Office Strip Tease

The wine flowed and the party swung like no party ever. I wasn't too keen on office parties but this one was fun and business had been very good this quarter.

I was feeling a bit d***k from the cheap wine and champaign and I had to have a seat in my cubicle for minute. I could hear the party going on in the main meeting hall in the the distance and after a while someone came through the doors from the party. I could hear someone walking around and some girlish giggling.

Then she appeared from around the corner, it was Sue who had the cubicle next to me. She cheekily poked her head around the corner and she looked into my cubicle. She had a cheeky smile on her face and she was blushing from the wine.
"The party not your thing?" she coyly asked.
"I just needed a minute to rest my feet" I replied.
She looked around to see if anyone else was around. "Maybe we could have a party of our own" she said d***kenly.
I always had admired her at a distance, with her long and flowing brunette hair and her deep hazel eyes and killer smile and her telephone manner always sounded alluring as she gave the usual sales pitch to the customers.
She was d***k but I couldn't resist in taking advantage of the situation.
"Sure, I could party" I said.
Sue chuckled as she came into my cubicle and she spun my swivel chair so I was facing her.

She was wearing her fancy red shirt that she wore on special business occasions and she wore a tight fitting black business skirt that really highlighted her great curves.
"I'm gonna show you how I like to party" she said as she leaned towards me and she planted a kiss on my lips and I could taste the cheap wine.

Sue then proceeded to swing her hips in a seductive way, she could have been a great model or dancer I always thought. She began to sway her hips as she used her hands to play with her hair and she blew kisses at me as she began to dance. I already felt a swelling in my pants.
She then turned away from me as she swayed her hips and swayed her ass in front of me. I was now almost fully hard.

Sue was so hot and I never imagined that I'd ever be lucky enough to see her dancing. Her hips swayed and she shook her ass sensually in front of me and she leaned forwards, revealing her firm and pert ass. I was imagining what her ass looked like without her business skirt on, which was very revealing.

She made her way over to me and she swung her leg over me and she was straddling me in the chair with her breasts directly in front of me but she was still dressed but I knew that could feel me getting increasingly aroused.

She licked me from my neck up to me ear where she nibbled on my ear. She was breathing heavily and sensually as she was on my lap. She swung her leg over me again as she turned around on my lap so she was now facing away from me so her fine ass was rubbing up against my crotch and she looked over her shoulder as she thrust up and down with her ass. She knew that I was now ready for more and she stood up again and faced me.

By now I couldn't help myself and I unzipped my fly to give my now totally hard cock more room. She saw this and she bit her lip in anticipation and she leaned forward and she reached in herself and she pulled out my cock with her hand. Her skin was so very warm and soft and enticing.

Sue knelt down and she gazed at my cock as she took it in hand. She coyly gazed up at me as if to say that the party is now beginning. She gradually opened her mouth as she leaned further forward and her tongue led the way as she licked my hard cock all the way up from the base of the shaft and she licked her way up until she got to the tip and she began to take in into her warm and moist mouth.

She began sucking deeper and deeper and I was blissfully happy with her mouth and tongue working their way downwards on my cock. She groaned as she took more and more of my cock and soon she backed away and she stood up again.

She looked down at her own shirt and she began to unbutton it. She smiled sexually at me as her shirt came undone, revealing her tits under a black laced bra and finely honed body. I never knew her tits were so ample, her tits naturally pointed at me and she had now come completely off and she casually tossed it onto the floor and she turned around as she unfastened her bra and she threw it with her shirt of the floor.

Sue was now topless and facing away from me. Now her ass looked stunning without her shirt blocking the view of her figure. She swayed her hips at me as I watched her dance. Her back looked great as she flirtatiously swayed her ass and hips. She slapped her ass and playfully yelped as she did so. She looked fine.

