath. Maya gave out a chuckle as I breathed heavily on top of her. I managed to raise my head up again and I gazed back into her eyes. She was smiling broadly as I looked at her. Her face told me that this had been an awesome time and I smiled back at her.

I briefly considered turning her over while still handcuffed to the bed and then fuck her in the ass with this opportunity but I was exhausted and I needed a while to rest and I climbed off her and I lay down closely next to her and I breathed heavily as I tried to catch my breath.

Maya was still handcuffed but she didn't seem to mind as she looked over to me and she was happily snuggled up next to me. I knew that we would be doing this again soon and I unlocked the handcuffs. She then sat up and she looked over at me, with a coy smile on her face and she gazed at me. She then rolled over to me and she straddled me and she was sitting on top of me. "Did you enjoy today, big boy?" she asked. "You bet" I simply replied and she leaned forward and kissed me and she got up and she walked out of the room to get refreshed, still naked and I watched her ass as she did so. I was hard again from seeing her ass move fluidly with her stride.

I couldn't help myself and I followed her out for more of that fine ass.
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And My cock is rock hard! You're amazing! I'm cumming ====D~~~~~~
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And im wet again :)