She then raised her hands onto her head as she swayed her hips as she turned around. I couldn't believe my eyes as she revealed her fine tits. She leaned forwards and she pressed her tits together, showing me her awesome cleavage and she came up close to me and she looked deeply into my eyes and I almost blew my load there and then but I managed to hold back somehow.

She then sat back on my lap and she was facing me. I was mesmerized by her and her tits. She grabbed me by the wrists and placed my hands firmly on her fine tits. I was surprised by how firm and soft there were in my hands. She lifted her head backwards as she laughed and giggled as I fondled her tits and I played and pinched at her erect nipples. She leaned towards me and kissed and licked at my neck then my ears.

She stood back up again, once again giving me full view of her upper body. She unzipped her skirt and she coyly stepped out of it so it fell to the floor as if she didn't care. She had on a black laced g-string that matched her bra. If my cock could have gotten harder it would have. She had a fine pair of hips. She turned around and she showed me her fine ass as she bent over, revealing her ass even further. I was filled with a lust that I never had felt before. She swayed and made each cheek dance on their own, making me want to get up and slip my hard cock into her fine ass but I resisted as I imagined her bent over the desk as I fucked her in the ass.

She danced and bent over as she lowered her g-string, letting me see her shaved pussy. I could see that she was wet and almost ready for receiving my cock. Now she was totally naked she danced her way over to me and she began to undress me. She removed my tie and unbuttoned my tie and before I knew it my trousers were around my ankles.

She saw me in all my glory, as I had with her, as she climbed back on top of me and she groaned deeply as my cock penetrated her wet and very warm pussy. She looked into my eyes with her arms around me and my hands on her waist as she slipped downwards on my cock. She sat there for a moment until she could resist no more and she began to grind my cock, slowly at first but she couldn't wait for it as her speed increased. It was ecstasy as she rid my cock and we began sweating heavily and her hair clung to her head and face from the sweat and heat. She flung her head back as she screamed and groaned in total pleasure and I couldn't take my gaze from her face then my attention went to her tits that bounced up and down with each of her motions.

I could feel myself coming to climax and I tried to stave off shooting my load. She could feel that I was holding back and she looked back into my eyes and she let me withdraw and she turned around so she was now facing away from me and she then bent over the desk and she looked over her shoulder as she guided my cock towards her ass and now it was like how I imagined as I first saw her ass in the g-string.

I placed my left hand on her waist and my right hand on her shoulder as my cock found its way into her find and round ass. She groaned with wild passion as I started to thrust my cock into her ass. I cautiously started slowly and gently as my cock was now getting deeper into her tight ass and soon my cock would be completely in her ass with my crotch up against her fine and soft buttocks and I soon found my crotch slapping at her ass cheeks as I pounded her ass.

Sue had the finest body and greatest ass that I could have ever imagined and I never thought that it would feel this good to be sucked off by her then to fuck her in her wet pussy and then tight ass. I had lost myself as I fucked her in the ass while she was bent over my desk and I had soon shot my whole load inside her ass and I came to a stop and we both sighed with relief as I finished and she looked back over her shoulder at me as she stood up again and she smiled and kissed me over her should as my was still firmly in her ass but she didn't seem to mind, I couldn't quite bring myself to withdraw my cock out her ass and she seemed to enjoy it.

I don't know how long it was but we were happy to stand there naked for a while with my cock still in her ass as we kissed and made out and I was playing with her clit with her hand over mine as I did so.

Afterwards, we got dressed again and waited for us to cool down and then maybe rejoin the party again. The music was still playing and all the cheering and laughing was still going on.

We both kissed each other and we made our way to the bathrooms and as we did so she nudged me and pointed up to the ceiling. There I saw the security camera. I was in shock at first at the thought but I looked at her and she was giggling girlishly and I couldn't help to smile and laugh.

Now every office party we fuck, the stern and awkward meeting with the boss was worth it and I knew that she enjoyed the thought of the managers seeing the video.
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Almost makes me miss office life ;)